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Experiences with Aliens and UFO's Part Three [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jon Peniel

eBook Category: General Nonfiction
eBook Description: Chronicles many strange experiences including traveling with a United Nations ambassador on a UFO, fascinating alien meetings with the Hopi, A secret community inside Mt. Shasta, Inner-Earth tunnels used by Atlanteans & Lemurians, and much more!

eBook Publisher: Windsor Hill/Windsorhill, Published: 2001, 2001
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2008

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Written in a style which makes you feel like you're having an actual inter-personal conversion with someone who has vast experience with life from other worlds. Very fun to read, and revealing. Some unexpected suprises too."--Mark

[The following book is an edited transcript of a series of lectures Jon gave in March 2001. He is a humorous person and makes occasional "out there" jokes, so you'll enjoy the booklet more if you aren't too serious of a person.]

Q. I was wondering, you were saying at one point that the space brothers would not have ships and things, they would travel by light since they were so spiritually advanced, so it doesn't seem like they would be doing tagging.

A. No, they're not doing any of that kind of stuff. And as far as ships, it depends on how you want to define space brothers. Again, what I was saying before is that there are something in the neighborhood of 50 different species that the ancient teachings talk about visiting Earth. And what you're referring to is that there is a scale of evolution involved, and the higher you evolve spiritually, the less you need anything physical to travel in. Ultimately, you are like a light being, an angel, you don't need a ship any more to travel the universe. Thought is the highest form to live in, it is the fastest way to travel, you can travel any place you can think of and instantly be. Anything you can imagine, you can instantly create. Even everything on the slow vibratory planes, like the "physical plane" of Earth, is that way, as a matter of fact. This is a very gross slow vibrational plane. But it still operates under the rule of the mind. Mind is the builder. That is universal law. Mind creates all. Nothing that humankind has done on Earth, didn't first come from someone's mind. Think of anything you want, a car, houses, cities--everything had to be thought of first. Then there are a whole lot of "thought processes" involved leading up to the finalization of something being manifested on the physical plane. If you wanted to build a house the first thing you would have to do is think that you wanted to build a house, right? Then you'd have to think of where you wanted to build it, next you'd have to think of what kind of house you wanted it to be. Once you decided what kind of house you wanted it to be ... (Obviously I am talking about building it yourself, but still if you are hiring a contractor, the contractor has to do all this). Somebody has to do it all. Next part is the architectural aspects of it, you actually have to figure out what's going to go where, if the thing is going to stand, how to hold the roof up and what to make the walls out of, the dimensions you want it to be, etc. Then you have to acquire materials to do all this ... and eventually you end up with a house. You could see how obvious the mind being the builder is, if you could shift your time frame (speaking of time shifting) to where you were existing in a different time dimension so to speak, or time frame perspective, like time lapse photography. For instance, you've seen time lapse photography where things are being built or being torn down or plants are growing, flowers blooming, or an orange getting mold on it and disintegrating and going back into the soil, etc. That's like looking at things in a different time frame. And if you viewed humans like that, you would see how the mind is the builder, and time goes on, whether fast or slow, but the same thing happens eventually, that you see in time lapse. If you viewed someone thinking of building a house, and all the steps from there, in a different time frame--the house would be built like "zip", zip, zip, and in an instant (it would seem) it would be all done. But all the things are that way. It's just very slow here and that's the way it is. But everything, you name it, everything other than what nature has created, had to be thought of first and every step involved in making it happen had to be thought of, the mind had to be used to keep it in a certain direction. Just like if you started building a house and then you stopped ... you got off track, you said, "I think I'll go to Europe and hang out and get a boat and go sailing", the house construction stops. You stop applying your mind to the creation of it. That's why it stops.

Q. When you are out of a body, you don't have a brain.

A. Speak for yourself [joke]. There is a difference between a brain and a mind, they are not the same thing. The brain is sort of the physical organ that a mind uses to function through on the physical plane here.

Q. So, when you are out of a body and you are a light being, you have a mind?

A. Yes, you always have a mind (at least some of us do)[joke], you always have consciousness and you always have a body of some kind, whether it is a light body, high vibration body, you always have something that is you.

Q. You're not formless?

A. What does that mean?

Q. I don't know.

A. Speaking of formless, you are going to have to define your question better for me to be able to answer it.

Q. It says in the Teachings, in the history, it says we were ever flowing, ever changing and not ... something about being unattached.

[other monk]: Probably not caught in matter is what you mean.

Q. Yeah. Does that mean that we could be that star over there and that planet over there?

A. You could take the form of it, but that is someone else. That is what our true beings are, but your star is not that one. Our true natures are that of solar systems. That is all that exists in the universe. Out there it's solar systems, and everything on the planet Earth, including nature, is all made up of atoms--teeny solar systems. So everything is solar systems and space, whether it is on a microcosm or a macrocosm. That is all there is. We are living in the in between world where we see this illusion of the atoms being connected in certain ways and vibrating at certain frequencies to where we see a wall, or we see a door, we see a chair or a car. But what they really are, is like billions of solar systems, stars, that are really really really really tiny with a lot of space in between them. The space in between them also has to do with what we think is real and what we see. You change the space, you change the vibration and the frequency, it changes what we sense with our limited little five sensors. We are like these probes that have very limited capability. We can't sense the X-rays and things like that. We can hear on this gross level of 20 cycles per second to 20,000 and we can see in the visible light range and not very well at that. We can sense vibration through touch, which is even a grosser level. We're very limited as to what we perceive as far as what's real and what's in front of us, and what's out there in the universe and what the universe is period. Anyway we're getting way off track here as far as talking about UFOs.

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