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Shadows In The Heart [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jewels Of The Quill

eBook Category: Horror/Romance EPIC eBook Award Finalist, Dream Realm Award Finalist, Dirk A. Wolf Award Honorable Mention
eBook Description: Rediscover chills and thrills--and quills--on Halloween! Seven JEWELS OF THE QUILL AUTHORS offer stories with horrors, romance, shudders, woo-woo and a few giggles. Halloween lovers can expect to be charmed, bewitched and scared freaky. A collection of scary and humorous stories for readers to enjoy during the spooky season ... or any day of the year! Jewels of the Quill is a group of award-winning women authors from the Midwest.

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2007

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

5 Angels! "Are you looking for creepy, hair-raising tales, then this anthology has it! Seven of the Jewels of the Quill authors each contributed a spine-tingling story to Shadows of the Heart. The stories are not quite horror, in my opinion although the authors or publisher did designate some as such, but they are very close. Even though the stories happen around Halloween, it doesn't need to be Halloween if you are in the mood for chills! I liked all of the stories and find it hard to make comparisons or pick a favorite. I might prefer one tale because it is a type of story I prefer, but each tale is uniquely different from the others and are all good for their type of story. Your favorite may not be my favorite so I prefer to let you pick for yourself. I would like to suggest that you might want to leave an extra light on when you sit down to read this anthology, just in case..."--Stephanie B, Fallen Angel Reviews


The Unvanished Hitchhiker {horror}by Margaret L. Carter (Dame Onyx): In a twist on the Vanishing Hitchhiker urban legend, in which an unsuspecting driver picks up a hitchhiker and discovers the passenger is a ghost, a bereaved mother waits every Halloween night in anticipation of the knock on the door, bringing her lost daughter home yet again.

When the Dead People Brought a Dish-to-Pass (A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 4) {romantic paranormal mystery} by Christine DeSmet (Dame Moonstone): Three days before Halloween, reclusive, young Alyssa Swain finds a man dead in his car in a ditch just outside of Moonstone. She runs for help, but when she returns, the body is gone. When the scruffy, tall dead man shows up alive the next morning on her doorstep, he insists she called him to help her with the house she's refurbishing--to get it ready for a traditional Halloween party to celebrate the lives of her loved ones who have died. A party for dead people?! To her chagrin, the crazy man won't leave. In fact, closing the door against John Christopherson doesn't help. As big as his name, he walks boldly through doors and proceeds to knock out walls, paint, fix the pain of her past--and claim her heart. But will her newly-awakened feelings be strong enough to keep John from crossing over to the afterlife at midnight on Halloween? Does she have the right to stop him from his destiny? A moonstone brooch found in a wall hands her an unexpected solution--but only if she's brave enough to finally embrace her past.

Trick or Treat {young adult Halloween story} by Carrie S. Masek (Dame Topaz): Derrick Olsen wants to go with his friends to the Middle School Halloween dance, but instead he's stuck taking his baby sister trick-or-treating. It's the worst Halloween ever until they stop at an abandoned house and stumble on a trick that could change this into the most exciting night of Derrick's life ... or the most terrifying.

Ghost of a Chance {paranormal contemporary} by Karen Woods (Dame Coral): Love endures even after death. Cathy Reynolds, although a ghost, has been trying to help her husband Jake through his mourning for her following her murder, almost a year ago. Now, on her birthday, Halloween, she has an opportunity to push Jake and Mary Edwards-Robins together. Mary's been in love with Jake for a long time. Although reluctant, Jake's far from immune to Mary. But does Cathy have a ghost of a chance of getting him to give in to his feelings?

White Elephants {young adult Halloween story} by C.J. Winters (Dame Tanzanite): It's Halloween night, there's a full moon, and twins Noel and Merry, along with Merry's boyfriend, Jonas, are deconstructing a house on a deadline. They need to salvage what they can and have the interior gutted in time for the bulldozers at 8 a.m. The orphaned twenty-something girls recently inherited their father's small deconstruction business, but they're far from experts. Noel discovers a skeleton behind a bedroom wall. Fearing the police will declare the house a crime scene and make it impossible for the twins to fulfill their deconstruction contract, Jonas volunteers to dispose of the skeleton in the woods. Before he can do that, however, eight-year-old Tobias sees the skeleton in Jonas' car and decides to help the adults in their disposal efforts.

Papa (Woodcutter's Grim Series--Classic Tales of Horror Retold, Book 1) {romantic horror} by Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst) For the ten generations since the evil first came to Woodcutter's Grim, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk in the black woods. Without them, the town would be defenseless ... and the terrors would escape to the world at large. A wickedly horrifying rendering of the classic children's story "Hansel and Gretel," in which modern revenge is served up sweet ... Less than a year after Randall Park left his family for elementary school teacher, Amy, the unthinkable happens--his ex-wife and two children are killed in a car accident. Ever since the accident, Amy has had terrible nightmares in which Rand's son and daughter return to exact revenge on their father and Amy herself (the wicked step-mother) for abandoning them. When Rand convinces her to come away with him for a healing respite to an isolated cabin in the woods, Amy's guilt-filled nightmares turn into pure horror.

The Beast {horror} by Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise): What really did happen at the Saints and Sinners Halloween costume party?

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