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Ansen [MultiFormat]
eBook by Ed Howdershelt

eBook Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Description: For longer than human civilization has existed, Ansen has wandered the Earth. Human science may at last be capable of helping Ansen discover who and what he is and perhaps even how he got here, and Ansen's small group of human friends are very willing to help, but the FBI has become aware of him. There's suddenly a much better chance that Ansen will simply disappear into some secret government lab.

eBook Publisher: Abintra Press/Abintra Press, Published: 2007, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2007

118 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Borey took charge of the media horde and led them into his office, where he turned them over to Eve and Ingrid and returned to the door. The last arrivals came rushing to the door, but our FBI taggers were already there. One woman stood tall, showed her ID as she introduced herself as Agent Theresa Lance, and almost politely demanded that all media personnel leave the building immediately.

Easing past me, Borey handed her his card, introduced himself as our attorney, and asked her why they should do so.

Lance snapped, "It's standard procedure, sir."

Meeting her gaze implacably, he asked, "Got a warrant? What probable cause are you offering for search, seizure, or even merely interrupting our press conference, ma'am?"

When she glowered at him and said a warrant had been issued and would arrive shortly, he grinningly apologized for not being able to simply take her word for that and invited the remaining media people to enter the building.

Excusing myself to get past her caused Agent Lance to move aside a bit, which created an opening. After the media vultures had gone through the door, I felt Ansen reenter the building past me and closed the door as Borey continued to discuss the matter of a warrant.

The two leftover newsies were upset, of course, and after a bit of verbal push and shove had occurred between Lance and Borey, she very grudgingly stepped aside to allow them to pass. I opened the door for them and Borey and I followed them inside.

As he locked the door, Borey said, "Whatever we're going to do; let's make it quick. I don't think she was lying about the warrant."

We joined the crowd in his office by moving to the inner doorway, where we could keep an eye on the people outside. Eve was at the computer, removing a CD from the lower tray and putting in a new one. Copying the pictures? Or just the videos? Whatever, she'd already done half a dozen or so and Ingrid wasn't objecting. Good 'nuff for me, I guess. I nodded to Ingrid and she rapped on the desk to get everyone's attention, then spoke.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you were called here today to be witnesses to a revelation. Is everyone ready?" She looked around and waited while someone fussed with a battery, then said, "Ansen, you're on."

The bathroom door opened and Ansen stepped into the room. He walked over to stand between and somewhat in front of Eve and Ingrid and said, "Hello, all. My name is Ansen and I'm not from this planet. Each of you will receive a video CD and clippings of my fur that you may have analyzed at your convenience."

There were a few moments of stunned silence, then a skinny blonde woman angrily yelped, "You brought us all here for a publicity stunt? Some guy in a damned gorilla suit?! My station's lawyers...!"

Ansen interrupted her tirade by quickly stepping close to her. Very close. Her mouth was opened to rant further, but nothing came out as she studied his face from only a few inches.

"Madame," he said, "I assure you; this is not a rented costume."

As people started throwing questions at him, Ansen raised his hands--a gesture that made some of the nearer media vultures flinch back--and said, "Let me continue, please. If we have time, I'll answer your questions afterward."

I said, "Better make it quick, Ansen. Agent Lance said a warrant is on its way."

He nodded and began giving his audience a synopsis of his arrival and time on Earth as Ingrid trimmed bits of fur from his arms and dropped the bits in CD sleeves. Eve put the finished CDs in the sleeves and continued making them.

To Borey, I said, "You handle front door traffic. Give me a key to the back door. Ansen may need to scamper out of here soon."

Borey nodded and removed a key from the ring. I took it and had a look out the side and back windows before I put the key in the door's lock and stationed myself at the nearest window to keep an eye on the back yard.

After a few minutes, Ansen ended his presentation with, "...and my biggest fear at this moment is disappearing into a government laboratory. You, the media, are my best hope of preventing that from happening by letting the world know there's no point in isolating me after all my years of wandering the Earth."

He stopped talking and sipped from a water glass on the desk as half the people in the room tried to ask him questions at once. I saw Borey go on alert and he turned to hold up nine fingers.

Unlocking the back door, I opened it and checked the window again as Ansen politely excused himself, then hurried out the door and across the back yard.

Eve and Ingrid hurried to hand out the CDs, then Eve said, "That's it. Meeting's adjourned. Don't let them take your disks."

The blonde who'd ranted almost yelled, "Is there Wifi here?"

"Yes," Eve replied, and the woman opened a laptop case and hooked her camera into the laptop while it was booting up. Two others began doing the same.

"Close that door!" she snapped at me, then she snapped at Borey, "Keep them out for another few minutes!" Looking around at the others, she said, "Anybody who can't hook up, get going NOW."

Grabbing a CD from the desk, she put it into the laptop, then she took the memory card out of the camera as she said, "Jimmy, you were in the Marines. Take this and a CD and go! Try to get to the station any way you can. Do you need money?"

The tall guy who'd been handling their camera said, "I'm good, Sue," and grabbed a CD off the desk on his way to the door. I opened it and locked it behind him as he ran for the woods.

As if she'd taken charge of the group, the woman stood tall and said, "They'll try to grab everything and they may search us. Stuff the disks into your underwear." Looking at the four people who weren't trying to use laptops, she ranted, "Why the hell are you people still here?! Get moving!"

A guy looked up from his laptop and said, "Sue's right. Those who can go should go." Looking at his cameraman, he added, "You too, Dave. Grab a disk and go."

Dave nodded and did as he was told following the other three outside. As I closed the door behind him, Sue's laptop finally finished booting enough to look for and find Borey's Wifi system. It chimed and she instantly moused up a web browser as she set up a camera dump, then signed onto a web site and soon had stuff from the CD going somewhere.

I saw people in suits taking up positions in the back yard as Borey said, "Ed, they've stopped talking out there. Four of them are coming to the door."

"They're out back, too. At least three."

Sue snapped, "We need another few minutes, damn it. If we can get this stuff out, there's no way they can put a lid on it."

Taking another key off the ring, Borey tossed it to me, then he headed for the front door yelling, "I'm coming! Hold your horses!"

I watched him pretend to try several keys in the door's lock with apparent frustration, then study the key ring. He tried a few more times with different keys, then held up a hand and yelled, "Just a minute! I need the other ring!"

With obvious irritation bordering outright anger, those outside watched him walk back into his office past me. He grinned and muttered, "How am I doing?"

"Well, they aren't kicking in the door. Yet."

Rooting through desk drawers took a minute or so. Checking his jacket pockets and the bathroom took another minute. He went back to the outer office and started rummaging through Eve's desk as Sue said softly, "Almost done. Just another few seconds."

A guy on another laptop said, "Same here. Maybe a minute, I think. Damn! This setup is a lot faster than the one at my office!"

The woman at the other laptop said, "I'm done. I couldn't hook up the camera, so I just sent the CD files." She pulled the chip out of her own camera and peeled back some duct tape that covered a spot on the bottom of her camera's hard case. A slot appeared and she slipped the chip into it, then pressed the tape back in place.

I chuckled, "Not your first time, huh?" and she grinned.

"Not even close to the first. It's hell getting them out from behind the aluminum shell, but they'll have to X-ray the case to find it."

The others were finished. I said, "Go ahead and find those keys now. We're done in here."

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