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Basketball Bonnie and Other Erotic Stories [MultiFormat]
eBook by Richard Higgins

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Dazzling New Collection of Erotic Shockers! In this debut work, Richard Higgins invites readers on a tour through the human libido. Stories include Bambi Does Boone, Jill, Black Demon, Some Pleasurable Moments, Rex's Antics, A Tale of Two Redheads, The Friendly Neighbor, On the Road with Anita and Julie, The Day Mark Lost His Cherry, Overwhelming Olive, Sun Tan, Behind Maurice, Giving Brenda Some Pleasure, Muff Steals Her Sister's Boyfriend, Onanist, Ecstacy, Thighs of Steel, Kissing the Boys, The Older Woman, Having Fun in The Cemetery, the title story, and others. Bondage, straight sex, lesbianism, and more!

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2007

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Jill Lopez and I were sitting in my office on the second floor of Watson Building at the University of North Florida. She was a Spaniard from Madrid, fluent in four languages and a beautiful, sexy woman. Her hair was jet-black and curly and her skin was the color of Snow White. To me she was an intellectual powerhouse, but was also highly desirable. She was the best graduate student I had come across in my many years in academia. I was sitting in the Morris chair behind my desk and she was occupying the beanbag chair right across from me. At that point in time I never understood why she had hypnotic powers but Jill did have some control over some others and me. She stared into my eyes and said:

"Lock the door, Professor Higgins." She was controlling me with her magnetic gaze. Jill stood, kicked off her shoes, lifted her red skirt, and slipped out of her black silk panties, while I was locking the door and bolting it. Jill pulled her pink wool sweater over her head and let it fall onto the carpet. She reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and placed it on my desk. My cock grew in size and became as stiff as a steel rod. A gray, viscous liquid coated its pink head.

She said, "Do exactly as I say. Kiss me, lick my nipples, and then suck on them." Jill got down on her hands and knees and said, "Now I am going to give you all the things you always wanted from me. Lick the crease in my derriere. Now push your tongue into my hole. Yes! That's good!" She rolled over, placing a pillow under her pretty butt, and said, "Fuck me Professor. Do it hard! But don't come off inside me. I feel your cock throbbing, so I know you are ready. Quick, shoot your gism all over my belly and my breasts and even up onto my face. Oh, that is so good. I'm coming too. Ugh! Now lick it off of my body. Lick my breasts. Lick it off of my lips. I can't believe it! Your pecker is hard again! So soon! But we can't do it again right now. I must put you under once more."

As I gazed at this beauty my eyes slowly closed and the sense of sleep was upon me. I heard her silvery, musical laughter. I opened my eyes momentarily and then closed them in languorous ecstasy and waited-waited with beating heart.

I somehow flashed back to an earlier time in Jill's life, when she was living in Spain. At that time she was renting an apartment near La Moraleja Golf Club. One notable event that occurred on that golf course at the time was that the famous singer and actor, Bing Crosby, died of a heart attack while walking off the eighteenth green. He has shot an 85 and won a $10 wager.

Bing's last words were, "That was a great game of golf, fellas" This made Jill sad as she liked Bing Crosby and was an avid golfer.

At that time another celebrity, Paul Newman, the handsome actor and racecar driver, was traveling to Madrid. It was to be his first stop on a European tour to promote his new salad dressing. It was necessary for him to select a young, attractive, poised woman to act as his translator. And he chose Jill! She was thrilled to work with Paul Newman. She was sophisticated for such a young woman. And Newman and his colleagues were impressed with her beauty and intelligence.

When I returned to the present I found myself sitting in my Morris chair once again with my fly unzipped and my cock hanging out. And it was hard! Jill was still sitting across from me, smiling. Suddenly she floated across the room, shook her head coquettishly, and got on her knees right in front of me. I could feel her warm breath on my prick. She sucked me off and swallowed my gism. I found it hard to believe that all these wonderful sexual actions between us were occurring, as she previously had held me to a kiss on the cheek.

