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The Ultimate Bite [Secure eReader]
eBook by Crystal Green

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: One dark, wild night a mysterious stranger seduced Kim Wright, changing her forever. He did wicked things to her, things she'd never dared dream of. He even bit her! And by doing so, he transformed Kim from an inexperienced mouse to a sinfully sexy woman. A woman who craved more of what only Stephen could give her. Now, a year later, Kim has finally found Stephen again. And she still wants him, desperately. But Stephen's not like other men. He can't get attached to any one woman. Still, he can't resist sinking his teeth into Kim just one more time. Too bad Kim's not going to let Stephen get away that easily.

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Blaze
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2007

7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT, Kimberly Wight spotted the vampire.

She absolutely knew, without a doubt, what he was. First, a number of severe blood-loss cases had been reported this past month by young women who'd frequented this nightclub, Mystique, which was located in the Marrakech Casino just off the Strip. Kim didn't have to put two and two together to reason that someone…something?…was sucking blood down at this place.

And, second, even though vampires were said to expertly blend in with the populace—that's how they survived—she recognized this one. Recognized him because her life hadn't been the same since he'd bitten her last year.

For a moment, Kim couldn't move as she watched her nameless fantasy disappear into the crowd on the dance floor, which was pulsing with colored lights that beat in time to the techno music. It was him—she knew it. Same shoulder-length, honey-hued hair tied back from the face of a dark angel. Same tall, muscled, lithe body dressed in a sharp, black, richly tailored suit and long coat.

Her body seized with heat and slight remembrance, just as it did every night when she clung to the erotic flashes of what he'd done to her. Or, at least, what she could recall of what he'd done; it was as if her brain had been made fuzzy, made unsure of what had gone on.

His whispers, summoning her to the shadows; his kisses, trailing over her forehead in tender invitation; his mouth, skimming down to her own lips as silent words stroked her mind, calming her and inviting her. And then the bite.

The Bite.

Her heartbeat flickering in wild counterpoint to the throbbing music, Kim used her elbow to nudge the man who sat next to her at the bar—her coworker. She rose from her seat, her breathing getting heavier as she continued to track the vampire's progress across the dance floor. Without losing focus, she jerked her head in the direction of a raised platform that boasted a line of white-veiled lounging beds. Young, drunk patrons, dressed in cleavage-baring tops with European labels, lounged among the silk pillows with fifteen-dollar cocktails in hand. Oblivious.

The veins in Kim's neck strummed with her gathering excitement. For the past twelve months, The Bite had consumed her. It'd been the sexiest, freakiest, most wonderful thing that'd ever happened in all her twenty-nine years. It'd shown her what she was really all about, what had been lurking under the skin of a girl who'd been all too willing to settle.

It'd also given her the courage to ask questions about what she'd always believed to be true in this world—questions that had arisen just before The Bite—when her sister had been ripped from her life.

Kim reached back to grab her partner's hand, pulling him through the dance floor's throng of undulating bodies, parting the thick cologne of their sweat.

Have to catch up…

By now, her coinvestigator from the League was yelling in her ear, battling the music. "What? You see something? What?"

Too intent on tracking, Kim avoided answering.

They jammed through the dancers, then climbed up the stairs leading to the bed platform. The white veils, lit from above, created a frothy maze. Kim guided her partner through the puzzle of shrouded mattresses.

The vampire's breath on her neck, the ache between her legs banging with slick need, his fangs piercing, entering…

"Hey!" Her partner tugged her hand, halting her, shouting to be heard. "What's got you on fire?"

She turned around to face him, a slim guy in his early twenties who worked as a computer network specialist by day. They called him Powder, but it wasn't because his skin was pale; it was because he loved skiing. The sport took up just as much of his passion as graphic-novel reading and vampire research.

"I saw one!" Kim said, her breathing thin. "We're going after him!"

"Saw…one? Him? Who?" Powder's brown eyes were wide. Unlike her, he'd never encountered a vampire. None of her partners at the League had. They had no idea what awaited them.

She'd never told anyone everything about The Bite. Somehow, the thought of sharing every detail, every treasured personal emotion, devalued the experience. In this age of instant communication and Jerry Springer tell-all, keeping something so intimate to herself made the encounter much more powerful. Of course, Kim had initially shared a PG-version of her vampire meeting with the League—that's how she'd gotten in—but anything beyond that seemed…profane.

It might take away the magic of that night, and she couldn't deal with the loss.

"How do you know it's a vampire?" Powder added, still pulling on her hand.

She pulled Powder right back, urging him to come with her. "He's the one I…met. The one. Come on."

Powder, no doubt, recalled her tamed story: How this anonymous vamp had "almost bitten her" before he'd heard a sound, taken off and left her alone in the dark alley. Not quite the truth, but close enough for her comfort.

Furiously, Kim continued flipping back the bed veils as they passed each one. Not here. Not there. Just a bunch of privileged kids making out and passing out from too many drinks and drugs.

Where is he? Where could he have gone?

Powder's grip tightened in hers, and Kim knew he was about to chicken out. Even though every person who volunteered their night hours to www.vanhelsingleague.com took turns patrolling the city, hoping to catch sight of a vamp one night, he was downright afraid. None of them had ever really believed they would find one, had they? But the notion of earning major geek points had given each one of the five members incentive enough to patrol, whether they truly believed or not; a sighting would qualify them to post about their encounter on the Internet and gain their fifteen minutes of fame in the paranormal community.

Copyright © 2007 by Chris Marie Green.

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