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Apathy--A Cause Not Worth Fighting For [Secure eReader]
eBook by Simon Satori Hendley

eBook Category: Humor/Spiritual/Religion
eBook Description: Apathy is neither an enemy nor an illusion. It's just a fact of life. Not to be confused with laziness (a reluctance to exert oneself), apathy is indifference, a lack of passion for a subject and the many advantages of being apathetic are explored in this book. Embrace your apathetic nature! Enjoy being a dilly-dallier, a fence-sitter, a procrastinator! Apathy has been around and documented since the Greeks. In fact, they first gave us the word apathy: the prefix 'a' meaning 'without' and 'pathy' meaning 'passion' or 'intense feeling'. Flip through this book and, apart from a great history of the subject, you'll read about great hobbies for the apathetic (sleeping, drinking, watching TV, shrugging, sitting looking at walls), stupid causes, ideal occupations (monarch, student, priest, customer service operator, politician) and much much more!

eBook Publisher: Crombie Jardine/Crombie Jardine
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2008

I must confess that this book has been sitting uncomfortably
in my head for some time
now (I?m sure there are other
apathetics out there who have
also written a similar mental
manifesto). I?m only writing
it now to make it go away; to
wash all the stupid ideas out of
my cluttered head and collect
them on paper. I?m hoping that
this exercise will clear some space
for some new stupid ideas.
This book is for cowards,
slackers, religious zealots,
politicians, philosophers, peoplein-
charge, people-who-wantto-
be-in-charge and peoplewho-
all-works... in fact, why
discriminate? Let?s say it?s for all the scum of the earth, including
you and me.
So why should I be bothered
to write anything for scum like
you or me? Why should I care?
Why should I have any feelings
for or against? Yes, lazily I put
my hand up and hand-on-heart
(the hand that?s not in the air)
and admit that I am apathetic.
You?re probably apathetic, too
? I don?t know (and frankly
don?t give a damn!). Anyone
who is actively following a cause
with the single-mindedness
of the proverbial lemming,
whether they believe it?s for
humanity?s benefit, the honour
of their country or their own
wellbeing, will have neither
time nor effort to waste on this
book. Only the fence-sitters,
the dilly-dalliers, and the
procrastinators are interested
in other people?s philosophies and have the time to investigate
dispassionately every angle of
the world before committing
themselves to doing... bugger all!
Come to me, my apathetic
children... I love you all. You
don?t start fights. You don?t
escalate wars. You don?t invent
weapons. You don?t seek power
above all else. You are fair and
honourable and everybody hates
you! This is the true reason why I?m writing this waffle.
Any belief system so despised
must have some relevance
and must have a champion. If
you don?t believe that you are
despised, look into the dark
recesses of your mind and tell
me the last time you remember
someone saying something
nice about apathy. Every day,
politicians blame our apathy
when new horrors arise in
society or when the opposition party gets elected and yet those
self-same smiling, baby-kissing,
power-mongers are only too
happy to climb the political
ladder when no one can be
bothered to stop them.
Politicians have always had
a love/hate relationship with
apathy but if you want an
extreme example you have to
look at extreme politics. The
rise of the Third Reich is often touted as a supreme example
of how Europe?s apathy allowed
a monster to grow within its
midst. If those lazy, good-fornothing
Europeans had stood
up and told Hitler that they
didn?t want another despotic
and unhinged Napoleocracy,
the world would have been
a better place. I find that
argument a little shallow,
however. It makes far more
sense to blame people...

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