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I Put A Spell On You [MultiFormat]
eBook by Cassandra Curtis

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: If you can't be with the one you love ... maybe you should put a spell on them! At least, that's what sexy hunk Sebastian Matthews thought when he cast a spell on Tess Warner thirteen years ago. Something must have backfired with the potion, though, because he left town with his heart broken. Older, wiser and sexier than ever, Sebastian's back and ready to give it another try. Only one problem...the recipe for the potion and the spell that goes with it were in Tess' father's grimoire. And Tess and her family are witches! Although Sebastian is just an ordinary guy, he does, however, have one thing on his side--the spellbinding magick of passion! [Genres: Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Paranormal / Romantic Comedy / Voyeurism] Part of the Potions, Elixirs, and Brew ... Oh My! AmberPax Collection

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2007

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I Put A Spell On You is an enchanting novella that will surely bring a smile to your face--it sure did to mine. Cassandra Curtis has written a tale of magic and love, which has been excellently written. I Put A Spell On You will engage the reader in the plot, and keep the reader voraciously reading until the end. Each character is well developed, and very likable. The things Sebastian goes through to win his love find him in a pickle or two, providing the reader with much to laugh about. Love scenes are detailed, though not explicitly so. There are a few self-pleasuring scenes (by both parties), as well as some fairly traditional lovemaking. I have thoroughly enjoyed I Put A Spell On You, and shall be on the lookout for more from Cassandra Curtis in the future."--Fallen Angel Reviews

Sebastian finished his search with one room left to go. The last thing he wanted was for Tess to catch him. Maybe he'd try to come back tomorrow, when she left for the shop. His hand hesitated on the doorknob. An agonized half-shout/half-moan came from inside. He rushed through the door, not knowing what to expect. The bed lay empty and her clothes were scattered over the edge of a hamper in one corner of the room. Another groan sent him to the open bathroom door. A large mirror, half-fogged from the steam, hung above the sink.

Tess lay in the bathtub, one smooth leg dangling over the rim, the other bent at the knee. The water lapped at her nipples. Those big blue eyes of hers were closed. Her lips parted and her neck arched backward as she moaned, just a little.

His heart drummed in his chest, mouth parched as he tried to swallow, his eyes glued to the image reflected in the mirror. One of her hands rose from the water to pluck at her nipples. His own hand crept down to the bulge in his slacks. He timed his strokes to synchronize with hers. His balls tightened, blood racing to his thickened cock.

She bucked once, twice, lifting out of the tub enough for him to see the glorious wet blonde curls between her legs, her hand parting the slippery folds with deft fingers. He unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and rubbed the glistening head, spreading the seeping pre-come over his shaft as a lubricant.

He pistoned himself in his hand, wishing it was her pussy grasping him tight. He'd lick her sweet juice until she begged for him to fuck her. He tried to suppress a groan, balls aching for release. His eyes closed, and he clenched his jaw muscles. No. Not here. He squeezed his rod until it hurt.

She couldn't know he'd invaded her privacy. That he'd seen her pleasuring herself. He forced himself back in his slacks and carefully rezipped.

The sound of splashing broke the sensuous spell.

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