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Sob Story [Secure eReader]
eBook by Carol Anne Davis

eBook Category: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime
eBook Description: Amy thinks that Jeff, her prison penpal, will be inside for several years. He lied--his release date is imminent. She believes that he's a gentle, misunderstood young man. She's wrong--he's a killer who plans to kill again. As the body count mounts, will she realise that she's being stalked by a sadistic psychopath? Or will she, too, endure a slow, painful death?

eBook Publisher: Snowbooks/Snowbooks
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2007

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

?We are now approaching Dundee,? the tannoy said. Heart speeding slightly, Amy stood up and reached into the overhead luggage rack. The movement caused her midriff-skimming top to ride up and a youth further up the carriageway shouted ?Show us the rest? and made both his friends laugh and clap. Damn, she was going red as usual. Dipping her head so that her hair hid her face, she promised herself that this was the last time she'd blush. The new Amy was going to be chatty, self-assured and sophisticated. No one here knew her so she could be anything she wanted to be. She wanted to be at her new flat. She wanted black tea. She wanted to unpack her case before her clothes became totally crumpled. One of the drawbacks of moving from Aberdeen by train was that she hadn't had space to pack an iron. She'd only brought all her clothes and shoes, a university reading list and enough money to get her through the next four weeks. Now she'd spend some of that money hiring her first ever cab. New moisture spreading under her arms, the nineteen year old left the train and followed signs to the taxi queue. It was made up of kissing couples and forlorn families. She was the only person on her own. Forget about them. Think about what you'll say to your new flatmate. It was an odd situation as she'd never met the other girl. All that she knew was that they were both going into first year at Dundee University and that neither wanted to stay in student halls. Amy?s aunt knew someone in the agency that leased the flat and they could see from the map that it was a mere five minutes walk from the university. Now, as she waited in the mid-morning sunshine, Amy went through the various possibilities in her head. She could say Hi, I?m Amy. But did that sound conceited? Why should the other girl care? Maybe, ?Hi, what?s your name?? would be better. After all, the shy person?s book said to concentrate on the other person and forget about yourself. ?You want a taxi or not?? The voice belatedly cut through her thoughts and she jumped and stared at the taxi driver. ?Sorry. Yes.? Getting in, she scraped her hip then bashed her case into the adjacent passenger door. She gave the driver her new address and he frowned. ?Say that again?? She did, adding ?It?s just off the Perth Road.? Within minutes they were speeding along the Nethergate, past the university where she'd had her introductory tour only weeks before. Then on past the houses and shops of the Perth Road until the driver turned into a sidestreet and said ?There you go.? Her new home for the next four years -and maybe more. Amy looked proudly at the row of little houses with their blue, green and yellow painted doors. She squinted through the cab?s window, trying to make out the numbers, and the taxi driver said ?That'll be four pounds,? in a bloody-students-shouldn?t-be-able-to-afford-taxis tone. Seconds later she disembarked and walked shakily towards the third house. She'd feel better when she was safely installed in her new room. And she'd surely feel much more confident when she got to meet her new flatmate, had someone to pal around with. She'd never had a best friend before because of mum and dad... She pressed the bell, waited for an age then pressed it again - but there clearly wasn't going to be a welcoming committee. The agency had sent her a key and after her third attempt she managed to turn it in the very stiff lock. Walking into the hall, she could hear loud music. Cautiously she followed the sound to an open door.

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