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Ferris Wheel [MultiFormat]
eBook by Drew Zachary

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: There's just something about a Ferris Wheel. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush from the heights. Maybe it's just the feeling of anonymity that wandering around a carnival gives. Either way, it bring people together, in this case young Lindsey and his hot stud of a one night stand, Jake. When Jake returns year after year, meeting him after the Ferris Wheel closes down becomes tradition. Even when Lindsey has a boyfriend who wants to join in the fun. Ryan and Lindsey leave Jake sore and sated and ready for more until one year they have to bow out. They're not going to leave him hanging though, introducing him to Dave, who is just possibly the hottest guy he'll ever meet. And love. Take a chance on the midway. In Ferris Wheel, everybody wins.

eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Single Shot Classics, Published: http://www.torquerepress.com, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2007

48 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Jake could do this job in his sleep. Hell, he had done it in his sleep a time or two. Boss frowned on that though.

Still, it was deep into the dog days of August, near the end of the season really, and he was doing it all by rote. Get the people off the wheel, take tickets of the folks going on, make sure they were strapped in, move the wheel around fifteen degrees and repeat. Once they'd all changed out there wasn't even that to do, just wait for the timer to go off while the wheel spun.

He didn't even really hear the music anymore, or the way it competed with the scary music coming from the haunted house or the pop crap coming off the tilt-a-whirl. Just one big buzz.

Yep, by the end of August he was pretty fucking tired of this job. Funny how he always forgot what the last month, month and a half was like in April when he was all eager to get on the road at the start of summer fair season.

He was so busy half-dozing and working on his grouch that he almost missed the blond who got on by himself. His prick noticed though, perking up right nice.

Tall, probably just over six feet, with broad shoulders and a wide chest just made for biting. Looked strong, but not like some guy who lived in the gym; just broad and hard, like he worked a lot. Which made sense, figuring that this particular small town was just the middle of farm country. Looked young though, probably not even twenty.

Blue jeans and a tight t-shirt, and why the hell was this guy alone?

He took his own t-shirt off and wiped his face down and then went and helped the guy put the bar down, making sure it was locked in place. "Don't want you falling out," he said, giving the kid a hungry grin.

Fuck, it was a hot one as it was today, but it felt like the temperature had just skyrocketed.

The kid gave him a strange look, sort of confused, and nodded. "Thanks."

Ah well, he had another hour on his shift anyway. He loaded the rest of the cars and then sent the wheel on its run.

He was paying more attention now though, watching the kid every time he was in sight. The more he watched the more he thought it was a shame the blond hadn't seemed more interested. Of course, buggery was usually more frowned on in the small towns and farm communities.

When it came time to switch out the riders, he kept the kid's car for last.

This time, when he unlocked the bar and smiled he got a shy grin in return. "Thanks. Didn't fall out, so I guess you can count that as a success. If I go around again will you make sure it's just as safe?"

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