I again closed my eyes and a second flashback was initiated. This time I moved backward in time to an event that had occurred more recently. I was asked to provide a recent photograph of myself for a departmental website that was being constructed. I asked my wife, June, to take a picture of me, but she said we had no film and seemed to be delaying this task. Since the picture was needed at once, I asked Jill to take over. Jill soon called and said I should meet her at the entrance to Vanderbilt and bring along a sweater and a necktie. I locked up my office, strolled across campus, and saw her coming along the flagstone path with the camera, on a strap, slung around her neck.

Jill asked me to sit on a bench near a large pine tree and she snapped pictures from different angles. She had me put on my necktie and stand near a large, tall cluster of sea grapes where I posed for several shots. There I was having my picture taken by a beautiful woman. I felt like a celebrity! She led me into the sea grapes and kissed me, giving me some tongue. Jill touched the bulge in the front of my pants and although I wanted to go further with her, she said, "Not now. Later! Put on your sweater."

We continued to take some interesting pictures in that part of the campus. She had used up almost an entire roll of film. She said, "This is your roll." Several days later I called Jill to see if the pictures had been developed. She said she hadn't brought them to the photo shop yet because the roll hadn't been used up. This angered me. I had told her that the department was in a rush to get the faculty pictures for the website. The computer specialist who was constructing the website grew impatient and he took a picture of me, and it was adequate.

This second flashback was terminated and I returned to the present. I was again sitting in my Morris chair and there was Jill. She undressed and did a sexy dance for me, making my prick stiff. I was no longer angry with her for the incident with the film. She kneeled on my lap, pressed her sweet pussy against my mouth, and said, "Higgins. Use your tongue and lips to bring me off." I did as she requested, and she bucked her hips against me and had an orgasm. I sank down into an unconscious state and had spells of sleeping and waking.

A third flashback began. Was this beautiful woman hypnotizing me to induce entry into these flashbacks? This time I found myself in Boulder, Colorado and Jill was with me. We were there to attend the annual convention of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association. Jill and I were scheduled to make paper presentations in the same session, Methodology in Psychology. Back in Florida we had agreed to meet at the airport in Denver. Jill said she would rent a car and drive us to the hotel in Boulder. This greatly excited me, for I could picture us entering the hotel, going to our room, moving right into the bedroom, and making love. But Jill had misled me this time. Or perhaps I had misled myself, for when she picked me up at the airport, her husband and her uncle were also in the car.

Our session at the conference was scheduled for 3:00pm and she was the first to present a paper. Jill was dressed in a midnight blue suit with black shoes and black belt and she looked gorgeous. Her smile lit up the room. Her presentation went very well. As I concluded my talk, Jill stood up and initiated the applause. Could she be in love with me? Since all of the presenters on our session were graduate students except for me, I was asked to field their many questions.

Two weeks later, back in Florida, Jill told her good friend Maria about our presentations and my handling of the student questions. She told her that Professor Higgins was the Guru. When Maria told me this, it made me feel good. I liked nothing better than to have Jill admire me.

When this third flashback came to a close, I opening my eyes to see Jill staring at me as though she were in deep concentration. Was I under her spell? Once again my fly was unzipped and my cock was hanging out and it was hard. I thought I must have been dreaming. She came to me and said, "I want to play some 69 with me on top." I was glad to oblige! We undressed each other and hunkered down onto the carpet. I buried my nose and my mouth in her muff and she swallowed my pecker, taking it into her warm, wet mouth all the way into the hilt. It didn't take long for us to enjoy our orgasms.

I again came unstuck in time and the fourth flashback was on its way. This one began at the point in time when I first met Jill. We were in my office and I was interviewing her for entrance into our doctoral program in Psychology. Even at that time her presence and physical appearance gave me a case of trembling loins. I was constructing rationalizations that would lead me to accept her and even give her an assistantship no matter what her background might me. But both her academic and vocational background were excellent. She held degrees in Chemistry and Physics and was currently teaching Elementary Algebra in a middle school. Furthermore her GRE scores were high and her letters of support were positive.

