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A Little White Lie [MultiFormat]
eBook by Aliyah Burke

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: What happens when you tell a little white lie? Will it blossom into something bigger or will the result ruin any chance they have at true love? Tahnee Madison was not living a perfect life. While she has a good life, it is far from perfect. She was not skinny, had just turned thirty, even lost her fiancÚ to her own sister. Nope, life was far from perfect. Sitting on the bus, Jake Hutton just about fell over. A woman passed that made his mouth go dry while his hands begin to sweat. She was a delicious package dipped in cocoa, covered by clothing that made him itch to get beneath it. Luck was on his side as he found his way into his mysterious woman's coffee shop. He overheard her describing her upcoming weekend to a co-worker. The second she asked her friend for a handsome man, to borrow for the weekend, Jake knew what he had to do. Deciding to take a risk on a little white lie, he showed up that very evening to stake his claim on Tahnee. She agrees to go along with the charade this handsome Caucasian offers. What neither of them knows is that during this lie they are each falling in love with one another. Is it possible to find happily ever after when it is based on a lie? Even when it is just A Little White Lie?

eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, Published: 2007, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2007

99 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

He stood in the doorway dressed in a dark charcoal gray suit with green accents. Green that only enhanced the intensity of his eyes as they found and held her gaze. He stepped through, allowing the door to close behind him and strode with unwavering purpose directly toward Tahnee.

Only when he got inches from her, did he slow. One arm reached for her and tugged her close into his broad chest. His free hand cupped her soft face and held it in place as his mouth lowered to land upon hers.

Dear Lord, this man can kiss. Tahnee felt her knees buckle at the pressure of his lips on hers. It was like she was a fine wine and he was all into the art of wine-tasting. His tongue traced her full lips before descending into the warmth of her mouth.

With a mind of their own, her hands entangled themselves in the lapels of his suit coat and pressed her body closer to his hard one. Her eyes drifted closed as moisture swept through her like a raging river. The wetness he created in her made Javon's seem like the Kalahari Desert.

Her nipples were taut and crying out for his touch. She wanted to remove his clothes and see if his chest was as hard as it felt. Oh my God, it was heaven being in this embrace.

Slowly he drew back from her luscious mouth and sent her a bone-melting grin. "Sorry I'm late, baby," he said in a deep seductive voice. "I didn't think work would run that long." One arm slid around her waist tucking her securely into his side. He turned his attention to the couple before him. "You must be the sister I've heard so much about."

Dark brown eyes narrowed as they looked upon him. "You can't be serious. Are you trying to tell me you are the handsome man she is dating?" The voice was full of skepticism. "He's white!"

Jake laughed. His rich voice like music to Tahnee's ears. "I don't know about the handsome bit, but I am the man lucky enough to be part of her life. And yes, I am, glad we got that bit out of the way." His lips brushed against Tahnee's forehead, immediately calming her.

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