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Egyptian Nights [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jinger Jackson

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
eBook Description: Sable Howard has been given the gift of a lifetime--an all expenses paid trip to Egypt. But the heat of the days are nothing compared to the hotter Egyptian Nights. Since she's arrived, she's been having dreams of an exotic man in a large palace ... dreams that leave her breathless. [WARNING: This title features strong sexual situations that may be offensive to some readers, including but not limited to: explicit depiction of sexual intercourse, ménage (f/m/f), and graphic sexual language.]

eBook Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: RP, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2008

12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Trembling inside, Sabola stared up at the sheer gauze that tented around the enormous bed. She was naked, her wrists bound by a silken cord tied to an ornately carved bar of wood above her head. Her legs, secured at the ankles to another board, left her spread wide.

A warm tear trickled down her cheek and dripped into the top of her ear. The man, the one before this one, had been so cruel. He also had bound her, but what he had done never brought pleasure to her, only to himself.

She turned her head to the side and spotted her new master sitting in a large chair, silently watching her. His dark hair hung to just past his shoulders, his chocolate eyes roamed over her body and a smile curled on his lips.

He rose and moved to her side.

His fingers gently stroked her face, sliding down her cheek and neck before coming to rest on her breast. He absently played with the nipple while staring into her eyes. He pressed his face to hers and slid his tongue in an outline of her lips.

"Sabola, my love. You have pleased me in every way. Now I will see that you know pleasure unlike you've ever known before."

He clapped his hands.

A slave entered the room. Wearing a plain white cotton tunic wrapped around her body and knotted at her neck, she dropped to her knees and bent forward, placing her head on the stone floor. She didn't speak, only awaited his command.

Sabola's gaze raced from the bowed girl to her master's face. "I do not understand. I thought you were going to--"

"You will my lovely. You will." He turned to the girl. "Remove your garment," he demanded.

The slave nodded and climbed to her feet, pulling at the knot binding the material. Sabola watched the cloth slide to the floor.

His eyes locked with hers as he pointed to the bed. "Get between her legs," he ordered the slave girl.

The girl crawled onto the bed and looked to the master.

"Kiss her."

Sabola felt shivers race up her spine as the girl's soft mouth press into her pussy. She tried to pull the restraints, but they wouldn't budge.

"More," the master demanded. "You need to make her squirm. Feel every inch of her. Taste her sweet nectar."

The girl's warm tongue darted up along Sabola's folds. Sliding a slender finger inside, the swirling of her tongue increased. A small wave of heat trickled out and the sounds of the servant sucking at her filled the room.

Sabola ground her hips, trying to push herself closer to the girl's face. A second finger joined the first and she moaned in ecstasy, shuddering as the pressure built.

She'd never felt like this before. She couldn't catch her breath.

"Oh please, I ... need ... ahh!" she bucked and strained more. She was so close. It was mounting and she needed release.

"Stop," the master commanded.

The girl moved back, leaving a throbbing emptiness.

Sabola thought she'd go insane. "Please!" she begged.


The slave girl returned, licking and probing Sabola's core until waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her.

When the master joined her on the bed, Sabola was sure she'd soon feel the exquisite thrust of him inside. She opened her eyes enough to see his hand on the back of the girl's head, holding her closer, forcing her face deeper into the swollen folds. Another gush of heated moisture spilled out.

"Use this," she heard him say.

Hard metal pressed into her, rolling into her pussy as the girl moved the heqa rod. All the orgasms she'd enjoyed moments before were nothing compared to this. The cold metal against the hot skin was enough to brand her. She thrust her hips up against it and the rod entered deeper.

The master's fingers joined the scepter between her legs. Holding her pussy lips open, his thumb began rubbing the nub of flesh as the heqa slid in and out. Tossing her head back and forth, her body violently trembled with each wave.

She was lost. All she knew were the sensual pleasures filling her. She couldn't have stopped if she wanted to. It felt too good! Never had anyone touched her like this. It was driving her beyond wild.