One problem she had in teaching in teaching science at the middle school level was the boys found her attractive and sometimes became disruptive. One afternoon a boy in the Algebra class asked her to marry him. He then turned to the boys sitting near him and said, "I told you I would do it."

Jill, being sophisticated in such a situation, said: "Well, do you have a sizable and stable savings account? And what is the structure of your portfolio?" This concluded the fourth flashback.

On returning to the present, I found that Jill was standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes, her hands stretched toward me, fingers pointing out. I was again coming under her persuasive powers and swooned with joy. She knelt before me, removed my stiff cock, lifted her skirt, peeled off her pink, silk panties and straddled me until we both came off.

Then I flashed backward in time for the fifth episode. Coming unglued in time was proving to be interesting but confusing. Perhaps it was similar to Billy Pilgrim's experiences in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.

My other favorite student, Maria, was in the graduate program in Counseling Psychology. I called her a head shrinker and she said my head needed shrinking but one other part of my body was quite adequate as it was. When these two desirable women were to take the comprehensive examinations I constructed most of the questions for Jill and one question for Maria. My department chairman asked me to proctor the lab exams, which were given in a room with computer stations. When I entered the testing room Maria and Jill were already there. Maria stared at me in shock and said, "Oh, no! Not you Higgins! Don't look at me when I'm taking the exam. If you do I won't buy you any more attaché cases filled with Ecstasy." Jill was quiet. She was getting herself psyched up for the test.

Jill was sitting at a computer terminal in the back row. Midway through the examinations she came to the front, apparently angry, giving me an evil stare. She thought one of the items was ambiguous, and I tried to convince her it was OK. She continued to be angry with me, even for several days after the tests were concluded. But she grew friendlier when she was informed, two weeks later, which she had passed with honors. That day my two lovelies learned had passed with honors we went to Hooligan's Pub and Oyster Bar and had a meal and drank some beer.

O.J. Simpson was sitting there at a large rectangular table with his entourage, signing autographs. I thought he lived in Miami. He seemed to have a compulsion to constantly be in the nucleus of the media reports.

The fifth flashback was terminated and in the present my two favorite students and I were in my office. Jill's Persian cat, "Persian," was curled up in her lap. Jill stroked Persian and scratched her ears gently. And, looking directly at me and smiling she said, "Professor Higgins, would you like to pet my pussy?

"I would love to if you would remove Persian from your lap." The two attractive women giggled.

Maria stripped off her clothes, keeping on high heels, and did a sexy dance on my desk. I became aroused and wanted her. I asked Jill for permission and she gave the OK. Maria kneeled on the carpet in an Allah-like praying posture, while I undressed. She had a fine body with plump breasts and a nice round ass. I tried to slip in into her nether hole but she said it hurt. So I located a jar of Vaseline in my desk and greased up her hole and my cock. Although both of us had to be patient I did work it in and started a pumping motion. This gave us both great pleasures. Jill got so excited from watching us that she slipped a finger under her green panties and masturbated herself. Three orgasms ensued. Next, Jill and Maria were on the carpet in a 69 position with Jill on top. Although I didn't think I had it in me, I mounted Jill and was giving it to her from behind. She told me she favored that position.

Jill walked around in back of me and massaged my neck shoulders, and back. Her sensitive touch led me to relax and slide into the sixth flashback. I fell into a deep sleep but when I awoke I was not refreshed. I felt terribly weak and spiritless. It was 18 months after I first met Jill. I had begun to appreciate the full extent of her attractiveness. We were in my office and the sun's rays were coming in through the window behind her. Her black, curly hair and high cheekbones were being highlighted. I said, "Jill, when your features are captured by the rays of the sun, you are a Joan Collins look-alike. And this is meant to be a compliment."

