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Favor Me [Secure eReader]
eBook by Jenesi Ash

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Seduction is her business ... and she approaches it like a businesswoman. She considers her current lover a 'starter' benefactor, a launching pad for her 'career' as mistress to increasingly powerful, wealthy men. Because she enjoys being desired more than the actual act of sex, she relishes the thrill of being watched by others while she submits to the desires of her lover. But her job becomes more complicated when the owner of the boutique where she buys her custom-designed lingerie, the tools of her trade, is murdered while she's getting a fitting.

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Erotic Spice, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2008

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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When you're good at sex, people think that the only work you're capable of doing is a blow job.

I don't waste my time trying to clear up that misconception. I'm good in bed and as far as I'm concerned, sex is not an amateur sport. If you do it for payment, you need to be smart about it. People might think I trade my body because I can't use my brain, but the truth is that I simply don't want to work any harder than I have to.

If my long-term plan works out, I will never have to get another job. There were times when I had two, sometimes three jobs at once, and I would still have trouble making rent. That all changed when one of my coworkers offered to pay my bills if I had sex with him whenever he wanted.

I probably should have been offended, but honestly, I was intrigued. I liked the idea of a man spending hard-earned money to be with me. He must have known he couldn't get me any other way. And how could I possibly say no to paying my bills without having to roll out of bed?

It turned out to be a pretty good arrangement—my credit rating was great during that year—but I soon realized that if I wanted to be a full-time mistress, I needed a wealthier lover.

I thought it would be tough finding a guy who was willing to keep me in style. Who knew that job hunting would turn out to be the easiest part of becoming a mistress?

My lover is Leon Richmond, one of Seattle's many millionaires. Leon is sexy, creative and richer than anyone I know. He's also heading toward fifty, on his fourth wife and is insatiable when it comes to sex.

I've been with Leon for just a couple of months. I should have known that for the astronomical amount of money he offered me, he was going to have a few bends and kinks. I thought I had seen and done it all when it came to sex. Ha! Leon has proved me wrong.

Sex with Leon is a lot like training camp. What I did with my friendly coworker was a lot different than being a full-time mistress. Leon doesn't seem to notice that I'm learning on the job, or maybe he doesn't care as long as I fulfill my part of the agreement.

As much as I appreciate the opportunity Leon has given me, I'm not going to stay with him forever. He's the richest guy I know, but after living in a million-dollar condo he bought for me in downtown Bellevue, I've seen a higher level of wealth that could be mine for the taking. Leon is my starter benefactor and when I get a better offer, I'm going for it.

I feel something bump at the foot of my bed. I'm fully awake and alert, but I keep my eyes closed. I sense the bright morning light filtering through the curtains and all I want to do is burrow into the tangled sheets. Maybe if I fake sleeping, Leon will get dressed and go make a couple more million at the office.

Leon cups my bare shoulder and gives it a good shake. "Amaris?"

Aw, man. I hear the excited rough edge in his voice. He wants to play some more; I should have known. "Hmm?"


Shit. He has the camcorder on again. My skin immediately starts to tingle.

Leon enjoys taping us having sex. We never watch them together once the filming is complete. I don't know why, but Leon won't show them to me no matter how nicely I beg.

Maybe he keeps them for his own private home collection. I like to think he plays them when he can't be with me, but for all I know, he makes the videos to show them to his friends. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he posts the tapes on the Internet.

The thought sends a flash of heat to my pussy and I squirm as my clit begins to swell and throb. My nipples pucker and rub against my nightgown. The satin suddenly feels like it binds my breasts and I can't wait to get it off.

I recently discovered that I have an exhibitionist streak as strong as Leon's. I like to imagine countless strangers watching these homemade movies, their faces almost pressed against their computer screens. I want to be naked with my legs splayed and have everyone watch me come. I want to be seen, remembered, desired.

Rolling onto my back, I stretch my arms over my head, doing my best to appear open and vulnerable. I purr low in my throat as I arch my spine, thrusting my breasts out. I bend my knees slightly, letting my green satin nightgown hike up my legs. I feel it strain against my thighs and I hope the fabric drifts and settles in all the right places. I want the nightgown to hint at my full breasts and shaved mound.

I blink my eyes open and offer a dazzling smile. "Good morning, Leon."

He towers over me. His skin is still wet from the shower and I inhale his scent. It's masculine and very expensive. His dark blond hair is slicked back and the morning sun reveals every line on his harsh, craggy face.

"Come back to bed," I suggest as I reach out for him.

He dodges my fingers. "Convince me," he challenges softly as he holds the camcorder up to his eye.

Most women would probably squeal and hide, but I revel in the spotlight. I look straight into the camera and rub my hands along the satin. The sound of the fabric sliding over my hot skin is the only thing I hear.

Copyright © 2008 by Johanna Asmi.

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