Through her lashes, she saw the master shove the girl out of the way. He withdrew the heqa and before Sabola could think, he was there between her legs, ramming inside her. He tangled his fingers into her hair as he thrust himself deeper and harder.

She screamed as she reached climax, and felt his body shudder as he did the same.

* * * *

Another day in an Egyptian paradise.

Sable Howard moved among the tables of cloth and ancient pottery. She loved the shopping in Cairo, especially with the many treasures that could be found at the souq. There was something about the old outdoor markets that made her feel like she had stepped back in time.

Some stalls held modern technological devices, but for the most part, the tables under rainbow hued tents contained imitations of ancient artifacts, hand forged jewelry, Hijabs, and Arabesque jackets. Cartouche pins and rings also seemed to be popular, as were the silver cuffs and bands. While those all interested her, Sable preferred shopping the antique shops hidden throughout the market.

A warm breeze caressed her legs, swayed the fabric of her shorts, and ruffled the hair around her face. She brushed the tendrils away and headed toward a small strip of brick and mortar buildings. Wandering the dim alley, she spotted a small antique store. Intrigued, she entered the dark shop.

As she scanned the items on display, her hands roamed over the many smaller trinkets resting in the hand-woven reed baskets. When her finger connected with a piece of copper, she lifted it up and took a close look at the almost three inch wide arm cuff.

"How much?" she called out.

The proprietor stepped out from behind a gauze curtain, saw what she held and smiled. "For you, seventy-five American dollars," he answered.

Haggling was something she'd learned the sellers enjoyed immensely, so she jumped in with enthusiasm. "I'll pay you fifteen."

He placed a hand to his heart. "Too low, I have to feed my family. Sixty."


He shook his head. "My family needs the money. Fifty-five."

She felt it was too much for what was probably a junk piece of copper designed to attract the less well-versed tourist into thinking they'd purchased a real treasure. Still the piece evoked something inside. An urge to own it took control.

"Twenty five" she countered.


She paused and put the bangle back in its place. "Too much." She turned to walk away.

"Twenty-five, deal," the little man uttered.

She paid him, placed the bangle on her wrist, and slid it up to her forearm.

"Have a nice day," she called over her shoulder as she walked away. When he grumbled a comment about food stolen from his children's mouths, she couldn't help but grin.

Heading back toward the hotel, the metal of the bracelet suddenly began to burn her arm. Struggling to remove the band, she found it had shrunk in size. The thought of having it cut off flashed through her mind, but she pushed it aside. She hadn't paid twenty-five dollars just to have it ruined less than twenty minutes after she bought it!

She hurried back to her room, hoping if she slathered her arm with soap, she could slip it off.

Running her arm under the faucet, she scrubbed repeatedly, making her skin slick with suds. She yanked at the bracelet.

Wait! It budged, only slightly, but it had moved!

She tugged and jerked until finally, the band slid down her arm and hung loosely at her elbow. Pulling the cuff off, she turned it over and over, studying it intently. The band seemed to be brighter. She tilted it toward the light of the room, noting that it gleamed more like gold than the copper piece she'd purchased. Inside the band were strange hieroglyphs.

Reading the inscription, she was captivated. "Tah seembw Rahm," she murmured.

The symbol of Rem.

Rem? She'd never heard of that one before. Examining the glyphs further, she learned that Rem was some sort of ancient, leader? No. Pharaoh. He'd lost ... heart. He lost heart? His heart?

The glyphs weren't completely clear and she was having trouble making out the images.

But she had to know what it said.

Sable left her hotel and went in search of Dr. Haliz at the local museum.

Dr. Lukman Haliz was the expert when it came to ancient Egypt. If it could be known, he knew it. If he didn't know about this Rem then the man had never existed and the hieroglyphs were forged.

She went down the tiny stairwell and entered the bowels of the museum. Down here among the crates and dust, Dr. Haliz worked in peace, every day learning something new about the ancient ones.

The door to the artifacts room was open and she couldn't stop from peaking in. This is where they kept all the treasures to clean and restore before placing them on display.

