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Torrid Teasers Volume 21 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Marquis & Cheri Valmont

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
eBook Description: "Her Alien Lover" by Michelle Marquis When Jenna volunteers to work as a biologist on the alien world of Puma, it's not only the local plant life that fascinates her. Because stationed on this world is a gorgeous alien colonel, and he'll require a little close study himself--and the closer for Jenna the better?from the author of the erotic science fiction thriller THE LOVE MACHINE. "The Sex Machine" by Cheri Valmont If android technician, Teena Andrenas doesn't find a mate before she turns thirty, she'll be forced to take one. When she gets the chance to repair one of the legendary Zand pleasure 'droids, she is tempted to use the 'droid for her first sexual experience. Although she refrains, he does offer her one thing she cannot resist: the chance to meet the man responsible for creating the famous 'droids, and the first Zand pleasure 'droid ever designed. Zand Gorsend is mated to his work. He scarcely has time to experience the pleasures he offers with the sale of his androids. When the intriguing Teena invades his office, he is amused by her mistaken impression. Amusement soon turns to passion, when, during her 'observation' of him, the two end up in each other's arms. Can Zand convince Teena he is real, and meant to be her one, true mate??from the author of the erotic best-sellers SWEET SUMMER RAIN and CAJUN FIRE.

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2007

41 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Her Alien Lover" by Michelle Marquis takes you into a world of sexy warrior alpha men, where you want to stake your claim on one. Aggressive AEssyrian Alien soldiers, who are a bunch of rough, raw fighting men, were to be avoided at all costs. They were legendary for warfare and dangerous as hell. Jenna, a biologist, is not out to meet any of them until she runs into Severin the half-human half-AEssyrian colonel. Lava flames emit as they fight their attraction to each other. Will the two be able to keep their desire alive or will they be separated because they are of different species and cultures? Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont takes you into a world of sex 'droids, which would tempt anyone into having a few fun-filled hours, but Teena, a virgin, wants her breaching to be with a real, living breathing man. However much the Zands tease and titillate her, she refuses, thus causing the maker to want to meet her. Teena thinks she is meeting another Zand 'droid but it is the owner, Zand himself. Will he let her know as things heat up that he is human or let her think the breaching is done by a droid? In both stories the sci-fi aspects are great, but it is the stories and their heat that draws you into their worlds. To be taken into such divergent worlds in two stories has me clamoring for more. The characters take you away, making you heat up on a cold wintry day! Make sure you have your glass of ice water to cool off as you read word after titillating word by Cheri Valmont and Michelle Marquis as they take you to worlds designed to make readers sit up and take notice. Enticed by two great stories, encourages me to go look for more books by these writing gurus; their prose nabbed me from beginning to end. 5 Angels!"--Wendi, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Michelle Marquis penned a wonderful short story with 'Her Alien Lover'. The attraction between Jenna and Severin is apparent in their every word to each other and the sex scenes are definitely hot."--Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews

"'Sex Machine' is a fun story perfect for as a quick read. Cheri Valmont does a remarkable job developing her characters in such a short tale. There is humor and passion and the relationship between Zand and Teena did not seem forced. 'Sex Machine' is a nice example of Cheri Valmont's talent. Rating 4 kisses!"--Tara Renee, TwoLips Reviews



Michelle Marquis

Jenna stepped off the shuttle into the dry, hot air of Puma and wondered what in the world possessed her to volunteer for this. A strong wind brushed her face carrying with it the sickening stench of rotten eggs. Must be a gas pocket nearby venting sulfur. Just like in hell. She shouldered her carry-on bag, and made her way to the check-in tent to join the line of grumpy passengers.

"Next," shouted the astro-marine, a blonde crewcut gentleman with a hard chiseled face.

Jenna moved up and plopped her purse on the desk so she could fish for her ID and orders. The astro-marine shoved the bag off onto the floor without a word and gave her a contemptuous stare.

She stared right back. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"All baggage stays on the floor, ma'am," he said, pointing to the sign above his head. The sign was white with harsh black letters stenciled on it. Oddly, it reminded her of the astro-marine, harsh and unwelcoming. "No baggage on the counter. Just like the sign says. Can I have your orders please?"

Sighing, she crouched and pulled a folded bunch of papers from her overstuffed bag. "Here," she said, thrusting them at him and flashing him her ID.

The astro-marine took the papers and read them carefully. "Another biologist, just what we needed," he mumbled. She stifled a protest. She really didn't want to get into a confrontation with him right now. All she wanted was some decent noncryo-induced sleep.

He signed the last page of her papers and shoved them back at her. "Join the blue party to your left, please," he said, already shifting his attention to the next passenger behind her.

Jenna struggled with her bag and the papers as she made her way over to a roped off section with a giant blue dot on the floor. Bill Markus and Jim Flanders, two MIT grads she knew from Earth, were both standing by a podium. She made her way over to them and gave them a warm smile.

They greeted her, and Bill helped her settle her bag on the ground. "Welcome to Puma," he joked, beads of sweat rolling off the sides of his pasty brow. Bill was a heavyset man who tended to sweat even under the best of conditions. He raked his fingers through his thinning brown hair.

Jenna tugged at her shirt collar a few times trying to get a breeze down her shirt. This was going to be a hell of a deployment, on a sweltering jungle of a planet. She gestured to the podium and looked at Jim. "What's this for?"

Jim gave her one of his infectious smiles. Like Bill, he looked to be somewhere in his mid-forties, only he had all of his dark brown hair and a much more athletic build. He was still paunchy though, like her. Sitting in a lab all day did take its toll on the human body. "Probably one of those 'don't-mess-with-the-aliens' speeches," he said.

Jenna pulled her honey blonde hair into a ponytail and rolled her eyes. "As if we won't be busy enough."

Bill gave her a curious look. "Why are you here? I thought you said the last time we spoke that Robert told you no more deployments."

Jenna felt her gut wrench. Robert. She should have known that subject might come up. "We're divorced," she said, trying to make it sound as casual as possible.

Bill looked at the ground and shuffled his feet. "Sorry," he said in a soft voice.

Jenna shrugged. She hoped she appeared more at ease than she felt. "Forget it."

A dark uniformed man with grey hair and a full beard squeezed through the group of scientists and made his way up to the podium. He adjusted the microphone's height and tapped it a few times to make sure it was working. It made a muffled pounding in their ears.

When he appeared satisfied, he cleared his throat. "Can I have everyone's attention, please?" Everyone fell silent and turned their focus to him. "We have a few rules I need to go over with you before we take you to your barracks. Once we're done here, you'll be able to get to your rooms and unwind, so the quieter you are the faster this will go."

A few of the scientists near the front folded their arms but everyone remained silent. The man glanced down at some notes. "My name is Captain Ross O'Bannon and I'm in charge of you all while you're here. If any of you have problems or concerns, you are to bring them to me. Also, as many of you may know, there is a garrison of AEssyrian soldiers here. Please keep your distance from them. They're an aggressive alien race and we don't need any of you causing an intergalactic incident."

Jenna scowled and joined the collective groan of the crowd. Did they think they were dealing with children? It was very unlikely that anyone in the science sector was going to start any incidents with the resident aliens.

But if ever there was a race not to get into an altercation with, it was the AEssyrians. A race legendary for warfare, most males averaged close to seven feet tall and usually were heavily armed with a sword and numerous knives. They were an attractive race, but their green skin, reptilian eyes and predatory teeth made most humans keep their distance.

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