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Anal Cousins: Case Studies in Variant Sexual Practices [MultiFormat]
eBook by William Maltese

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Carolyne's parents are determined to go to any length to assure her virginity at marriage, and so they recruit two cousins for sexual explorations that will leave less evidence behind. Adam, his hormones raging, willingly allows himself to be seduced by a cousin who is already jaded by normal sex and needs something more from the men in her life. A gang-raped young woman turns to her trusted cousin and unorthodox sex to combat the trauma of gang-rape, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion. Two men, though cousins, dabble in mutual-attraction and forbidden love.

eBook Publisher: Wildside Press, Published: USA, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2007

25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


"I JUST ABOUT HAD my cock on target at the opening of her snatch when she slapped my pecker away; damn, did that sting.

"'Wait a minute, boy,' she said. She was calling me boy. That made me so goddamned mad. She was younger than I was and was treating me like a fucking child. Truth of the matter, as regards sex, she probably was a lot more knowledgeable about it than I, even now, am.

"'What do you mean, wait?'

"'I invited you here to plug my ass, not my cunt, buster. Now, either do that or fuck off.'

"She reached around her upturned ass, grabbed hold of my dork, without a by-your-leave, and stuffed the head of it right into the crease between her buns.

"'Like fuck this hole,' she said. She jiggled her little ass until my cock sat the opening of her anus.

"'You want your ass fucked, baby?' I asked her. 'Well you had just better prepare yourself for one hell of a butt-humping. Because, as God is my witness, that is just what you are going to get, right here and now.'

"So, I started pushing my meat into her.

"'For Christ's sake,' she squealed. 'Try being a bit careful. The rate you're going, you're going to split me wide open. And if you don't think I'm going to tell your mother if and when that happens, you are sadly mistaken.'

"So, I pushed a little slower.

"'Jesus, you are dumb,' she said. 'Lather that prick of yours up with a little spit, why don't you?'

"So, I spit in my hand and cocooned my dick with my saliva. Then, I again worked my cockhead, slippery this time, into her rectum and shoved. My prick started, once again, to slip in, albeit more easily this time.

"'Now, you're talking, baby,' she whimpered. 'Now, you are finally starting to get the idea.'

"I pushed in a couple inches. Her ass was the tightest thing I had ever fucked. The only time I had ever even had a near-similar feeling was the time I cut a too-small hole in a cantaloupe I screwed in a hot summer field. The pleasure resulting from this submersion up cousin-butt was so enjoyable as to be actually painful.

"I kept shoving and shoving. She kept wiggling and wiggling her little ass, working it so that more of my inches slipped right inside.

"Apparently, though, I wasn't moving fast enough for her, any longer. Just the opposite--apparently, I now moved too goddamned slow.

"'Get all of your big dick on in there, you bastard!' she commanded. 'I want to really feel it. Push, push, fucking push!'

"So, I pushed harder. I arched my pelvis and brought it back down to ram a couple more inches of my dick up her ass. She groaned and wiggled her butt again.

"'More!' she squealed.

"So, I fed her more of my stiff meat. She was so tight that every inch of me into her was like ramming through a knothole two sizes too small. The shaft of my cock bowed under the exertion.

"Then, suddenly, her rear passage just seemed to open wide and let me slide the rest of the way, like a train gliding nonstop through a tunnel. My lower belly suddenly whacked her upturned ass, and my balls banged against her upturned backside.

"I don't know how she could have ever taken all of me. I mean, I am really big. Some girls have complained when I jabbed all of my peter up their snatches. But this time, I actually had all of me up a hole that didn't have its owner complaining. Eve took each and every inch of me. What's more, she loved each and every inch she had, too.

"'Fuck me, baby! And fuck me good! I fucking love it!'

"Unfortunately, I wasn't quite used to anything quite as tight as her ass. The pleasure was almost too much even before I started actually to pump. I just gritted my teeth and tried to prevent my climax from coming. But there was no way I could have stemmed those tides, so I didn't.

"My nuts let loose their creamy load with frantic cannon-shots that shook me from my head to my toes.

"After which, I realized Eve was laughing.

"'You are just a baby boy,' she said. 'You can't even hold off like a man.'

"Jesus, when she said that, I swore to God that my cock wasn't about to go soft just because I'd already blasted one load. I knew, too, that there was more than a good chance of my making good on that promise. There had been times when I had masturbated three times in a row before my old pecker finally started losing its starch.

"Well, when my dick stayed hard, and I started humping her asshole for sloppy seconds, that broad had a different tune to sing. It wasn't more than three seconds before she was back to grunting like the stuck pig she was and enjoying every damned minute of it.

"She babbled like crazy, moaned, and uttered all sorts of gibberish that I couldn't understand. After I had fucked her steadily for a solid five minutes, I noticed that her eyes had gone all glassy, and her mouth was drooling spit.

"I had reached a point where I didn't give a damn whether I ripped her wide open. This broad had my cock up her ass and, more importantly, was going to know it was there, doing what it was doing. I could always tell my parents that Eve had gotten me so hot and bothered that I couldn't help myself. After that talk I'd had with the old man, just a few days previously, I figured my parents would be quick enough to believe the very worst I could say about Eve.

