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The Tycoon's Hidden Heir [Secure eReader]
eBook by Yvonne Lindsay

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: An eye for an eye--that was Mason Knight's motto in the boardroom and the bedroom. And it certainly applied to gold-digging Helena Davies. The ravishing beauty had spent one unforgettable night in his arms ... only to marry a much older man the next morning. But, twelve years later, the newly widowed Helena was on his doorstep, claiming her son was really Mason's and she'd do anything to secure his inheritance. Oh, yes, Mason Knight would finally have his revenge.

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Desire
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2007

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Present day…

"It's quite simple, Helena. If you don't assign control of Brody's half share of the business to me within the next thirty days I will take every step to ensure the world knows exactly how you and my father met. Let's see how your precious son copes at school once everyone knows that juicy titbit."

He knew? How on earth had he found out? Helena's stomach lurched. Despite how careful she'd been to conceal her past, it was something she'd known could come out of the woodwork anytime in the last twelve years. That it should be from Patrick's eldest son, Evan, shouldn't have come as a surprise.

Her heart ached for Brody. He had only just settled back at his exclusive boarding school and had been troubled since Patrick's sudden death—easily upset and reluctant to leave her. Understandable, all of it, of course. She was already worried about how he'd cope at school during this difficult period of adjustment. If Evan spread his poisonous secret Brody's life would become a living hell. She would not let that happen.

But what on earth was she to do? Already entrenched in the company as marketing director, from the day of Patrick's fatal heart attack, Evan had exerted his power as new part owner of Davies Freight and taken over Patrick's chair and the decision-making processes that fell to the managing director. She'd been unable to stop him, and with the demands of dealing with Brody's grief, not to mention her own, she hadn't had the energy left to fight back in the boardroom. This week, she'd finally returned to the office, where she supervised the business's administration. It hadn't taken long to discover Evan had completely taken over.

Evan had never appreciated or understood his father's love of the cut and thrust of the industry, or his cautious plans for expansion. No, all he saw was an easy ticket to maintain his plush lifestyle and the quickest way to get rid of her. Of course, on paper, he could be seen to have gone through the motions—pitching new contracts, renewing old ones—but deeper analysis had shown the truth. If Evan was permitted to keep on his current path the business would be bankrupt within a year.

She'd grown up having to scrape together every penny. There was no way she would let that happen to her son.

A look of scorn slid across her stepson's face, making it patently clear that no matter how coldly polite he'd been to her while his father was alive, the gloves were most definitely off now. Helena's fingernails bit into her palms as she struggled not to whack him hard across his smug features. No doubt he hoped she'd do exactly that. With his connections, he could press assault charges and see her son removed from her care. Then he could do whatever he wanted with Brody's share of the company. Yeah, he'd like that all right, but it sure wouldn't happen this side of hell freezing over. Not while she still had breath in her body.

What scared her most was if Evan discovered the full truth he'd delight in ripping his much younger half brother to shreds. With the resources he had at his disposal she knew he'd have people digging for dirt on her—the fact he'd found out how she and Patrick had met was just one example of how far he was prepared to go to find anything to discredit her and help him reach his avaricious goal. She had to protect her son, no matter what, and at the same time to somehow find the courage to honour Patrick's last wishes to the letter.

Helena swallowed back the tears that threatened. When she'd met Patrick she'd been prepared to accept his help in return for her companionship in marriage. She'd never dreamed she would learn to love him. She missed her husband more than she could ever have imagined—his steady hand on the tiller of their world, his gentle encouragement to strive for her dreams, his unadulterated enjoyment in the child born within the first year of their marriage. He'd always boasted Brody had made him young again. Not young enough, unfortunately, to see the fast-growing boy much past eleven years old.

"So?" Evan's sneer jerked her back to cold harsh reality. "What do you say?"

"I can't answer you now, Evan. It's too soon."

"Don't underestimate me, Helena. You and the bratare just a blip on my radar. I'll leave now, but remember I will have what's my due—one way or another."

Helena couldn't bring herself to rise from her chair to even see him from her home, couldn't trust herself not to resort to the old Helena and to fly at him, giving vent to her rage. No, if there was one thing she'd learned the hard way in the past twelve years it was to think first, act second. Evan knew the way out; she only wished he'd stay there.

The hollow echo of the front door resounded through the house and the tension slowly ebbed from her shoulders. God, she'd thought she was tough but it would take more than tough to see her through this. It would take a miracle. She drew in a deep breath and rose from the chair. There was work to be done, and plenty of it. First, she had to arrange an appointment—one she'd been dreading. She couldn't ignore Patrick's final instructions any longer.

Her heart twisted with regret that her sweet, generous husband had understood the reality of his eldest son's true nature, that he'd known that this situation would come to pass.

Half an hour later Helena let the telephone receiver fall back haphazardly into its cradle. Mason Knight was nigh on impossible to track down. She couldn't give up though, he was the one man Patrick had said would be able to help her, the one man he'd insisted she ask and, coincidentally, the last man on earth she wanted to seek out for help.

Copyright © 2007 by Dolce Vita Trust.

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