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Isosceles Triangle [MultiFormat]
eBook by Summer Alan

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Dr. McAllister finally succeeded in his life's work by creating Adam, the world's first clone cyborg. Adam, however, only has one thing on his machine mind--bedding Dr. McAllister's assistant, Chelsea. Chelsea has loved David for years, but if his cyborg clone is all she can get--will she take it?

eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2008

31 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Voted best cover of 2007 Cobblestone Press. "Isosceles Triangle kept its momentum from the opening chapter. The sex between the main characters was flaming hot, whether it was a scene between Chelsea and David, or with the irresistible Adam. This made the ménage scenes extremely arousing and helped the main characters develop their relationship at a realistic pace. Adam was absolutely yummy! And the juxtaposition between him and David was marvelously done. Seeing the other side of David in Adam, his cyborg creation, brought other elements into the equation and made this short story a thoroughly enjoyable read. Ms. Alan did these two men justice in the role they played with Chelsea."--Chelsea Tsirikas, JERR rating: HOT: Our Reviewer was forced to find her toys while reading

"Isosceles Triangle is a fabulous quick read. MS. ALAN captures the tunnel vision people get when going after something they want regardless of anything else. I love how the spark that gave life to Adam, gave renewed life to Chelsea and ultimately enlightened David to what was around him and what was most important. MS. ALAN has a great writing style. It is quite engaging and throughout this read I was delighted by her humor and the various types of passions her characters displayed. I was sorry to get through it so fast since each character interested me and this story was so novel to me. The erotic scenes in this book are hot and unique especially the awesome scene at the end of the book. I look forward to reading more from this author."--Marina, Cupid's Library, 4-1/2 cupids

"Isosceles Triangle is an adorable story by Summer Alan! David is a scientist lost in his lab who almost lets love pass him by. Chelsea has stood by her love for five years and is willing to confront him and make David face what he could be giving up. Adam is very much an important part of David and Chelsea's relationship and their future. I loved the scenes of passion and have to admit to considering the benefits of a husband clone! I loved Isosceles Triangle so much I was saddened to come to the end of the story."--Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews, 5 Lips

"Summer Alan has written a great quick read about two people who finally realize what is important in life in Isosceles Triangle. David comes to realize that Chelsea is more important than people who don't care about him. You won't want to miss the hot and steamy sex scenes either."--Racine, Ecataromance

"Isosceles Triangle is a riveting scifi read that addresses some very real possibilities for the future of science. It poses the question of "Just because we can do something, does it mean we should?" Chelsea's inner turmoil is very well written and you can practically hear her top blowing off at the beginning of the book as her mind tries to figure out a way to get around the good doctor's supposed disregard. I liked how Adam seemed to personify the emotions that David kept hidden, often even from himself. The sex is hotter than a firecracker. I look forward to more books from this author and highly recommend her."--Regina, Coffee Time Romance, 4 cups

"Isosceles Triangle is a cute, fun, futuristic romance that I highly enjoyed. Ms. Alan makes the unbelievable believable in this fast paced, well-written story. Isosceles Triangle is not appropriate for readers under seventeen however as it contains explicit sex scenes with a menage theme. I enjoyed it immensely and would be happy to read more stories by Ms. Alan."--Sandi Potterman, Romance Junkies, 4 ribbons

Chapter One

"Are you ready for this?" Dr. David Isosceles McAllister asked.

Chelsea Dawson sighed. Time to put on her 'professional face.' As Dr. David led her over to the large steel table in the center of his lab, she sighed again. He wouldn't notice her facial expression anyway. When he did look at her, he saw another piece of equipment, there for the sole purpose of completing his work.

"Yes, Dr. McAllister. I'm ready." Was she ready? Dr. David had no idea how ready. Unfortunately, what she was ready for and what he prepared to unveil were not even in the same laboratory.

"I've done it this time," Dr. McAllister said, his voice the most excited she'd ever heard it. "Someday you'll say you knew me when I was just an unknown scientist, slaving away in a clone lab, dreaming the impossible dream."

