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Adept [Secure eReader]
eBook by Robert Finn

eBook Category: Suspense/Thriller/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: It's a strange kind of robbery: nothing is missing and the only damage done is to the criminals. David Braun, star investigator for an exclusive insurance firm, discovers the truth that the crime was intended to conceal. Behind it all, a ruthless thief, who is intent on acquiring a priceless antique--an antique with a bloody history its owners would prefer to keep hidden. Susan Milton, an expert in exotic antiques, must unearth the object's past to make sense of the present. When she takes on the project she has no idea that her research will put her life in danger. As David and Susan learn to work together the pieces begin to fall into place, but the more they find out, the less they believe. Caught between powerful enemies and being hunted by a killer the police cannot catch, their only hope is to stay one step ahead. They know enough to put them in the worst danger of their lives. Will it also be enough to save them?

eBook Publisher: Snowbooks/Fiction, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2007

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

An impressively ambitious debut that marries the crime novel with the occult thriller...It's a British variant on The Da Vinci Code and The Rule of Four. -- Andrew Taylor, twice winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Dagger

Wonderful...I picked up Mr Finn's book two days ago and didn't put it down till I finished. -- The Ephemera

Advancing in several quick stages, using desks as cover, the three armed policemen approach the silent office. The sergeant holds up a hand. He calls out, ?Armed police. Surrender immediately. I repeat, armed police. Put down your weapons now. Do. You. Understand?? Nothing. They wait for thirty seconds. A few papers rattle as a gust of wind spills them from a desk. With a hand signal, the sergeant fans the other two men out and has them advance on the office door. He stays still, his rifle trained on the open door. ?I can see a body,? says Slap. ?I see two bodies ? they'renot moving,? says Dean. The sergeant motions Dean to move in closer. Dean shuffles forwards like a hesitant fencer, sliding his feet along the carpet until he is at the doorway. He crouches, takes a rapid look inside and ducks back. ?They'redown,? he says. Standing, the sergeant signs for the other two to remain still. He walks slowly towards the office. He sees two bodies, one inside the door, one lying beneath the broken window. He moves through the open door. His foot slips slightly as he steps in a pool of blood. The body by the window has a plastic handle sticking out of its chest. An outstretched hand holds a revolver. The sergeant places the sole of his boot carefully over the wrist, pinning it, his gun trained on the unmoving body. ?Slap, secure the other one,? he calls. The sergeant bends down, his foot still trapping the gun hand, and feels for a pulse. ?This one's dead.? ?Same here,? says Slap bending over the other body. The sergeant leans out of the shattered window, peering down at the tracks. He looks left and right. There's nothing to see except sheer walls and hard track. Pulling his head in he looks at the two dead bodies. ?What the hell happened here then?? the sergeant asks no one in particular.

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