Deciding she had a moment to spare, she walked in and surveyed all the riches. A large worktable at the very back drew her attention. A heqa, the cane scepter held by an ancient pharaoh, was in mid-restoration.

She maneuvered around tables and crates of artifacts to take a closer look. The satin smooth gold was beginning to gleam again. Unable to resist the urge, she traced the bands of lapis lazuli as it wound up the shaft of the large hook-shaped rod.

Images from her dream flashed through her mind.

Her breath was stolen and her legs turned to rubber. No longer able to support her weight, she leaned against the workbench. Her pussy suddenly throbbed and ached to be filled.

Was this the heqa from her dream?

"It's not possible," she whispered as she stroked the tip of the crook.

Almost every pharaoh had a heqa, and for the most part, the scepters all looked the same. There were subtle differences from one ruler to the other, like some had the lapis in a thinner line, or another might have decorative jewels and gems like Nubian amethyst, diamonds or rubies, but they were all basically the same scepter.

The heqa in her hand was polished gold inlaid with lapis and gemstones. Between the strips of blue were small engraved hieroglyphs of the gods, showing respect and brotherhood.

Sable turned the staff upside down. On the bottom was a faint outline of the god Thoth, the ibis-headed god of wisdom. Again the feeling of familiarity washed over her.

It was the same one.

Sweat dripped down the back of her neck and her hands shook, but all she could think of was how to satisfy the flood of desire pounding within. What the hell was wrong with her? She needed something to alleviate the urge now.

The heqa glinted in the light, almost mocking her. The object that had gotten her off in the dream was within reach and she couldn't do a damn thing about it.

Sable rolled her head back on her shoulders and her neck gave a light crack. She kneaded her fingers into the back of her skull and tried to release some of the tension. "Ugh."

She had to get out of there.

Placing the scepter back in place, she rushed from the room and headed down the hall to Lukman's office.

She rapped on his door as she opened it. "Dr. Haliz?"

"Back here."

Sable found him searching through his library of books. He didn't bother to glance her way as she approached. She greeted him with a peck on the cheek, but he waved her off.

Not a bit discouraged by his gruff demeanor, she smiled. "I've been shopping this morning and found something I'm very curious about."

"And what was that?" he asked, his fingers still gliding over the many bindings that lined the shelves.

She pulled the bangle out of her purse and practically thrust it under his nose. "It says something about 'Rem.' Do you know who he was?"

His books momentarily forgotten, he took the bracelet and studied it closely. He then tapped it on the tip of his nose and stared into the ceiling, in the classic 'I'm thinking' Haliz pose.

When a minute passed and he didn't reply, she wondered if he'd forgotten she was there.

He took a breath and looked down at her. "There is rumor of a man named Neremhotep. According to legend, he was an heir to the throne of Maligadeth. He only served as pharaoh for a short time before he vanished from history. He was on the throne just prior to the Hyksos invasion. You remember the Hyksos?"

Dr. Haliz was getting off track again, but she had to answer out of respect for him. Well, respect and the urge to prove she hadn't forgotten his last lecture. "Right. The Asiatic ones who came to power about the end of the seventeenth century. Weren't they Semitic people?"

"I'm pleased you paid attention," his smile was bright and he had a twinkle in his eye. "Very likely Semitic. Anyway, the few ancient references that were made to this Neremhotep branded him a coward."

"So where can I find out more about this man?"

He chuckled. "There is nothing more to learn, that is it. He lived and died, end of story."

She remained unconvinced. "There must be more."

Shaking his head, he handed the bracelet back to her. "The curse of the old, to know more than the young, but be ignored. The curse of the young, to think they know it all. Suit yourself, investigate, hunt, do what you wish. But I tell you there is no more."

Sable turned to walk out. "Thank you Dr. Haliz. I'll leave you to your work."

"If you learn there is more, be sure to come and tell me. If you learn there is no more, come and I shall say I told you so," he called as she shut the door.

She laughed and went back up to the main floor. There had to be more, she felt it in her bones.

