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His Personal Slave [MultiFormat]
eBook by David Jewell

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Number 1 Bestselling Erotic Novel. A Slave Trader With A Problem He Never Expected! Donald and Drew are astrological twins. They formed a friendship in elementary school and became lovers in high school. Now they are both doms and world famous slave traders. From their secluded cabin in central Vermont, they train and sell slaves. Donald and Drew each have their own personal slave. In addition, they usually have two to four slaves in training at any given time. They are busy but truly enjoy their work. They are intense, demanding and sadistic as they mold people into slaves worthy of their reputation. Then he falls in love with a new trainee, Olivia, and decides she is not to be sold. She is to be trained to be his personal slave!

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2007

19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

The cabin as they called it was in reality a fortress with the latest in security devices protecting the property from intruders or prying eyes. It was located in a secluded part of central Vermont surrounded by a dense forest with a narrow, unmarked, and unpaved driveway leading from the highway. The driveway was over a half a mile long and lined with cameras and other sensing devices to insure their privacy and to make sure that no unwanted visitors wandered near the cabin.

The cabin was an expansive two-story log cabin situated on one hundred and sixty areas of dense forest. It blended well into its environment and was almost invisible to the casual eye even from the air. It was designed to be environmentally friendly and self-contained. The main floor had a state of the art kitchen, a huge living room, a study that connected it to the outside world with the most advanced computer and satellite communications. There was a massive granite fireplace in the family room with a sliding glass door leading to a deck. Upstairs were four huge bedrooms. Each one had a private bathroom. Two were identical master bedrooms with a large walk-in closets, a bath with a whirlpool and a sauna, and a small deck that enabled one to look over the property at the rear of the cabin and at the deck below. They were located at opposite ends of the second floor and separated by the two other smaller bedrooms. The walkout basement was divided into a large room with several smaller rooms located adjacent to it. It also contained another large bathroom complete with a whirlpool and sauna. The sliding patio door opened onto a small concrete patio below the main deck and gave access to the small back yard and forest beyond.

The location of the cabin had been carefully selected to be very isolated and yet within an easy drive from Harford, Connecticut, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, New York. Privacy was of the utmost importance for the owners. And no expense was spared to ensure that they had exactly what they wanted. After all, their business demanded the kind of privacy that Vermont along with its sparse population and thick forests could offer. Or course, the addition of the latest in security devices both in and outside of the cabin made sure that they encountered no surprise intrusions into their private and secret world.

Drew Harper and Donald Stevens owned the property. They were born on the same day in the same year in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. So astrologically speaking, they were twins. Drew was a raven haired beauty with deep blue eyes. She was almost six feet tall with long, slender, toned legs. Her narrow waist emphasized her hour-glass figure which kept its precise balance thanks to a rigorous fitness program. Donald was slightly shorter by half an inch. His hair was black and his eyes were medium blue. And by any standards, he was handsome and charming. Sharing the same passion for a rigorous workout with Drew, his chest was developed, his waist was narrow and his muscular arms and legs exuded strength and power.

As evidence of her dominant nature, Drew was valedictorian at her high school. And she graduated magna cum laude from the university with a degree in international law.

Donald was born a half hour later than Drew. He, too, was intelligent but preferred to demonstrate his leadership on the athletic field. He received a full-ride scholarship in baseball to the same university that Drew attended. He played shortstop on the varsity team three out of four years. He graduated with honors with a degree in psychology.

Friends from the first grade, Drew and Donald were always close and felt comfortable in sharing their innermost secrets and desires. After venturing out into the world after graduation, they decided to follow their passion which not only satisfied their perverse sexual needs but also provided the avenue to becoming wealthy--very wealth--to which the lavish cabin in Vermont and their house on the Cape attested. From her years of experience with an influential law firm that negotiated contracts around the world, Drew had contacts with a diverse population of wealthy people. After graduation, Donald continued to explore the human psyche and honed his skills in behavioral modification at a famous think tank in New England. Capitalizing on their education, experience and special connection as astrological twins, they became international slave traders with a reputation of procuring only the highest quality slaves for their clients in terms of training and physical attributes.

Drew and Donald worked hard in maintaining their reputation of delivering only the best trained and obedient slaves available anywhere in the world. They were very discerning in their selection of those whom they would train. Their training was harsh, demanding and thorough in every detail. As a result, they were able to demand premium prices for their slaves. As clients reaped the rewards of their work, witnessed their training techniques and heard stories of what else happened at the cabin, they were known around world as the "evil twins". They took pride in this world view of themselves and their work.

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