Jill said, "Everybody says that. That is not a compliment. Joan Collins is a slut."

"That is unfair to Joan," I said. "The character she played in the TV series Dynasty may be viewed as a fashion plate slut, but is not to be confused with Joan Collins herself."

Jill said, "Joan Collins is no angel of purity."

This brief sixth flashback ended and I was back in my office. Jill looked me over and didn't seem angry. It seemed that events occurring during a flashback didn't carry over to present events. Jill took off her clothes, came to me, and undressed me. She gave me her hypnotic stare and commanded me to get down on my hands and knees. I felt my hole being greased with some sort of slippery ointment. The ointment itself induced an erotic effect. Then something firm and long was entering me. What could it be? It turned out to be a thick, black dildo made of hard rubber. She hurt me a bit but when I adjusted to it the pain vanished and pleasure followed. I surmised that I must have been experiencing a Marquis de Sade kind of phenomenon. I later discovered that Jill had used a two-headed dildo so she was stimulated at the same time.

When we dressed Jill offered to boil me a cup of India Tea and I accepted the offer. I let it cool a bit and then took a sip. She was watching me carefully. On finishing the cup I began to feel drowsy and helpless. It seemed as though this woman was constantly drugging me and then seducing me. At any rate she was asserting her power over me and it was too late to stop. I yielded to her and slid forward in time and the first flash-forward was underway.

We were still together but were sitting in a carrel on the seventh floor of the main library of the University of North Florida. I said, "My dear, I am eager to hear about your dissertation research project. Take a half hour and give me the essence of it."

I was delighted with the research she had done and how well she communicated it. Her basic idea was original and within two weeks her dissertation committee had approved it. This could imply that we would be spending even more time together. Her coursework had been successfully completed; she had passed the Comprehensive Examinations, and was capable of producing a publishable dissertation.

She began spending 25 hours a week on her dissertation research, calling me at home almost every evening. Although she took the lead, she used me as a sounding board. The first time she called me at home my wife, June, who usually answers the phone, was a bit suspicious. Jill's voice is like peaches and cream and her telephone greeting was: "Hello, this is Mrs. Lopez from the University of North Florida. May I speak to Professor Higgins?" But after several such calls for me, Jill began to charm June. In fact, from time to time the two women would chat and eventually hang up without calling me to the phone. June soon fell under Jill's powers. June talked about Jill incessantly, and sometimes Jill would invite her to come over. I was starting to learn that women were just as susceptible to Jill's charms as men. One time Jill came over to our home with gifts to help us celebrate our anniversary. She brought me a guayabera made in Italy and, knowing June liked the Puerto Rican sensation Jose Feliciano, she gave two of his CDs to her.

By way of thanks, I kissed Jill on the cheek and hugged her. June, however, got carried away and repeatedly kissed Jill on the lips. June was getting out of control in her amatory feelings toward Jill, and I wouldn't be too surprised if one day I found them in bed making love. That evening I thought I heard them whispering to one another "I love you," but I couldn't be sure.

The first flash-forward ended and I moved backward in time to the present where I found Jill sitting in my Morris chair, smoking a cigar, with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. After we chatted my dear student looked directly into my eyes and I became woozy. When I came too we were playing 69. Sooo delicious! The muff-covered slit between her legs was like heaven. [I formed the following hypothesis: Jill and I never made love in the past.]

That evening Jill and I went out for a couple of drinks. For some time I had been trying to understand Jill's special powers and how they were acquired. After several drinks and constant urging on my part Jill decided to tell me the whole story. So we sat in the dark booth in the local waterhole and ordered another pitcher of beer.

She said, "I acquired special psychic abilities during my first semester at the University of North Florida. I heard about a religion that is African in origin and was further developed in Cuba. It is called Santeria. Some of its practices are: spiritual possession; trance dancing; animal sacrifice; mythic story telling; and psychical healing."

