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Spacer's Creed [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 2] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Levigne

eBook Category: Science Fiction
eBook Description: Bain's prayers were answered: Captain Lin Fieran wanted him to stay on Sunsinger and be her crew for another evacuation trip to Lenga. When they got there, everyone had already been evacuated, so they went to the next world in the path of the Mashrami invasion. That's when things got complicated by pirates and by people who didn't want to leave their homes. To make matters worse, Bain knew Lin wanted him to stay on Sunsinger with her and Ganfer, just as much as he wanted to stay, but someone in authority was getting in the way. Lin had to keep a secret from him, and if she told him what it was, he might never be allowed back on board.

eBook Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing, Published: Writers Exchange E-Publishing, 2001
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2002

115 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"...an exciting adventure you won't want to stop reading!"--Christina Lewis, kidsbookshelf.com


"Welcome back, Bain," Ganfer said, and chuckled. The ship-brain's voice echoed through the entire ship, following the boy as he ran up the slope from Sunsinger's modified cargo hold to the bridge.

Bain was out of breath when he reached the round bridge of the Free Trader ship. He grinned at the sensor dome in the ceiling and leaned back against the hatch frame until his legs lost their wobbles.

"You see? I told you I would see you again," the ship-brain continued. "You'll need that link collar quite a bit from now on."

"How soon until we launch again?" Bain asked, once he had caught his breath. He raked dark, sweaty hair out of his eyes. He pushed off the wall and walked over to his cubicle--his again!--and slung his bag onto the mattress.

"Not for two more days, at least. We have new sensors to install--replacements and upgrades. The authorities are giving Lin anything she wants, to keep her cooperative."

"She growls a lot, doesn't she?" Bain asked, laughing.

"It works, and she enjoys it."

"Did I hear my name taken in vain?" Captain Lin Fieran asked as she appeared in the open hatch. She pretended to scowl at the boy. The expression didn't last very long, and it made her grin seem brighter when it appeared a moment later. She mimed wiping sweat off her forehead and onto her green-on-blue striped sleeveless tunic. "That was a close call, Bain. Sourpuss Malloy doesn't exactly like me, and if he knew how much I really wanted you to ship out with me ... " Lin shook her head.

"You really do want me on Sunsinger?" Bain asked. His voice cracked.

"Enough to eat dinner with that nasty old credit-pincher, if that was part of the bargain." She slid into her seat at the control panel in the middle of the bridge and pressed a few buttons to check the status of the ship's repairs.

"Is that a lot?" the boy nearly whispered.

"Bain," Ganfer said, "Commander Malloy dislikes Lin very much because she refuses to eat with him. He asks her every time he sees her."

"He smells awful," Lin muttered. She winked at Bain, and in minutes they were red-faced with laughter.

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