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My Husband, My Master [Enslaved in Minnesota Book 2] [MultiFormat]
eBook by David Jewell

eBook Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
eBook Description: Master Steve collared Monika two months ago and she had been living with him and his wife Sherry ever since. One of them has been trained to climax when she hears the word "blue." Find out which and how as David Jewell's mindbending trip into the yearnings at the hearts of people who are average midwesterners and typical Americans

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2007

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Master Steve collared Monika two months ago and she had been living with him and his wife Sherry ever since. Watching her getting dressed for dinner to celebrate their two-month anniversary, he thought about the first time he saw her on the beach in Puerto Vallarta wearing a skimpy black bikini. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted her to be part of his life. He had been successful during his two week vacation in helping her realize that she was a submissive at heart. He had also been successful in convincing her to leave Puerto Rico to come and serve him in Minnesota. It hadn't taken a lot to convince her since she craved the sexual intensity that she received from submitting to him. And he definitely used and would continue to use that fact to his advantage.

Monika adjusted the black stockings which were attached to her black leather garter belt. "Bra or panties, Master?"

"No," he confirmed while looking at her tanned, augmented breasts with their large and responsive nipples. He required her to use the tanning beds at his athletic club so she wouldn't lose her deep Puerto Rican tan during the Minnesota winter. Under no circumstances did he want her to take on the pasty white appearance of most Minnesotans.

"Okay, Master." She stepped into the black leather dress and pulled it up over her hips before putting her arms through the arms holes. "Would you zip me up, Master?"

"It'll be my pleasure." He zipped up the back of the dress. He touched her thin red leather collar and smiled. "Turn around." He watched as she did. "It fits you like a glove," he said as he appreciated how the dress molded itself to her curves. His eyes lingered on the impressive and arousing outline of her nipples in the bodice of the dress.

"It does, Master."

"Put on your high heels." He waited as she stepped into them. With the hem of the dress almost eight inches above her knees, he admired her legs. "You have gorgeous legs, my pet."

"Thank you, Master." She glanced down at what she considered her second best asset after her breasts. She had to agree that her legs looked very good in black hose and high heels. She smiled at him. He looked great in his black Dockers and matching polo shirt. His upper body was defined from lifting weights but not over done. "Is Sherry joining us, Master?"

"No. I'll be dropping her off at Master Wayne's house for a little additional training. But Master Ed and Joni are driving up from Iowa and will meet us the Timber Lodge Steakhouse."

"It will good to see them again, Master."

"Yes, it will be." After meeting Master Ed on the same trip to Puerto Vallarta that he found Monika, he was enjoying being a mentor to both of them as they embraced and shared his enthusiasm for dominance and submission. They were frequent visitors to his home as they continued to explore their new relationship as master and submissive. In doing so, they had made good use of his use his well-equipped dungeon. He was sure they would again tonight. At least, he had plans for all of them to come back to his house after dinner so he could continue mentoring Master Ed and further Joni and Monika's education in submission.

"We have time for a drink before we need to go."

"Yes, Master." She took his arm when he offered it to her. As they descended the staircase into the large and impress foyer, she was filled with the anticipation of enjoying a special evening with her master.

Sherry, his wife, was in the living room waiting for them. She was dressed exactly as her master wanted. She was wearing her thin white leather collar, the symbol of his ownership, around her long, delicate neck. The emerald green silk blouse offered a wonderful view of her ample cleavage. Her black leather miniskirt was nine inches above her knees. Her legs were encased in green stockings that were sheer and silky. Her legs appeared extremely long thanks to her emerald green stilettos. Underneath, a black Victoria's Secret bra with D cups supported and pushed her natural breasts up and together, black Rio briefs covered her shaved pussy and firm ass and a sexy, black garter held up her stockings. Her long blond hair was in a pony tail and her makeup accentuated her delicate features. When she saw him walking into the room, she spread her legs and placed her hands behind her back to demonstrate her respect and full submission.

Seeing her, he knew why he had fallen in love with her. "Good evening, my pet."

"Good evening, Master."

He touched her chin, lifted her head and looked into her eyes. "You look stunning tonight."

"Thank you, Master." She smiled that his touch-as always-felt so good and as if he were possessing her.

"I'm sure Master Wayne will enjoy having you serve him tonight."

"Yes, Master. I'll make sure he does. I'll make your proud of me."

"I know you will, my pet." He smiled and kissed her full, red lips. "I would like a Southern Comfort on the rocks and Monika will have a white zin."

"Yes, Master."