I said, "Jesus, I thought sacrificing animals was outlawed."

"Au contraire," retorted Jill. "Animal sacrifice was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court in 1993. Of course, gross cases occur from time to time which go to court."

I said, "What do these kinds of practices have to do with your control over me?"

"Well, it's a long story. I started by studying comparative religions and came onto Santeria. I found a computer website called Voodoo Priests, which can be accessed by typing in www.CatholicCuba.com

. But it was simply a variation of eHarmony.com. Then I visited a Botanica, which is a store that sells herbs, charms, and other spiritual items. The first time I was there I purchased a bar of soap and some beads."

I said, "What was the function of these items?"

Jill said, "They were designed to make you love me."

I said, "But I already loved you. I fell in love with you the first day I met you, which was when I was interviewing you in my office."

"But I didn't know that," she said. "You didn't tell me and I couldn't discern it.'

'Tell me how these two items are to be used."

Jill said, "Well, I was to take a bath using the soap and then, without using any other scent, while wearing the bead around my neck, I needed to get near you, which I did. But it didn't work! So I went back to the same Botanica and spoke to a man dressed in white that I later learned was a Santeria Priest. Unfortunately, he fell in love with me at once."

I said, "I imagine that sort of thing happens to you pretty often."

"The advantage though was that he decided to teach me all about Santeria. So we dated during my first semester at college. That is why I didn't pay much attention to you at first."

She said, "One of the things that Hal taught me was about hexes."

I asked, "Who is Hal?"

Jill said, "Hal is the Santeria Priest. There is a whole array of hexes. For example, there are hexes for: breaking up relationships; sending others away; getting revenge; getting your way; rituals for inducing hexes; and for removing hexes. There are rituals for: blessing the home; protection rituals; money drawing rituals; selling your house rituals; success rituals; and protection rituals. One of the several procedures I applied to you, Higgins, was the love drawing ritual. This involves candle magic."

"This stuff is starting to get complex, Jill."

Jill said, "You can read up on some of these features of Santeria on the Internet. Try calling up Spells and Rituals. You will find some sites such as: Powerful Spells that Work; Spells and Rituals; Love Spells; Magic Rituals and Casting; and Magic Spells. Call up the last one by typing in www.lovespells-magicspells.com

. "I used information from these last two sites, plus what I learned from Hal's teaching, plus our trip to Haiti, to construct a formidable strategy for gaining a complete influence over you."

I said, "Who went to Haiti with you, when did you go, why did you travel there, and how long did you stay?"

"Hal and I went for the weekend. He wanted me to experience what might be called a 'field study' for learning about Santeria. My training in hypnosis came from a woman in Miami who is a prophet. And Hal assigned me readings in reincarnation."

The next day Jill triggered a seventh flashback.

* * * *

The time frame is the end of Jill's second year of graduate study at the University of North Florida. She and Professor Higgins spent many hours together reading poetry and other kinds of literature to each other. They especially liked William Shakespeare's plays, their favorites being Hamlet and the plays in which the fat, whoring, swilling, piggish John Falstaff appears. Another literary work they held in high esteem was the Sherlock Holmes stories authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, especially the story titled "A Scandal in Bohemia," which set Doyle on the road to immortality. Professor Higgins and Jill would read over the parts that delighted them and they would role-play the characters sometimes inventing their own words.

Although great literature seemed unrelated to the content of the Professor's course in Research Methods, he and Jill would sometimes speak these immortal lines to each other, right in class. Most of the students liked Jill and respected the Professor and enjoyed such interchanges, the notable exception being Biff, a handsome, Black 38-year-old, retired professional football player.

After Jill and Professor Higgins had spoken and acted out their lines from Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia" or one of Shakespeare's plays, they rounded out their little "act" by quizzing one another on the authors associated with the Beat Generation. Higgins and his favorite student would then kiss and take a bow. The other students then gave a round of applause, all except Biff. He was in love with Jill Lopez and hated to see her relating way so well to the Professor as it diminished his chances.

