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Tarot Card Anthology: Synchronicity Volume 1 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Tina Bendoni & Michelle Hasker

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: Abigail Montgomery reads cards. And this time around she has twenty-two very special readings to do. From a woman who needs to learn the magic of love, to another who has to accept her inner beauty, a man who learns to look within himself, and a woman who has to face Death to move beyond. Will these people make the right choices for happiness? Or will they be forever lost?

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2007

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Tina Bendoni

Abigail Montgomery took one last look around her new shop. Nodding, she decided she was satisfied. Everything was in place. Wards were set and beckonings had been sent out. All that was left was for her to wait. Wait until the chosen ones showed.

Her hand went to the twenty-two cards laid out on her table. The Major Arcana. Few understood the true power behind these cards, but many tried. Abigail was grateful so many learned the arts as well as they could. It had been a dying skill for far too long. Perhaps now, in this new millennium, people would begin to learn what they had so long ago forgotten.

She reached out to touch each card. So many meanings and interpretations. So many ways to get them wrong, or to choose the incorrect path. Only time would tell if those who were destined to learn the truth would be willing to accept it. One's life journey could be told in these simple twenty-two cards. From the wide-eyed wonder of the Fool, with his young, fresh approach to things, to the culmination of a cycle with the World card.

Each had their own story to tell. Each had their own story to live.

Looking out the glass window at the front of her shop, Abigail pondered her upcoming clients. Who would be first in this cycle? She could never predict who would show first; she just knew they would come to her.

Every customer was important, but she was here, in this place, at this time, for twenty-two particular souls. They needed the help more than any others. Some were in danger of going down a wrong path. Some had earned that extra bit of guidance only those above could grant.

Sitting in her chair, she relaxed and let the visions come. This was often her favorite part. Receiving the knowledge she needed to help her customers live the lives they were meant to would come later. Now, just a small overview. Something she had grown to think of as a teaser. Not only did it entertain her, but it allowed her to be prepared. Sometimes she needed that extra bit of warning for herself. And this time, she saw the extra preparation for the Death card reading would come in handy. It was always hard to give a difficult reading, and this one would be intense.

Ah, there, the Hermit. She smiled. A misunderstood card, but one of her favorites. In this case, it would definitely require patience on the part of her customer. She would need to do some serious work, that one.

The Hierophant. Another wedding? Yes, but, ooh, interesting. He definitely has potential, but he is going to need this nudge.

The Magician. She smiled wryly. Now this one was a twist.

High Priestess. Hmm, the damage parents could do to their young without meaning to.

The Moon. Ah, a simple one. But would she accept it?

Judgement. Abigail pursed her lips on this one. Hmm, this one could go either way. Would she be willing to do what needed to be done?

Wheel of Fortune. A bruised soul, that one.

Her hands drifter faster, seeing slight views of those yet to come. The Chariot will have a choice to make. Temperance will have to learn to compromise.

Abigail could tell this time around was going to be a bit different. Times were changing, and people weren't as trusting or open as they'd once been. Would they learn from what she had to tell them? Only time would tell.

She looked out at the passersby, all oblivious to the tiny bubble of magic so near to them. Would their choices change the fate of the world? Perhaps not. But then again, when it is their world one is talking about, their choices are all that matter.

* * * *

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