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At the Greek Tycoon's Pleasure [Secure eReader]
eBook by Cathy Williams

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: An accident has forced Greek tycoon Theo Andreou to rest and recuperate. After meeting feisty Sophie Scott, Theo decides that if he can seduce her his recovery will at least be pleasurable! Although Theo's arrogance infuriates her, Sophie can't deny his sensual allure. Their affair is wild and intense. But Sophie fears that this wealthy powerful man can only want her as his temporary mistress, not his forever bride....

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Presents
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2006

22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


TIMOS HONOR looked at Theo over the rim of his wire-framed spectacles and stifled a sigh of compassion and sheer frustration. They both knew what he was going to say and the fact that Theo had had him flown over at great expense on his personal jet was not about to alter his recommendations.

'Spit it out, Timos.'

'There was no need to get me over here, Theo…'

'There was every need.' Theo's mouth thinned in hostile acceptance of what he knew he was going to hear. He was also well aware of the wisdom of Timos's words. He had already consulted the finest specialists that London could offer and been told the same thing. What had been the point of flying over Timos Honor, old family friend and top of his field in Greece? His story was going to be the same, but Theo had needed to hear it from one of his own, someone who might just be able to understand the torture he had been going through for the past eighteen months. Maybe he had needed to hear the stark reality with just a little bit of sympathetic packaging wrapped around it.

From the dubious sanctuary of his coldly minimalist penthouse apartment, Theo grimly regarded the thin, kindly man sitting in front of him.

'The bones in your foot have failed to heal properly and this second accident has only served to worsen the condition. What possessed you, man?'

'I wasn't skiing in the hope of finding the nearest obstacle into which I could collide, if that is what you mean.'

'You know it's not.' If Timos had had a full head of hair, he would have raked his fingers through it in exasperation. As it was, he made do with gently patting his balding head before linking his fingers on his lap. 'One skiing accident on a black run was bad enough, Theo, and we all understood the insanity that took you down that. Losing Elena just before you were due to be married…Well, it would be enough to send any sane man temporarily mad…but that was well over a year ago…'

'This last accident had nothing to do with Elena,' Theo said abruptly.

Of course it was a lie and he knew it. Theo was an accomplished skier. Recklessness had never been part of his agenda. But the past year and a half had seen him tackle the world with scant regard for himself. He had driven himself to exhaustion, working hours that no man was constructed to work, had embarked on deals that had made his cautious partners gasp and had only succeeded with them through good luck and his own staggering talent. Not once had he lost sleep over the fact that they might not have worked out. Great wealth, he supposed, brought freedom to be, frankly, adventurous. And, at the back of his mind, he was aware that something had to change. He couldn't keep living his life on the edge. He had to move on.

'Well, here is my diagnosis, for what it's worth, Theo. That foot of yours needs time to heal. You cannot continue putting it under strain. Nature has a cunning way of healing but this time you have pushed the boundaries too far and, if you do not give yourself some rest, the bones will never heal correctly and, at the very best, you will be left with a permanent limp that will put a stop to every type of sport. At the worst, you could eventually end up in a wheelchair, and let us not get into the very real possibility of premature arthritis. Tell me that that is what you want and I will heartily recommend that you take the next flight to Val d'Isère so that you can tackle another black run.'

They stared at each other in silence—Timos patiently waiting for his words to sink in, Theo bitterly aware that his behaviour had become perilously out of control. He was the first to look away with a scowl.

'So what do you suggest?' Theo finally asked, through gritted teeth.

'You need complete rest. You cannot keep covering the ground that you do. Your mother tells me that since your first accident you have barely stayed in one place long enough to have a hot meal.'

'Mama is prone to exaggeration.'

'As they all should be. But there is enough truth in her observation to warrant it in the first place.'

'I am a working man, Timos. Sitting around watching daytime television is not going to pay the bills.'

At that Timos laughed. 'You could retire tomorrow, Theo, and still have enough money to last several lifetimes over. And I am not suggesting that you go into hiding for the next two years. But you could slow down considerably. Work from home.' He glanced around the expensive apartment and shuddered at the thought of doing anything in it for any stretch of time. He, himself, lived with his adored wife in a small house on the outskirts of Athens that could not have been more different. This place reminded him of a crematorium—cold, marbled, immaculate but essentially lifeless.

'Three months would go a long way to restoring your mobility.'

'Three months!' Theo nearly burst out laughing.

'Delegate.' Timos stood up and collected his case from the side of his chair. 'A wise man knows when to.'

'And what the hell am I supposed to do for three months, Timos? Work from home and watch the walls?'

'Take up a hobby. Paint. Write poetry. Use the time to find yourself.'

The last thing Theo Andreou wanted to do was to find himself.

Copyright © 2006 by Cathy Williams.

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