Biff bellowed, "What the hell is this, Jeopardy?" And he stood up, kicked over his chair, and became the proverbial bull in the China shop. Some of the men tried to restrain Biff, but he was still a well-conditioned athlete, six foot two inches tall and weighing 205 pounds. He bowled over the men like duckpins. Jill, who had amatory feelings toward Biff, came up behind him. Although she was only five foot five inches tall and weighed in at 100 pounds, she was tenacious. He turned around, trying to see who had him by the waist, but she managed to stay out of his line of vision. The other students were becoming alarmed and some thought about calling security. Ordinarily Biff was quiet, polite, and mild-mannered.

Jill began speaking to Biff in a soothing tone. "It's alright, Biff. Everything is going to be OK. Calm down now and after class you and I will take a walk across campus. You know you are special to me. Talk to me, Biff." She felt she could save him from himself. What must it be like to be retired at age 38? Biff looked like a bronze god, not unlike a young Mohammad Ali in appearance. She knew women of all ethnicities found him attractive. For one thing, pro football players had groupies just as did musical rock stars.

When Biff settled down, Jill sat with him, holding his hand. They smiled at each other and Jill kissed him. Professor Higgins didn't care for that overt affection between those two right in the classroom. At any rate, there remained only 30 minutes of class time so Higgins dismissed the class.

Biff and Jill left the classroom holding hands and walked across the campus to the student union, where they ordered two large cups of coffee to go. They then went to his Volvo and sat in the front seat in the dark. Biff possessed an animal magnetism that some women found irresistible. And he loved women, especially Jill. He had made love to many women. Although he considered white women to be a delicacy, Jill was the super Latin that he must have.

He started by placing their coffees on the dashboard and holding her hands. Then he thanked her for calming him down. Biff explained that he would rather have her than anything in the world-would prefer her to scoring the winning touchdown in a super bowl game.

Jill leaned over and kissed Biff on the lips. He kissed her and pressed his nose against hers. Then he placed his hands on her shoulders, massaged her back, and finally moved them over her voluptuous breasts. It became apparent to Jill that Biff was experienced in making love to women. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, giving her the chance to ask him to stop. She didn't! Reaching around to her back he unfastened her bra and shed the blouse and the bra. Jill knew she shouldn't let him go any further. Soon it would be too late. But she was basking in his caressing. Now his lips and tongue were working over her breasts, and her nipples became hard. He reached under her skirt and extended his long, black fingers under her red, silk panties. She was sopping wet! Biff fingered her honey pot, seeking the clitoris. She knew she was a goner. She didn't want him to stop.

Biff took Jill's right hand and placed it on the outside of his pants so she could feel his erection. He said, "Would you like to see it?"

Jill said, "Yes, that is what I would like to do."

"Well, then, unzip my fly and pull it out of my boxer shorts" And that is what she did! She saw before her a formidable cock. It was a tan/gold color and was long and curved. The head might remind one of a large, perfectly formed chestnut. The head was coated with the viscous pre-come lubricant designed for ease of entry.

Without being asked Jill went down on it swallowing it to the root. She closed her eyes and sucked on his prick for a while and then said, "I'm ready now, lover. Do it to me!"

Biff removed her panties and was soon into her, right up to the hilt. Jill swung her legs around him, basking in his fucking motion. How many women had he made love to? Biff knew just what to do and he had the right equipment. He induced her into multiple orgasms and shuddered with his own orgasm. He knew she was his now, at least for a while. As he expelled the final drops of his semen into her womb, his penis grew smaller and soft. But then a miraculous thing occurred! It began to stir and then became enlarged, until it achieved its original size in erection. Jill thought she was fantasizing!

"How did you do that?" she asked. "Are you ready to go again so soon? How many orgasms can you have on a given day?"