"I can say that now." How many times had she listened to his hopes and dreams of success? He'd never talked about any of his dreams beyond science. No hopes of love, marriage ... sex.

Nope, Dr. David McAllister wanted one thing--he wanted to create a cyborg--metal exoskeleton surrounded by living tissue.

His work on the cyborg had begun ten years ago, and she'd seen the prototypes and this unveiling ceremony more times than she cared to count in the five years since she'd joined him. She'd become his assistant when he found he needed someone to keep up with his notes, organize things, and cook him meals so he could dedicate himself to the work.

And now, here she stood at another unveiling. Only this time, she didn't know if she would make it through his inevitable depression when it didn't work. Another failure would signal the bitter end to her patience. If things didn't change pretty soon, she was gone.

She'd lusted after him since the first day they'd met. He'd offered her the job, and she'd enthusiastically said yes, hoping that somewhere along the line she would break him out of this laboratory and into her bed.

Nothing like that had ever happened; he was a man of formulas and calculations; she wondered if he'd even noticed that she was a woman. Maybe I don't have what it takes to get a man. She'd thrown herself at him so many times, come onto him at every opportunity, and yet, here she stood, overlooked and untouched, watching as he prepared to pull another pristine white sheet off another cyborg body.

"Now," he said, stepping close to the table and taking hold of the sheet, "Stand right there so you can see. Cyborg #A3423 is different than any of the others I've created. This is my masterpiece."

With a flourish, he ripped the sheet away. On the table lay a man. Not just any man--an exact duplicate of the doctor himself.

Chelsea gasped before she could stop herself. It was him. Same sandy brown hair, same hazel green eyes, same tall, athletic build. Only this doctor was naked and staring straight up at the ceiling.

"I finally discovered the missing element. It was so simple, really..."

He droned on about his research, discoveries, mistakes and corrections, but Chelsea heard none of it. The thing lying on the table mesmerized her.

"It's not moving," she said.

"Not an 'it,' my dear," Dr. McAllister said. "He. He breathes, he eats, and he shits. He will function exactly as a human being. So I named him after the first human being. His name is Adam." And with that, David clicked a small, black plastic device in his hand.

Adam blinked, and Chelsea nearly jumped out of her skin. None of the other cyborgs had done more than smoke, crackle and fizzle out under the spray of a well-aimed fire extinguisher. Adam turned toward her and smiled.

She'd never seen David smile in all the time she'd worked for him. The skin around his eyes crinkled with a friendly grin, and the intensity of his seductive gaze intoxicated her. Adam lifted his hand and touched her face.

"Wow," she whispered.

"Exactly," Dr. McAllister said. "Adam, sit up and talk to my nice assistant."

She wanted to frown at the 'nice assistant' comment. What was she, a dog? His nice little pet? But watching Adam rise and step down from the table kept her face frozen in shock.

Adam stood directly in front of her, completely naked, and sporting the largest erection she'd ever seen. "Hello."

The voice was David's, but she'd never heard Dr. McAllister's voice sound like that before. The velvety smoothness of the one simple word made her think of coffee liqueur--warm, rich, potent. As the cyborg took her other hand in his and gently squeezed them both, she knew that this experiment wasn't another failure after all--David had actually done it this time.

She tried to glance again at the cyborg's erection without David noticing. If this was truly an exact replica of Dr. McAllister ... well, maybe she should reconsider leaving and give the good doctor another chance. But the doctor wasn't paying any attention to her; he was busy double-checking papers and jotting down notes out of the corner of her eye.

"You have a beautiful face," Adam said, slowly running the back of his hand across her cheek. "Porcelain."

"Yippee!" Dr. McAllister shouted, and began jumping around the room. "I did it! I really did it! Those idiots at the Science Journal are going to shit themselves when they see this! I'm going to go call them!" He turned, mumbling something about press kits and television interviews as he closed the door to the laboratory behind him.

Chelsea looked back at the cyborg. "Well, welcome to life, Adam ... such as it is."

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