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Achilles' Charm [MultiFormat]
eBook by Adrianna Dane

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: She was the unresistable charm of love that filled his dreams. Her leaving was the poisoned arrow that pierced his heart. The demure crossing of Agnes Mary O'Connor's beautiful ankles during mass on a sultry summer day is what first drew Ross Carpenter to the lovely girl he wanted to possess. And possess her he did--completely and irrevocably he bound her to him. Theirs was a passionately intense relationship. The diamond ankle bracelet Ross clasped around Agnes Mary's ankle was an unspoken promise. In the end, she was his weakness, his only desire, and then she left without a word, taking his heart with her. Four years later, she still wears the anklet and Ross is determined to find out why she left him without a word. And he's not leaving without the truth... Genres: Contemporary / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Fetish. This title is part of the "As You Like It" AmberPax Collection.

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2007

11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

He leaned down and picked up another box and handed it to her. It looked like a shoe box. She opened it and found that was exactly what it was. She carefully lifted out a pair of four-inch white stiletto heels, with a narrow leather strap and tiny silver buckle that would enclose her ankle. She looked around at the last box.

"That's for later," Ross answered her unspoken question. "You can change in the bedroom."

Picking up the garments, she rose from the chair and walked toward the bedroom. Turning back, she looked at him before entering. He was sitting on the couch, watching her, his dark gaze centered on her.

"I'll be right back." She smiled flirtatiously and winked before entering the bedroom and closing the door. She couldn't imagine what he might have in mind for her tonight. And she really was curious as to what was in the other box.

Stripping off her clothes, she then donned the silky panties which barely covered any skin at all, and pulled on the stockings. The corset was a fairly simple style and hooked up the front, therefore making it easy for her to put on by herself. She sucked in breath and began to do up the tiny hooks. When she was finished, she needed a moment to catch her breath. How women used to wear these things on a regular basis she had no idea, there certainly wasn't much breadth of movement available. She fastened the tops of the stockings to the garters attached to the corset and then looked down at the shoes. Oh, oh. No way would she be able to strap those onto her feet by herself. She should have put them on first. Ross would just have to help her.

Carefully walking to the dresser to look in the mirror, her gaze widened. The corset rose to cup and mold her breasts, pushing them up, but otherwise the nipples and tops were bare. Her waist was cinched tightly, allowing her hips to flare. The stockings offered an intriguing glimpse of pale flesh. She'd never looked or felt this sexy in her life. She wondered what Ross would think when he saw her.

She slowly knelt to pick up the shoes, then rose to her feet and left the bedroom. Ross had lowered the lighting in the living room and had put a smoky, jazz CD in the player and it was playing softly in the background.

She noticed a bowl of strawberries and a bottle and two glasses resting next to it on the coffee table, and the other, smaller gift box was setting there as well. Two crimson candles were in clear crystal holders and he was bent over lighting the second one.

"I need your help," she said as she gingerly walked into the room.

He whirled around and the look in his eyes flared to one of pure lust.

"Help? You look gorgeous."

She held up her hand and dangled the pair of shoes in front of him. "I should have put these on first, but now I can't exactly bend over to fasten them."

He walked toward her. "More than happy to oblige, ma'am." He led her over to a straight-backed wooden chair and she eased down. Ross knelt on one knee and lifted one of her feet to rest on his thigh. Slowly, he stroked a hand up her stocking-sheathed calf, and back down again. She saw the bulge of his cock pressing against the front of his trousers.

She knew he loved touching her this way. Something about this particular intimacy always had the ability to arouse him. His hand moved upward, past her knee, and slid along her inner thigh. She sucked in breath. His fingers played over the exposed skin just above the rim of the stocking tops and she felt her cream dampen her panties at the sensual touch.

"Ross." His name was just a breath on her lips.

He looked up at her. "Are you wet, Mary?"

She nodded her head and he smiled. Picking up one of the shoes, he slipped it on her foot and buckled the ankle strap. He gave the same intimate attention to her other leg. Then he leaned back, pressing her knees open with his hands.

The look in his silvery eyes, which now looked like dark storm clouds over a vast, black sea, told her how aroused he was.

"Touch yourself," he growled.

He'd never asked her to do that before. "I-I don't know..."

"Touch yourself. I know you've done it when you were alone, you told me so. Let me watch. I want to see you touch yourself. He lifted one of her legs and placed her shod foot on his thigh, close to his groin. His hands absently danced along her leg as he watched her.

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