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Wired For Sex: A.D.A.M. [MultiFormat]
eBook by Raven Willow-Wood

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: After mooning over 'the hunk' for weeks, Evelyn concludes that subtlety isn't getting her anywhere. She decides to take matters into her own hands and seduce the man she's spent so much time fantasizing about-Adam Mercury. The encounter is everything she'd hoped for-and disastrous at the same time. Adam is wired to accommodate 'Evie'. In fact, he hasn't thought about much else since he first saw Evie. The problem is, there's a serious gap in his programming, and he isn't sure how to get from Point A-friendly acquaintances to Point B--lovers. Rating: Carnal-multiple sex partners, menage a trois

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2007, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2007

73 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"How's our new ... head of security working out?" CEO Cal Johnson asked his VP of marketing.

Phil Whitmore grinned. "Smooth. He infiltrated without a hitch. I've been carefully monitoring the chit-chat around the office, and so far nobody has a clue of what he is. The military is going to be impressed. I think we can safely jack the price per unit up by a hundred percent."

Cal Johnson frowned. Leaning back in his seat, he toyed with the pen in his hand, idly twirling it between his fingers, 'walking' it down finger to finger and back again, over and over until Phil was grinding his teeth.

The mannerism had always irritated the shit out of Phil since he had a suspicion there was nothing either idle or unconscious about it. It was just one more way for Cal to show off his superior dexterity. "It's early days, yet," Cal said finally. "He's only been on the job a few months, and he doesn't actually have that much interaction with the other employees. I don't want to jump the gun on this. He's state of the art--but there's a lot of his makeup that's of a highly experimental nature. We could be in deep shit if we start shipping the new units out and they malfunction--particularly considering their capabilities."

Phil managed an off-handed shrug, although inside he was simmering. He wondered, if he'd suggested months more of testing on the android, if Johnson would've vetoed that idea, too. It seemed to him that, no matter what he recommended, Johnson always went in the opposite direction. "His interaction with the employees has been fairly minimal, true, but the other security guards are already showing signs of deferring to him when it comes to security matters, and the women in the office want to fuck him so bad they can taste it. They've been pretty vocal about it--I'm not counting the ones that just stare at him when he walks by like he's a juicy piece of steak."

Instead of looking pleased by information, Johnson's frown deepened. "Any of them made passes?"

Phil shrugged again. "As far as I know, none of them have propositioned it outright, but they're giving out signals right and left. Obviously, they haven't figured out it's a droid or they wouldn't be creaming in their panties every time it walks by."

Johnson's lips thinned. "And exactly how many has it fucked so far?"

Phil reddened. "None that I know of, sir. I imagine I would've heard about it on the office grapevine if it had nailed someone--or several someones. It wasn't programmed for that, after all."

"Not specifically, but the information damned well ought to be in its data banks. And it was programmed to interact--just like its human counterparts would--It is equipped for sex, and I'd say any man would've taken at least one or two of them up on their offer in this time, wouldn't you?"

Phil was disconcerted. "You think I should tell them to take it down tonight and program that in?"

Johnson looked disgusted. "That would defeat the purpose of this little exercise, wouldn't it? If it fails to perform as an ordinary man would in any given situation, then the programming is faulty, wouldn't you say?"

"So.... Where do we go from here?"

Johnson went back to toying with his pen. "Maybe it's still learning," he said finally. "There are just too many variables in human relationships to program that sort of thing in--every relationship is going to be a little different depending on personality factors. Let's give it a few more weeks and see if it begins to interact more naturally, adopts 'personality' traits of its own. I've looked at the reports myself. The other security guards are deferring to it, but the general consensus is that 'he has a poker up his ass'. They might admire its skills, but it has to be able to blend with the general population or it isn't going to be useful for infiltrations work. I'm not sure but what it wouldn't be better to make it a little more 'average' looking for that matter if all the women are panting after it."

And exactly whom, Phil wondered, turning to study their 'head of security', was going to be the judge of 'average'?

They'd designed him to be perfectly average. At five foot eleven inches, the android was average height, and he was of medium build, neither overly muscular nor underweight. He was Caucasian, so he had blue eyes. They'd decided on ash blond hair, because it went with the eye coloring and wasn't striking enough to call attention to him. His features were very regular, but then they hadn't wanted him to be ugly or scary looking. People would certainly remember that, and anything irregular like a large nose, prominent or receding chin, close set or deep set eyes would've been physical details people were more likely to remember.

He was damned if he could figure out why the women in the office were all atwitter about the android.

Unless they'd heard he was above average in the tool department?

It wasn't as if they'd made him unusually large, but they'd figured that wasn't an area they wanted him to be average, and certainly not below average. They'd wanted him to have self-confidence, after all.

"Adam," Johnson said abruptly.

The Autonomous Dynamic Android Mercenary, or A.D.A.M. for short, seemed to go even more rigid, although he'd stood at 'attention' throughout the discussion. "Yes, father?"

A dull red crept under Johnson's skin. Phil did his best to pretend he didn't notice, but he couldn't help but be amused at the fact that Adam persisted in referring to his 'creator' and the primary gene donor of his biological makeup as father.

Truthfully, despite the fact that the android had been 'born' in the labs of Robotics Inc., Adam was more of an enhanced human than a biologically enhanced android, but that wasn't something anyone wanted bandied about. The government had strict regulations about playing around with genetics where human beings were concerned. If it ever got out....

Johnson's lips thinned, but instead of correcting Adam as he generally did, he apparently decided to ignore the title. "You can leave the surveillance tapes. I'll go over them later and pass them along to research and development."

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