Biff modestly said, "I don't know why I can do it again so soon. I will say that I have come off seven times on a single day. Turn over, my darling."

"Oh no" said Jill. It is too big. You will hurt me."

"I won't let it hurt you, my sweet woman. I love you too much. Right now you are already slippery between your legs and my toy is slippery too. Furthermore, I have a large tube of K-Y Lubricating Jelly here in the glove compartment. To ease the entry I can grease up both of us if you like. What do you think of that, my sweet beauty?"

Jill was on her hands and knees with her face touching the leather of the seat.

She said, "I must have you in my derriere, sweet Biff. I love you! Give me your long, lovely, golden scimitar."

The thought of entering this tighter orifice made his cock throb and he slid in the head. It proved to be a tight fit, but Jill was humming, so he thrust it all the way in. Biff pinched her nipples as he began a thrusting motion and she was in synch with him. The second set of orgasms they enjoyed was superior to the first. Their love affair lasted for three weeks and Jill was very happy.

Professor Higgins had been dismayed in seeing the way they seemed to love each other, holding hands and kissing. Before Biff had stepped into the picture, he had been making good progress with Jill. But how could be compete with such a perfect physical specimen? He was just an ordinary professor.

His break came several weeks later when Jill accused Biff of cheating on her and eventually proved it was so. Biff's special taste for White women led to his downfall. He had been in bed with two of them together and they were students from the Research Methods course. One of them bragged to others about how Biff was able to service both of them and about his stamina and lovemaking techniques. This gossip spread like wildfire and Jill refused to see Biff after this. She was depressed for a while and so was he. But Higgins viewed this as a favorable turn of events. Perhaps Jill would now choose him as a default option and he could comfort her.

Professor Higgins shot forward to the present to conclude the seventh flashback. He was again in his Morris chair and was watching Jill who was nude, sitting on the windowsill, looking at him. She blew him a kiss and let her hair down. She scooted across the room, hopped up onto his desk, with her derriere presenting itself to him. He recalled that he never did get any of these goodies when she was having an affair with Biff. Apparently the Professor could only possess her physically in the present or the future. He stretched a bit and put his tongue in her nether hole. He said, "My love, should it be pederasty this time?"

Jill said, "That would be exciting." Let's do it that way but in a standing position, spoon fashion." Higgins undressed and backed her against the wall. Her ass was sheer perfection. She bent over a bit, but he had trouble getting it in, and it hurt her. He extracted the K-Y from his desk and smeared it onto his pecker and her hot hole. The Professor slipped it in and they moved together until he came off in her and she flooded her muff.

Later on she prepared hot tea for them and they drank it and kissed. He smelled what turned out to be a vaporous aphrodisiac and grew dizzy. She took his hand and helped him lie down on the cot. Her forceful presence took control of Higgins and he was shot forward in time for the second flash-forward.

He found himself pulling into his driveway early on a Friday afternoon and was surprised to see Jill's metallic blue Jaguar parked behind June's red Toyota Camry. He had a suspicion of what was going on inside of their five bedroom, two bathroom house, and it frightened him but also aroused him a bit. He opened the front door quietly and heard June shrieking. It was not the sound of pain.

June said, "Oh God! What are you doing to me, Jill? Untie me!"

Higgins walked down the hallway and peeked into the bedroom. He again smelled the aphrodisiac, although the windows had been thrown open and the vapor was almost gone. Jill had taken advantage of June's groggy but aroused state and was fastening June's wrists to the bed headboard. That completed her task. Needless to say they were both naked. June was on her back spread-eagled, her ankles tied to the base of the bed and the gold triangle of her womanhood made it clear that she was a true blond. She also had green eyes and an appealing sexy body. In both physical appearance and intelligence she could hold her own with most women.

June said, "What happened to me? Did I pass out? Take the ropes off!"

Jill said, "Be a good girl and I will soon untie the ropes. But right now I am going to make you feel very good."

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