"You may join us for drink but I don't want you to have anything alcoholic."

"Yes, Master." She knew that he didn't want anything to impair her ability to serve Master Wayne tonight.

As she left to get their drinks, Master Steve took Monika into his arms and kissed her. "It's hard to believe that it's been two months since I collared you."

"It is, Master. The time went by so fast."

"It did, my pet. And I have so much more to teach you." He touched the side of her face.

"I know, Master. And I really want to learn from you and be able to please you even more."

"You will." He was pleased with how she had applied just enough makeup to enhance her brown eyes and make herself look so sensual. Her short permed blond hair made her appear even tanner. "You are a lovely creature."

"Thank you, Master." She equally enjoyed his possessing touch.

"Thank you," Master Steve said when Sherry brought their drinks.

"You're welcome, Master." She took a sip of her diet Sprite.

"And work is going well?" he asked. He had made arrangements for Monika to work with his wife at a nonprofit to do some development and fundraising work.

"It is, Master. I'm really starting to get the hang of it."

"I'm glad." He smiled. "I knew you would do well." He looked at Sherry. "Thanks for helping with the transition."

"My pleasure, Master. She is doing very well," she confirmed. She was the director of the nonprofit and very aware of what was happening in the development office. She also enjoyed the pleasure of Monika's company when their master permitted her to do so. She was a little disappointed that she was not going to be part of the two month celebration and get to spend some time with Master Ed and his wife. She had grown very fond of them and enjoyed watching their progress in embracing their new lifestyle.

Master Ed was on Interstate 35 just north of Owantana and a little over an hour from the Twin Cities. He glanced at his wife Joni and the white collar she was wearing. He had collared her two months when Master Steve collared Monika. He was looking forward to seeing Master Steve and Monika and celebrating their two-month anniversary with them. He was anxious to get there and pushed the Grand Prix to near eighty miles per hour.

Joni sat next to him. She kept her knees spread as expected. Her short, black leather skirt barely concealed her navy blue thong when she sat down and the tops of her dark black thigh highs were visible in the dim light of the cabin. Her light blue rayon blouse was unbuttoned low enough to reveal the effects of her navy blue push up bra. Her hair was pulled up to accentuate her neck. And her makeup was a little heavier for evening wear. Her lips were painted a dark red. "I'm excited about seeing Master Steve and Monika. She touched her collar. "It's hard to believe that it's been two months since our collaring," she shared.

"Time flies when you're having fun. And we are having fun."

"Yes, we are, Master. And wearing your collar has made me happy ... very happy."

"I'm glad you feel that way."

"What about you, Master? Are you glad that you collared me?"

He looked at her. "Besides marrying you, collaring you is the best thing I've ever done. It has made everything better-our communications, our relationship and our sex life." He gave her a smile.

"It has." She leaned over and kissed him. When she drew back, she saw a different smile on his lips. "What are thinking about?"

"About tonight and the celebration we have planned."

"I see. What do you have planned?"

"Something special and that is all that I'm going to tell you."

"Okay, Master," she said with feigned disappointment. She felt a twinge of arousal just knowing that he had planned something special for tonight. She hoped that whatever it was that included doing something with Monika and Master Steve. She smiled as she thought about their last trip to the Twin Cities that ended with her eating Monika with Master Steven taking her in the ass while her master was pounding her pussy at the same time. Talk about incredible and intense. Wow!

"I'm very pleased with your progress in learning to cum on command," he said and changed topics.

"It's been very interesting," she shared. She remembered the night of her collaring when for the first time she watched Sherry cum on command. She was amazed and maybe jealous. She recalled how self-conscious she was when her master and Master Steve began her training to cum on command right afterwards. What an experience that was with ten people watching her lame attempt to do so.

"Are you surprised that you were able to do it?"

She thought about her breakthrough this last week when she had climaxed from just hearing the command "blue." The sound of his voice and just a light touch to her breast had sent her over the edge. It had to be one of the most interesting experiences of her life. The climax wasn't strong. But it was pleasant and satisfying. She felt a tingle in her nipples from just thinking about what had happened. "Yes, Master, I was surprised ... pleasantly surprised." She smiled at him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, my pet. I think I enjoyed it as much as you did." He felt his penis stir from his vivid memory of her training. "We're getting close," he said as they entered Burnsville."

Joni took a deep breath. She was looking forward to a good meal and serving her master and others if he wanted afterwards. She spread her legs wider as an indication of just how submissive she was feeling tonight.

He didn't miss the signal from her body language. He smiled over his plans for tonight and for the rest of the weekend.

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