Walking back to the hotel, she passed another peddler's square. Tented stalls were set up with people selling all manner of objects, from animals to spices, fabric to metals, and costume jewelry to old books. She paused. Books were one of her weaknesses, and old books were better still.

Approaching a stall, she began looking through the worn covers. Some had been brightly colored at one time. She spied a single edition at the bottom of the pile and picked it up. It was at least one hundred years old.

Just as she opened the book, a warm breeze blew, fluttering the delicate pages. The hair on the back of her neck prickled as the sheets of paper came to rest. She skimmed the content of the visible page and her heart jumped.

It was like some force was confirming there was more to the story and leading her right to it.

"Neremhotep, Rem, lost his heart. It is said that loosing his heart meant he'd turned coward in the face of great adversity. However, it is truly to be known that he lost his love, she who was his heart. The description of this noble lady has never been found, but it is to be understood that she meant all to him and when she was lost, so was his will for life."

She started to put the book down, but an overwhelming urge inside her wouldn't allow her fingers to release it. Instead, she paid for the book and headed back to the hotel.

In her room, she sat down on the sofa, her new purchase in hand. Once more, a breeze filled the room and the book opened to the page on Neremhotep.

She glanced around. Another gentle gust caressed her cheek and she shivered despite its warmth. "Okay, that's just freaky," she remarked to the empty room as she settled in to study the writings.

There was no description of Rem included in the text, but at the bottom of the page was a paragraph that snagged her attention.

"Legend claims that there was a trinket of some design created by the gods and it would be given to the reincarnate of Neremhotep's beloved. One day Neremhotep will be reborn and reunited with her."

Sitting the book down on the table, she reached for the bracelet. It warmed in her hand and her breath caught. A chill raced down her spine as an image of herself and the man from her dreams danced in her mind. They were seated on the banks of the river, his arms wrapped around her, confessing his love to her.

"Stop it," she shouted. Her imagination was quickly running away from her. It was almost as if, just for a split second, she was the woman and the bracelet was the gift from the gods.

She sat the band down on the top of the closed book and rose to shut the blinds against the glaring sun. Suddenly, her eyelids became heavy and she collapsed back onto the sofa.

* * * *

An exotic scent of sweet, delicate sandalwood mingled with the fruity fragrance of the majestic blue lotus flowers filling the room around her. Sheer gauze fabric hung from the ceiling and flittered in the warm breeze. In the center of the alabaster marble floor sat a large bed.

When he entered, she dropped to her knees.

He came over and placed his hand under her chin, urging her to her feet. His hand trailed down her neck to her chest.

"Lovely. Since I first saw you in Tal Madid Delama's services, I knew I wanted you."

She trembled beneath his touch. He was so powerful, but his touch was so gentle. When he leaned in to kiss her, a shiver raced up her spine.

"You fear me?"

She met his gaze. "No."

The smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Good."

He pressed his lips against hers, his tongue dipping inside her mouth and back out. His hands roamed over her body, touching as he willed. "Sweet honeyed nectar. I want to taste all of you."

When he pulled away, she felt cold, empty. "I displease you?"

"Not yet. Undress me."

Heat flared on her cheeks, there was no choice but to do his bidding, but it still unnerved her. Her former master hadn't always been gentle and he took great pleasure in her humiliation. But Neremhotep was kind. He was taking his time and she felt no fear as she obeyed his command.

She undid the knot of fabric at his waist and the shendoh glided to the floor. She then unfastened the pectoral and removed the royal circlet from his throat. Soon, he was standing before her, gloriously naked and she drank in the sight of him.

His cock was long and thick. It both excited and frightened her.

"Now undress yourself."

She nodded, trying desperately to still her shaking fingers long enough to reveal her body to him. His hand slipped over hers and she met his eyes. Would he punish for her failure to obey?

"I am most unworthy."

His smile wasn't cruel. "We shall see."

Tugging gently, the material slipped away. He stepped back and studied her body in every detail. "Perfect, lovely. Go to my bed."

