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A Steel Trap Mind and Other Vignettes [MultiFormat]
eBook by Darrell Bain

eBook Category: Humor/Mainstream
eBook Description: During the last part of October of this year, 2006, we had a tremendous amount of rain over a period of a week, twenty inches or so. During much of that time the satellite for my computer couldn't be contacted so I wasn't able to get on line. Still, I can't stay away from my computer. I finished up my last novel, Warp Point then began looking through some old files I had kept that were in a different word processing program. I had never been able to access them before, but while fooling around, I finally found the right key. The result? I discovered a few of my long lost humorous stories, plus a little vignette on psi ability. They've never been published. All the material I found which I thought readers might enjoy is in the collection here. I have to admit, I got some laugh-out-loud responses from my wife, Betty. I also had to get her permission before publishing one story-but that's getting ahead of myself. Besides, if you're like me, you're wanting the author to quit babbling so you can get on with the reading. So here are the stories. I hope you enjoy them.

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks, Published: Double Dragon Publishing Inc., 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006

27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


A steel-trap mind is a wonderful thing to have and isn't given to just everybody so I'm happy that I've been blessed with one. Ever since I was young I've had a good memory. I still have, but I have to admit; nowadays it needs to be supplemented by a list or two. Just simple lists, mind you. That steel-trap mind of mine is still largely intact.

The other day I made a list for my day's activities. Go to the grocery store. Take out trash. Stop at post office and mail package. Come home. That last item really wasn't necessary but it never hurts to play it safe is what I always say. Before leaving, I looked at the list. Shucks, I thought, only four items. No sense cluttering up my pockets with a list of only four items. I left it lying on the counter.

As soon as I was finished going to the library to drop off a book, which I forgot because it wasn't on my list, although I swear I thought it was, I got my second item accomplished, which was to go by the bookstore where I bought a couple of books, but somehow didn't remember them as being the books I had originally intended to buy but they looked like pretty good reading so I bought them anyway. After that, of course I got a haircut, thus completing the three main items on my list. The fourth I remembered clearly, go home and I did, making only two wrong turns and forgetting that blasted new stop sign at the country road again. Fortunately the other drivers slowed down when they saw me coming. I'm sure they recognized the famous local author and Christmas tree farmer and wanted to get a good look at me. But no matter when my wife Betty is with me, she tells me it's because they never know which way I'm going to turn, but I'm sure she's just kidding and I always ignore those kind of remarks.

Anyway, I got back home and was feeling proud of myself for remembering all the items on my list, then as soon as I got through the door Betty asked if I had remembered to mail her package. I said of course I did, wasn't it on the list? She said that's no guarantee when you leave your list. I remembered the list, I said. No you didn't, she said, I see the package right there on your desk.

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