The Virtual Thief [Secure eReader]
by Hartford S. Brown
Category: Suspense/Thriller

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Joseph Simon, who has more names than he can remember, finds that stealing money from a professional thief and murderer can be a dangerous occupation. A major credit card company, systematically destroyed his life--Joe loses everything, his job, his wife, his home and his good name. Enraged, Joe decides to teach the company a lesson. Using his computer savvy, Joe steals millions from them via the Internet. The man in charge of that money, a Colombian with drug connections, a killer and thief himself, sets out to capture and kill Joe and his girlfriend, Sharon Blum. Joe, James, Peter or whatever his latest name and Sharon, who grew up in the Caribbean, flee to Saint Barts, where Sharon's "Uncle" lives, only to be followed by an army of killers. They finally realize that only by going on the offensive, do they have a chance of staying alive.