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In Bed With Her Boss [Secure eReader]
eBook by Brenda Jackson

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: D'marcus Armstrong was demanding, autocratic and cranky as a boss. But as the star of her feverish nighttime fantasies, the man was simply divine. Still, Opal Lockhart had no chance with Detroit's self-made millionaire. What would a high roller like him want with a buttoned-up, naive secretary like her? Enter the Lockhart sisters--for some attitude adjustment and a wardrobe makeover. With some decolletage and come-hither heels, they have the sex kitten in Opal downright purring. Now she's giving D'marcus notice--he'd better watch out!

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Kimani Press
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2007

11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

Opal Lockhart glanced around the crowded backyard and smiled at the many family, friends and invited guests she saw. There was nothing like an annual family reunion to bring everyone together. This one seemed even better than the last, because she and her sisters had a lot to celebrate.

First, she had a new job she loved, although things would be better if her boss didn't have such surly behavior most of the time. Her sister Pearl, who at twenty-five was two years younger than Opal, had sent her new demo tapes to several gospel labels all over the country. And then there was her oldest sister, Ruby, twenty-nine, who had gotten a superior rating on her most recent job performance evaluation. That would definitely keep Ruby first in line for a promotion with her present employer. Everyone knew how important moving up the corporate ladder of success was to Ruby.

But the biggest blessing of all, as far as Opal and her other two sisters were concerned, was that their twenty-one-year-old baby sister, Amber, had finished another year in college, which she was attending part-time, and had set a record by not changing boyfriends more than three times since the last reunion.

She smiled as she glanced over at Amber, but her smile quickly turned to a frown when she saw her youngest sister openly flirting with several of the male guests, most of them from the family's church. Opal glanced over at Ruby, who met her gaze and nodded, indicating she too was aware of Amber's outlandish behavior.

Opal was about to go have a word with her sister when her cell phone vibrated in the back pocket of her shorts. She quickly pulled it out, and her frown deepened when she saw the caller was her boss. Why on earth would he be contacting her on a Saturday?

She moved to an area of the patio away from the noise—mainly the heated discussion going on between her sister Pearl and Reverend Wade Kendrick, regarding the woman's role in a Christian household. Reverend Kendrick, who was only twenty-eight, was their church's new minister. A former "gangsta," he had found faith when he had overcome a personal tragedy.

Opal was thoroughly impressed with him and thought he was a dynamic speaker. Already, the congregation had increased tremendously since he'd arrived. And because he was a rather handsome single man, a lot of the unwed female church members were vying for his attention. At least everyone but Pearl was. It seemed she and Reverend Kendrick butted heads on just about every topic.

Opal slipped onto an empty bench and flipped open the phone. "Hello."

"Ms. Lockhart, this is D'marcus Armstrong. I hate bothering you at home but something of importance has come up and I need you to meet me at the office in thirty minutes."

Opal glanced at her watch. "Mr. Armstrong, my sisters and I are hosting our family reunion and—"

"I regret the interruption but I do need you at the office, otherwise, I wouldn't be calling." His tone indicated there would be no discussion on the matter. "You should be able to return to your family function within the hour."

Opal sighed. Now was not the time to make waves with her boss. This was her last semester at the university in her quest for a Business Management degree, and her employment at Sports Unlimited was part of her internship. She even planned to stay with the company after graduation and take advantage of the good benefits and the potential for advancement.

Having no choice, she replied, "All right. I'll be there in thirty minutes." Disappointed, she clicked off the phone.

"Don't tell us you're leaving."

Opal turned around and saw her sisters Ruby and Pearl standing behind her. At least Pearl was no longer debating issues with the new minister. Before her cell phone had gone off, being the diplomat in the family, Opal had thought about intervening in the heated discussion to smooth a few feathers that appeared to be getting ruffled.

She met Ruby's gaze and said, "Yes, I'm leaving but just for a little while. Something has come up at the office."

"And why didn't you tell that boss of yours that you don't work on Saturdays?" Ruby said, a little miffed. "I swear, that man is a tyrant."

Opal couldn't help but smile as she stood up. "Really, Ruby, D'marcus isn't that bad. He has a business to run and wants to continue its success. All those extra hours I work are justified. I am his administrative assistant, so he depends on me a lot. Besides, I can certainly use the money if I plan on moving to another apartment complex."

"The tenants around your apartment are still partying every night?" Pearl asked.

"Yes, and the landlord acts as if there's nothing he can do. I had hoped the situation would get better, but it hasn't. My building has become known as the party building."

Pearl smiled. "Umm, maybe I ought to move in when you move out. There's nothing like a good party every now and then."

Opal shook her head. Good at heart, Pearl enjoyed giving the impression that she was a wild-child, but Opal knew better. Her sister's party-girl ways were just a facade. Opal had a feeling that, in reality, Pearl was someone still trying to find her purpose in life. More than anything, Opal hoped things worked out for Pearl with those demo tapes she had sent out.

"I can handle a good party every now and then," Opal decided to say. "But there are limits to one's tolerance and endurance."

"Things really must be out of hand if you're complaining," Pearl said. "Everyone knows you rarely complain about anything. You just roll with the flow."

Copyright © 2007 by Harlequin Books S. A.

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