"I watched my cousin's face for a long time and then centered my attention on her boobs. Those two jelly-like masses were just shaking like sixty on her ribcage. They were really something to see, let me tell you. I mean, they were really sweet-Jesus whoppers.

"Then, I looked farther--all of the way to her snatch. And since I was pretty limber from gymnastics at school, I decided to try something on Eve that I hadn't tried on any other girl. I decided this was my opportunity to see how good I was at eating out pussy. So, still with my big cock up her tight asshole, I just bent my head down and affixed my mouth to the pouty lips of her snatch.

"I'd heard a lot of guy-talk about eating pussy. I'd heard how it was really what the dames liked. One guy told me that once you'd tongued a bitch she was yours for life.

"So, while my cock fucked Eve's bunghole, my tongue fucked her twat. And, Jesus, did that girl ever go bongos! She started making all sorts of loud noises that were even more animalistic than the ones she'd been making before.

"I just buried my old tongue so deeply down her cunt that I thought I might actually touch China. Then, her hands were clawing away in my hair. At first, I thought she was trying to pull my head away. But she was actually trying to shove my face down even closer.

"And, yes, just like I heard it would be, her pussy smelled like fish, and it had a decidedly oily taste to it. None of which really did all that much for me, but it was really turning her on. And I wanted her to get turned on a whole lot. I wanted her to realize that this skinny, pimply-faced kid could give her the kind of butt fuck and cunt-gobble that she'd never had before and would be hard-pressed to get again.

"In about ten minutes, because of the extreme tightness of her asshole, I was on the verge of yet another nuts-rumble. I went back to trying to hold off my inevitable explosion. My cock and its cockhead just kept ballooning, bigger and bigger, inside her with each and every stroke I gave.

"I pulled my face away from her cunt, tired of the taste and the smell.

"'No, please, keep eating,' she protested and moaned.

"But I didn't give a shit whether she wanted more of anything. In fact, I figured to leave her wanting more. I figured to have her wanting me back for mucho repeats, once this particular session was over.

"I really started to concentrate on royally pumping her ass. My cock's juice puddled inside her and made her anal pit as lubricated as it could be.

"I slipped my hands under her ass to heave her even farther up and over my erection.

"Then, the tempo of my fucking went into genuinely high gear. No doubt, I was fast approaching my point of no return. I just turned into a human piston. I started puffing, panting, and gasping for breath. My body turned sweaty and wet with perspiration.

"Eve screamed and shouted, off into yet another climax. If I'd counted right, give or take a couple, that bitch climaxed about five times after my dick slid up her tight asshole.

"While my cock continued working, Eve started finger-fucking her snatch. Every time I'd heave my prick up her rectum, she'd jab her hand deep up her pussy. A few times, my cock actually felt her fingers working away inside her vagina. That was really wild. It was like she was masturbating me with her hand at the same time I was fucking her bunghole; hell, maybe that was what was happening.

"Our fucking bodies made all kinds of wet sounds.

"We were one machine out to achieve one purpose: mutual orgasm.

"I couldn't hold back. I had this tremendous desire to really blast up her butt. I bucked on top of her a few more times and, then, splattered her climax-spasming anal cavity with another steamy load of my hot spunk."

* * * *

THE ABOVE EXCERPT, from one of the following case histories, is an example of two sexual deviations that--even in times of the greatest sexual permissiveness--are still looked upon by the majority of society with abject horror: anal sex and incest.

Dr. Georges Valensin, in his Sex from A to Z, states:

* * * *

Incest is not biologically unnatural. Animals, except for certain pigs, have no aversion to it. Its prohibition is moral, and even when it was permitted, as in ancient Egypt and Persia, it was reserved for the ruling families. The most common form of incest is between father and daughter. It is still frequent in France, in rural areas and alcoholic families. Next comes brother-sister incest. Mother-son incest and homosexual incest are much rarer.

* * * *

In preparing any body of case studies, it is always impossible--due to mere space limitations--to provide a completely comprehensive glimpse into any psycho-sexual subject. The next best thing is to attempt to find a good cross section, and that's what I've tried to do in Anal Cousins.

A thorough check of countless case histories, plus many personal interviews with potential subjects, has led me to the following examples of anal sex between first cousins.

It will be seen by the reader that such sex does not necessarily limit itself to any specific level on the social scale. It occurs among our country's landed gentry as well as in the slums of our cities. Nor is there specifically one major reason why cousins commit incest of an anal nature. Although as Robert Goldenson states in The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior:

* * * *

It has been found that incestuous relationships occur most frequently where ... opportunities for sexual experimentation constantly present themselves.

* * * *

In this book:

* * * *

Case One tells of Carolyne and her two cousins, Rodney and Kenny, and provides an example of how the need to maintain vaginal virginity can lead to anal sex before marriage.

Case Two is Adam's story (of which this book has already provided a brief preview) and which details his relationship with his cousin, Eve, a young lady so used to penile manipulation of her vagina that anal sex is necessary to give her the satisfaction normal sex can no longer provide.

Case Three is an example of how traumatic experiences--in this instance multiple rapes--can turn a woman to anal sex.

Case Four details a homosexual relationship between two male cousins, one of whom is more anal-oriented because of voyeuristic incidents experienced early in life.

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