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Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta [Secure eReader]
eBook by Yvonne Lindsay

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: A dish best served hot... For take-no-prisoners tycoon Hunter Dolan there was nothing more delicious than payback. Ten years after his passionate nights with Lily Fontaine--and the Fontaines' fatal betrayal of Hunter's family--bitterness still fueled his success. Now he was this close to destroying the Fontaine empire and ultimate victory. Luring Lily back to his bed was the master stroke in his revenge plot; having the socialite bear him the child he'd long been denied would be a just desert.

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Desire
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2008

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


An icy blade streaked through every cell in Lily Fontaine's body. The fine hair on the back of her neck rose with a chill of foreboding that had nothing to do with the afternoon sea breeze rolling in off the beach.

He was here.

It had always been that way between them—that immediate awareness, the instant connection. Five minutes into her first foray back to her hometown of Onemata, New Zealand, in nearly ten years and it appeared little had changed. The same electricity crackled between them. She knew she had to face him, this ghost from her past—a past she'd been running from for so long and so hard it had finally brought her full circle. She lifted her eyes, compelled to seek confirmation even though she knew without doubt he was within a couple of metres of her right now.

And there he was. Jack Dolan. Her first love. Her last.

A waft of expensive cologne filtered past her, overriding the scent of petrol fumes on the service station forecourt as surely as he'd overwhelmed her with his passion and eventually his indifference, leaving her to cope with her father's scorn resting squarely and solely on her slender shoulders.

Unconsciously she stiffened those shoulders as she removed the nozzle from the rental car's tank and replaced it on the petrol bowser.

"So it is you."

The low pitch of his voice had matured; it was deeper, richer, than it had been ten years ago. The sound of it still had the power to send a shiver down her spine, a shiver quite different to the old days. But then, she had to expect that, didn't she? Neither of them were still the same.

He lifted a tanned hand to slide expensive sunglasses down the aristocratic bridge of his nose. She wished he hadn't done that. She would have preferred the barrier, however tiny, between her gaze and the stormy look that crossed his as their eyes met. Fine lines feathered from the corners of his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden glare of bright February summer sunlight reflected off the concrete forecourt. Eyes the colour of liquid amber. Eyes that held her, for a split second, trapped in the past, immobilised, rendered speechless.

Lily swallowed convulsively, desperate to relieve the arid dryness in her throat. She felt the precise second his attention swept from her face to the muscles working in her neck. Tiny flickers of heat grew where his gaze touched. Damn him for still having that effect on her.

"You're not what I expected." Jack didn't so much as blink.

"What were you expecting?" Lily lifted her chin and met his stare full-on.

Instantly she knew her mistake. You never beard a lion in its own den. She should have ignored him, gone in and paid for her petrol and left.

"Certainly not someone who could pump her own gas," he drawled, snapping her out of her temporary fugue.

Goaded, she couldn't hold back her reply. "It's amazing what can happen when someone grows up then, isn't it? I can't say you're what I was expecting, either." She flicked what she hoped was a scathing gaze over the fine tailored suit he wore right down to the hand-tooled Italian leather shoes that encased his feet. Yes, she noticed things like that. It was what had kept her afloat in the artificial world she'd dwelled in for far too long. "Not exactly a part-time fuel-pump boy anymore. Still remember how to do it?"

His eyes narrowed speculatively at her careless remark. Lily gave an inward groan. When would she learn to shut up and let silence be her voice?

"You know what I meant, Jack." She spun away from him, her Manolos clicking a staccato echo in her wake.

His eyes continued to bore a virtual hole into her back as she went inside the store and paid for her gas. She could feel it, like the searing concentration of power from a magnifying glass in the sun. It was a relief to get inside the petrol station store, to hear the tinted sliding doors whoosh shut behind her.

She didn't know what she had expected inside but it certainly wasn't the modernised countertop and the stands of groceries and household consumables that stood in colourful rows. Time hadn't stood still here. She wasn't the only one who had changed since her ignominious departure from a town she'd learned to loathe with every cell in her body.

The swish of the automatic opening doors behind her and that same tantalising waft of sandalwood and lime gave her advance warning of Jack's approach. With a swift smile she accepted her receipt from the attendant and turned to leave only to find her way barred by six-foot-plus of solid never-take-no-for-an-answer male.

"What brings you back, Lily?" His tone was couched in a way that wouldn't alert any eavesdropping ears to the history that hung between them, but there was no mistaking the seriousness in his eyes.

"Nothing in particular," she lied as smoothly as she could. She wasn't about to unload her financial woes on Jack's shoulders any time this millennium. "Just thought it was time for a trip back."

"So you won't be here long then?" His eyes became blank, making it harder to read what was behind his question.

"Long enough, Jack. I don't have any plans to leave in a hurry. Satisfied?"

"Leaving in a hurry was your speciality, wasn't it? And as to whether I'm satisfied…" He let his voice trail away.

Heat bloomed across Lily's chest and up her neck. She grabbed her sunglasses out of her handbag, shoved them onto her face and stalked out to her waiting car—her brief sanctuary. She was shaking as she opened her car door and settled into the seat. She had the engine running and the car in gear when a loud knock on her driver's window made her jump.

Copyright © 2008 by Dolce Vita Trust.

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