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The Single Girl's Guide [Secure eReader]
eBook by Imogen Lloyd Webber

eBook Category: Family/Relationships/Self Improvement
eBook Description: You've laughed and cried along with Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw; now meet their real-life counterpart in Imogen. The Single Girl's Guide is a tongue-in-cheek but practical manual on life management for the bachelorette. Make the most of unattached living with free spirit Imogen as your guide, revealing amusing anecdotes and advice on how to juggle bosses, colleagues and friends. Learn about managing your parents and distractions of the male variety, including the perils of modern communication by email and text when dating. Help keep the stresses and strains of singledom at bay and realise that the secret of successful life management lies in not letting those around you know that they're being managed. Armed with this book, you can steer a safe passage through the stormy waters, limit the seasickness, and enjoy the trip.

eBook Publisher: Summersdale Self Help/Summersdale Self Help
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2007

It is a truth which should be universally acknowledged that a single girl can be in possession of the most wonderful life. The world has moved on from Austen?s husband-hunters, and in the last hundred years the Single Girl (SG) has begun to garner a more positive status. Thanks to the sexual revolution, her opportunities are becoming endless. No longer does she carry the somewhat derogatory moniker of ?spinster?; we are talking Bridget Jones? singletons and Carrie Bradshaw?s sex. Single women are allowing themselves to be celebrated ? to a point. Both Bridget and Carrie only reach fulfilment when they ride off into the sunset with Mr Darcy and Mr Big. But what if the prince doesn't come or gets a bit delayed? Is the SG to sit and pine? Or waste her time desperately seeking a male specimen in stalker-like fashion, which is enough to make any sensible man sprint in the opposite direction ? especially if he hears her biological clock ticking like Peter Pan?s crocodile before he even sees her coming? When a relationship is right, it is wondrous. But when it is not, what is the point? You can be lonelier in the wrong relationship than you can ever be when you are single. For when unattached, you can take control, managing your world so as to make the whole universe your oyster, keeping any melancholic black clouds that may have been hovering over your head at bay. Yes, being attached brings its own fun, but as an SG you have so many distinct, delicious possibilities to explore. You may not be unattached forever ? so take advantage of the single lifestyle while you can. Seize the day. I have been single for the best part of the last ten years, almost all my adult life. Yes, I have dated and had relationships in that time, but I have been single the majority of it, and I remain so as I write. I love men ? there is nothing so heady and fabulous as being in lust or even love ? but I have found it a challenge to encounter worthy ones. I admit, I am fussy, but then again I am fastidious about my handbags, and I would like a male to last longer on my arm than they do. When it comes to boyfriends, you are allowed to be careful. Being without one is really not the survival test it is made out to be; I could not tell you the last time a friend made me cry, but I could certainly pinpoint when a man did. Moreover, I have witnessed the destructiveness of divorce: choosing to be with someone, maybe making a life with them, is a decision that has to be got right. And if no knight-in-almost-shining-armour comes (no relationship is perfect, but it is important to have a half-decent starting point), I will be OK. A simple truth. There is, funnily enough, a direct link between the person you breed with and whether the associated offspring turn out to be happy, well-adjusted souls or not. The detractors of women leaving it later to have babies neglect to admit that, half the time, these SGs just did not meet someone who they were confi dent would be a good father to their offspring. They should be praised for saving society, not screwing it up. And for propping up the shoe industry with their disposable income. I have not always been of this disposition: the stresses and strains of modern life once overwhelmed this SG. But when everything went wrong I avoided Prozac-popping by, in small steps, managing the parts ? and people ? of my life that I could, and in time I found myself not just running but sprinting through existence again. This journey has been one hell of a ride and in my decade of research for this book, I have had the most extraordinary experiences and...

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