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Camouflaged Hearts Anthology [MultiFormat]
eBook by Aliyah Burke & SL Majors & Bronwyn Green

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: 'A Marriage of Convenience' by Aliyah Burke Ayanna Barker, was working hard to give her and her son a good life. The man who had given her her child has also given her the best night of her life? US Navy pilot Lieutenant Michael Taylor loved the rush his job gave him but even that took a back seat to how he felt about the lovely Ayanna Barker? 'In the Arms of a Pilot' by Jennah Sharpe Emmeline hated the thought of her man going off to war. When she received news that he was MIA, she didn't fall into grief as she thought she should have. She found the touch she missed and craved in yet another RAF pilot. Ethan gave her everything her body missed and craved. 'Double Time' by SL Majors Micah offers big money for the local military fundraiser if she can purchase the services of two of England's finest soldiers. And who could be better than devilishly handsome captain Trent Williams and sexy-as-sin captain Clayton Blackwell to help her get rid of the pesky problem of her virginity? 'From the Ruins' by Bronwyn Green Moira Boulton never expected her instant attraction to the American she meets thousands of miles from his home. But there's no denying the desire burning between her and the foreign soldier, David Webber. When David disappears without a word, Moira wonders passion that burned so bright was nothing more than a pleasant diversion or if they actually can salvage a relationship from the ruins.

eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, Published: 2007, 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2007

40 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ayanna Barker moved in time with the fairground's loud music as she stood in line at the beer tent. For a brief moment, the skies were silent as the air show regrouped for the final demonstration which would be followed by a huge fireworks display. So for the time being, it was solely the music that pulsed through her.

Taking a step forward as the line progressed, Ayanna shivered at a light touch on her back. Looking over her shoulder, she met the deep chocolate eyes of the tall, handsome man behind her, and her mouth grew dry.

He towered over her, yet she didn't feel threatened, at least not in a physical way. Sexual ... it was way off the charts, he oozed sexual prowess and it was a bit intimidating. A dark grey shirt wrapped his muscled torso and his lower body had been poured into a pair of light blue jeans that had a hole above one knee. As her gaze travelled down, she noticed the grey hiking boots on his feet. Not an inch of him was ignored by her stare; he was just too damn fine.

Moving her eyes back to his, Ayanna was blown away by the primal lust blazing in his gaze. Shoving back a similar reaction, she turned and focused her attention back on the line before her. That would be a great man to have a fling with. God, my pussy is dripping just from that slight touch. I can't imagine what a night with him would be like.

Michael Taylor had been talking on his cell phone when he'd stepped into the busy beer tent line. A jostle from behind had almost shoved him into the woman in front of him. His hand had swiped across the bottom of her back and in that second, everything else had faded away. Electrical currents had showered him. The second her soulful brown eyes had landed on his, it was as if he'd just hit mach one in his jet.

He'd stood still as her eyes had travelled hungrily over him. Part of him had wanted to preen while more of him had wanted to lift her up, carry her away from everyone and kiss her senseless. And keep going from there.

What the hell am I thinking? I don't know this woman, but damn if I don't want to.

She wore a purple open-backed shirt that perfectly offset the nutmeg hue of her skin and a pair of hip hugging black jeans. He saw sandals on her feet and if he moved his head just so, he could see the dark purple on her toenails.

While their physical connection was over almost immediately, the ardent impression still lingered between them. He wasn't blind to the desire swirling in her eyes no matter how she tried to pretend indifference.

Paying for her beer along with his, it seemed only natural to settle his large palm against the smooth, dark skin of her back as they left the overcrowded beer tent.

He had no problem following her. The gentle scent on her skin reached out and wound around him, making him yearn for more of her. He craved to find out if her perfume was just around her neck or if the tempting smell went all the way to her feet.

When she stopped to allow a group of people to pass, he leaned forward and murmured, "Michael," into her ear.

Her head turned, positioning her full tempting lips a hairsbreadth from his, and she whispered, "Ayanna."

He kissed her. He had no choice. Her mouth had teased him as it formed her name and challenged him to sample her lips. She tasted divine.

The innocent kiss quickly evolved into something more. Michael hungered for all that this woman offered. He dominated the kiss, using his tongue to sweep throughout the recesses of her mouth.

His cock swelled and dug into her side as Michael plundered her mouth. He groaned his pleasure as the kiss lengthened.

The roar of jets in the sky rumbled around them and put a miniscule distance between their bodies as he struggled for restraint.

Ayanna's lips were swollen from the force of their kiss.

"I want you," he stated bluntly as he watched the rapid rise and fall of her chest. She ran her tongue over her lips.

"Yes," she breathed huskily.

"After the show." Taking her hand, he led her to a vacant spot on the ground. They watched the show like any other couple, holding hands, exchanging kisses, and occasionally staring into each other's eyes. As the park had begun to empty after the show, Michael kept one muscled arm around her, anchoring them together. They'd stopped at the entrance. Pressing her against the cool wall of a ticket booth, Michael ran his hands through her short hair. Strong legs settled on either side of her thin body, eliminating any means of escape.

Courtesy of the night sky his eyes appeared black as obsidian but as gentle as Egyptian cotton.

Ayanna had no intention of going anywhere. This was her night to give in and have a fling. And the man whose breath still held the faint smell of beer was the one her body craved.

"Do you need to tell anyone goodbye?" His voice pulled like crushed velvet over her skin.

"No, my friend saw me with you." Ayanna looked up. "Unless you're leaving alone."

A pleased, yet arrogant grin crossed his face. "Let's go."

The door closed with a click, but the couple embracing barely noticed. Michael and Ayanna's mouths had rarely left one another during the walk from the parking lot to the hotel. Inside the elevator, he'd begun kissing her again, not caring they were in public, being stared at. He had what he desired in his arms.

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