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Deadly Waters [Marine Mystery Series Book 2] [Secure eReader]
eBook by Pauline Rowson

eBook Category: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
eBook Description: A gripping marine mystery from the author of Tide of Death.... When a woman is found murdered in Langstone Harbour, DI Andy Horton is assigned to the case but not for long if Superintendent Uckfield has his way. Horton is given just a week to find the killer before being shunted off the case. With the clock ticking Horton is soon forced to take a decision that will put his life on the line...

eBook Publisher: Rowmark/Rowmark
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2007

?Thought you might like this,? Sergeant Cantelli said, placing a brown plastic beaker on Horton?s desk. Horton stared at the frothy liquid that resembled dirty washing-up water and said, ?Are you trying to poison me?? ?It might help keep you awake.? ?Doesn?t seem to be doing the trick with you.? Horton thought Cantelli looked like something they?d exhumed from Milton Cemetery. ?Sit down before you fall down.? ?My bones ache, my head?s thumping and I think I?ve caught a cold.? Cantelli sneezed just to prove it. ?That?s about all we did catch,? Horton replied with bitterness. All they had to show for over ninety minutes of surveillance, crouched in a fishing boat at Portsmouth?s Town Camber in the pouring rain, was a bag full of stolen antiques and Mickey Johnson, who had conveniently lost his voice. ?Any joy finding out who Johnson?s victims are?? Horton asked, spinning round in his chair and plucking his socks and trainers off the radiator where he had left them to dry after interviewing Mickey. ?Nothing. We won?t know who he?s turned over until they report it or Mickey decides to confide in us.? ?I could wring his scrawny neck.? Horton slipped on his trainers and straightened up with a groan. Cantelli wasn?t the only one whose bones were protesting. ?What about the boat?? It certainly wasn?t Johnson?s unless social security benefit had just got a hell of a lot better. If it hadn?t been for that blessed drunk stumbling on to it by mistake then Horton would have caught both of their antiques thieves and not just Johnson. He recalled with a stab of shame how he?d been poleaxed with cramp during the chase across the cathedral green after Johnson?s young accomplice. He?d given Uniform a description but it wasn?t much to go on. It had been too dark and the lad had been wearing a hoodie. Cantelli said, ?There was nothing on it to give us an ID. Sergeant Elkins says he?ll try the Town Camber offices when they?re open.? ?What bugs me is that antiques aren?t usually Mickey?s thing. DVDs, televisions, computers, jewellery and money, yes. But paintings? Mickey couldn?t tell a valuable painting from a picture postcard and yet he stole some by William Wylie on that first job.? ?Perhaps the runaway youth is the brains behind the operation,? Cantelli ventured, yawning widely. Somehow Horton couldn?t see it. Pulling his sailing jacket off the radiator and draping it over the coat stand next to his leather bikers? jacket, he said, ?What else has come in?? Clearly with an effort, Cantelli stirred himself to reply. ?There?s been a break-in at the ex-forces club in Landport, and another at the Sir Wilberforce Cutler School. The steward at the club went to Accident and Emergency, but it was just a surface head wound. Some cigarettes and booze were stolen.? ?And the school?? ?Building material.? ?I?ll send someone round in the morning.? It was morning, almost six o?clock. He was ready for his bed and Cantelli looked as though he was about to fall asleep in the chair. He told Cantelli to get off home. He would do the same after putting the finishing touches to his report, but he had hardly got started when his phone rang. It was Sergeant Elkins of the marine unit. ?The Langstone harbour master?s just radioed us, Inspector. A fisherman has reported seeing something on the mulberry and he thinks we...

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