She dropped her gaze to the floor, recalling once more that she was merely a slave. He owned her as he owned all else in the land. Still, he would be a kind master; she knew it in her heart.

On the bed, he lay down beside her and she felt desire for him mounting. His hands slid between her legs and his fingers trailed up inside her. He slipped one into the silky folds of flesh, stroking and caressing as molten heat filled her and pooled between her thighs.

He added a second finger and she felt desire spiral deeper. "Please, oh, please," she grabbed onto him, beseeching for the pleasured release that he was promising.

He took a nipple into his mouth and suckled while his fingers continued their penetration. She moaned and clawed at him. She needed more.

* * * *

Sable sat up, her body damp with a fine layer of perspiration, her breathing labored, her body burning. She still trembled from the erotic dream. The unfulfilled desires made her feel hollow and she longed for satisfaction.

Damn, what had happened to her?

That book, the story, her imagination, all joined to cause the dream. That was it. Sure, that was it. Okay, so she hadn't owned the book or the bracelet when the dreams began, but she'd go with it.

Shaking her head, she shifted to relieve the discomfort. Once her body had cooled, she stood and retrieved the book.

She carefully skimmed the yellowed pages. Inside were names, charcoal images, but nothing more on Rem. It wasn't unusual for information to be lost. There were new discoveries being made every day.

The memory of the dream pushed in at the edges of her brain, coming on so strongly, her legs went weak. She dropped to her knees. Closing her eyes, she rested her head on the sofa cushions, trying to regain her control over her emotions and her body.

She was immediately drawn back into the dream images.

* * * *

Her master was on the bed before her, naked. His eyes opened to mere slits, and the smile that curved his lips was more sensual than any she'd seen before.

He summoned her forward.

She had no will but his. She approached the bed and knelt before him. His fingers tangled in her hair and drew her face close to his cock. She opened her mouth and took him in, slowly working her tongue in circles around the tip, then sliding back out. She tasted him again and again until a soft moan escaped his lips.

Suddenly she felt raised above her lowly station. No longer was she a mere slave girl. She was the one who ruled both heaven and earth. His grip on her hair tightened, and the salty tang of his cum was released inside her mouth.

"Now my lovely. Come up here."

She climbed onto the bed beside him.

"Remember what I did to you yesterday?"

Her face flushed. She remembered the feeling of his fingers stroking her. "Yes," she whispered.

"You do that."

She wasn't sure she could. "But I--"

His raised hand cut off any further protest. "It is my command."

Lying back on the pillow, she slid a hand down to the juncture between her thighs and imitated his actions, exploring her body with a hesitant touch.

"Feel yourself, Sabola."

She closed her eyes and caressed the nub of sensitive skin buried inside the warm folds. She took it between her forefinger and thumb, gently rolling it until a wave of heat like the desert wind scorched through her body.

"That's right my love," he purred near her ear.

"It feels so..." her insides shook and rush of warm moisture soaked her hand. She moaned in ecstasy.

He pressed his lips against the side of her face and kissed her. His large hand trailed down to join hers and together, they brought her body to orgasm.

His hand returned to her face and outlined her lips with his creamy finger, then gently urging her mouth open. She sucked on his finger, tasting herself on his skin. The musky smell of sex all over his hand made her body yearn for more.

* * * *

Sable's eyes flew open, her body shaking from the assault on her senses. Her hand roamed down and she pressed it against the crotch of her shorts. The slight pressure did nothing but fuel her hunger more.

"Stop, dammit!"

Lifting herself off the floor, she went to the sink and splashed cold water over her face and neck. She didn't go in for the whole 'do it yourself' pleasure. She'd never had a BOB; she'd never really been interested in one. But now the urge to get one flooded her.

She couldn't just walk down the street and find a sex toy shop. She could almost imagine the faces of the local merchants as she asked for a battery-operated boyfriend. The images of their shocked faces made her laugh aloud.

Outside, the sun was dipping over the horizon and soon, the heat of the day would be replaced by the chill of the night. But nothing would be enough to cool her from the images that had melted her core.

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