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Celtic Love Knots Volume 1 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Tina Bendoni & Michelle Hasker

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
eBook Description: This premier edition of CELTIC LOVE KNOTS presents two stories of erotic paranormal romance for your sensual reading pleasure. "Through the Veil" by Tina Bendoni Alyson has the perfect man, but only in her dreams. Her friendly neighborhood witch decides to change all that on Samhain. Fortunately, plans go awry and Alyson's dream man becomes flesh and blood. He now has 24 hours to convince her that she is his soul mate and destiny. Can she leave all she knows behind for a chance at perfect love? "Morgan's Magick" by Michelle Hasker Morgan's deepest fantasy comes true one afternoon when Jack brings her a new batch of wands, and ends up making love to her. When they learn that Jack is the recipient of a love potion she created, can their love survive doubt and mistrust?

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2007

15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"'Morgan's Magick' by Michelle Hasker is a tantalizing story that will have you begging for more. The characters are well detailed and enjoyable; the plot is appealing and extremely sensual. I loved the passion and electricity that flowed between Morgan and Jack and thought the author did a fantastic job of grabbing the reader's attention from the first page and holding it until the last. 'Through The Veil' by Tina Bendoni is a tempting tale that will leave you wishing for a dream man of your own. I thought the premise of this plot was very exciting and the characters well developed for such a short story. The sex in this story was hot enough to burn and left me eager to read the second volume of the Celtic Love Knots series!"--Tammy, Fallen Angels Reviews, 5 Angels and a Recommended Read.

"Morgan's Magick" by Michelle Hasker. Whoa baby, when Jack and Morgan give in to their feelings, the sparks fly. Not a word is wasted in this sizzling tale of magickal love. 'Through The Veil' by Tina Bendoni. The heat generated by Alyson and Lucas is scorching. You'll wish for a friendly witch to cast a spell on your behalf after reading this sexy story, I certainly did. A steamy anthology that hits all the right notes, CELTIC LOVE KNOTS, VOLUME 1 is a surefire winner."--Lori Ann, Romance Reviews Today, a rating of: Multiple O's



Michelle Hasker

"This love potion must be given to your brother as soon as possible if you want it to be the most effective. And remember, this will only help him be receptive to true love; it won't make him fall in love with anyone." Morgan Engles capped the vial and handed it to her best customer.

"Okay, great, Morgan. I really appreciate this." Sheila Thompson smiled and cradled the container in her palms.

"Just remember, the next time you ask me for a favor, 'And it harm none.' Okay? Making your brother love someone specific would be very wrong."

"Thanks again, Morgan. I wish you would reconsider training me in the ways of Wicca."

"Sorry, Sheila. I just don't have time right now. Read those books you bought last month and then come back and talk to me after you've learned the Rede."

"Thanks!" Sheila called out as she headed for the door.

Morgan shook her head but smiled. Sheila might not be her favorite customer, and she always left Morgan sighing in relief, but she was probably her best advertisement. Sheila referred everyone to Morgan's Magickal Shoppe. She worried that one day Sheila would wear her down enough to actually give her lessons in magick. The door jingled and Morgan looked up with a wary smile. Was Sheila back already?

Her eyes met six solid feet of muscle encased in black. A T-shirt and skintight jeans showed off his well-toned body. Morgan felt the telltale fluttering in her stomach. Jack Quinn always managed to get under her skin, and she was still trying to find a way to get him out. Fighting her feelings didn't work. Perhaps giving in to them was the best solution. Besides, he acted as if he'd be more than willing to share his bed with her.

"Oh, hello, Jack. What have you got for me today?" she asked, ignoring the breathless voice that must be hers as she met his gaze with hers.

"Good evening, gorgeous. I've brought the usual, and a few new things I've made."

"New?" Morgan cleared space on her counter so Jack could show her. She knew her excitement showed on her face, but he made specialty items they both earned a nice profit on. He wasn't too bad on the eyes either. Allowing Jack to sell his products in her store was one of the smartest things she'd done.

As he spread several wands in front of her, Morgan wondered if today was the day she should act on the attraction she felt simmering between them.

"I know how well my wands have been selling, so I crafted a few new ones. I also have some new paintings for you. With Samhain around the corner, I'm sure we'll sell a lot of wands and candles, and customers will be tempted to buy other items as well."

"At this rate, I'll have to start thinking about asking you to come into the business as a partner."

"And what kind of partner would I be? I'm sure the fringe benefits alone would be temptation enough," he said with a wink.

Morgan reached for the nearest wand. His comment sent such naughty thoughts through her mind that she felt her panties grow damp. Her hand brushed against his and a tremor rushed through her body setting her nerve endings on edge. The intoxicating scent of warm male and sandalwood caused a sensation of butterflies flitting around in her stomach as she fought to hide her desire.

Her hand shook as she lifted the wand and studied it. Jack wrapped his hands around hers and moved them in a circle, as if casting a spell. Jack leaned down. His lips brushed her ear as he whispered, "Bibbity bobbity boo."

Morgan laughed and took a step back, trying to put some space between them in the hope she could get her lust under control.

"So what do you think of my merchandise?"

Morgan glanced at the bulge in his jeans and knew he would be plenty to handle.


"Hmm?" She glanced up at him and blushed when she realized he knew what she'd been looking at.

"What do you think of my wand?"

"Your ... ah ... wand..." she stuttered.

"You're still holding it, so I guess you like it."

She coughed and cleared her throat. "Ah, yes. Your wand. It's more than satisfactory. I'm sure they all will sell even faster than the last ones. I do think you're getting better. If that's possible."

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