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His Wife's Punishment: An Erotic Classic [MultiFormat]
eBook by Anonymous

eBook Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica
eBook Description: She Paid for Her Transgressions with Bondage and Whippings! When a wife is caught shoplifting, the store detectives force her to serve them sexually in return for going free. When her husband discovers what has happened, he decides to teach her to walk the straight and narrow with a special program of training and punishments. Soon bondage and discipline have taught her to submit to her newly dominant husband. Now she is completely submissive to every stroke of his lash, eager to fulfill his every demand. And he has plenty of demands to make. A 1970s classic written in the strong language of the era.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2008

26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


The guards pushed Sherry into the office and locked the door behind them. Then they dragged her to the center of the room. She was scared out of her mind. Both of them were tall and stocky and she knew there was no way she could escape. They caught her shoplifting and now she had to pay for it. She thought of her husband, Dan. He would kill her if he ever found out.

"Get against the wall," the older guard said. The look on his face was so cruel and hard that Sherry had to turn away from his gaze.

"Why?" she said. She brushed her long red hair over her shoulders and tried to look defiant. Then she saw the other guard, the one with the thick mustache and the long dark hair, leering at her. He stared at her tight blouse without even trying to hide it. His eyes were glued to her huge tits.

"We're going to search you," he said. "That's why."

Sherry backed away from them. "You can't do that," she said. "You're supposed to have a woman for that kind of thing."

"Looks like we got a tough bitch here, Steve," the older guard said. "Take care of her."

"Sure, Al, you're the boss," he said. Steve grabbed Sherry's wrist and twisted it hard. The next thing she knew she was right against the wall. The longhaired guard spread her arms and her legs wide apart so that she had to lean against the wall with her palms flat out. Sherry tried to get away from him but he slammed her back against the wall. "You just stay put until we're finished with you, honey. We saw you take all that stuff and now we're going to find it."

"Try anything and I'll scream," Sherry said. She thought of all the things she'd taken from the main floor of the department store. The bra that she'd stuffed down her jeans, and the jewelry that she put into her purse when she thought no one was looking. They'd find it all. "I'm warning you," she said. "I'll scream!"

"Go ahead and scream all you want. No one will hear you. This room is soundproofed." Steve slid his hands up and down her thighs, as if he really was searching her. But then his fingers gripped her flesh through her tight pants.

He slid his hand around to the front and then reached down into her jeans. He pulled out the frilly red bra that she stuffed down her pants. "Nice piece of evidence," he said, and threw it to the floor. He moved closer to her and now she could feel the hard bulge in his crotch press against her ass. "We got you, baby. We got you."

Sherry turned her head over her shoulder and saw the cruel smile on his face. Then she saw Al over at the desk. He had her purse emptied on the surface. And he was looking through her wallet. "Married, huh?" he said. "Guess we'll just have to give your husband a call."

"No!" Sherry said. "Don't. Please don't."

Al laughed. He stood right next to her by the wall. "Sorry, honey, but we have to report you. It's the rules."

Steve's hands slid up her stomach and then cupped her huge tits, squeezing them through her blouse. His prick grew harder and throbbed against her butt. "Unless you want to be nice to us," he said. "Then, maybe we won't call your husband."

"I'll do anything you want," Sherry said. "Anything." She knew they were just after her ass. And there was no way she could stop them from getting it.

"Good," Al said. A wicked smile broke out on his dark, unshaved face. He ran his hands through his short gray hair and then clasped them behind his neck. "Strip for us, honey. Let's see what you got."

Steve stepped away from her. "Come on, bitch. Strip!"

Sherry unclasped her jeans and pushed them down to her thighs. She saw both of the guards staring at her firm rounded ass cheeks. Her black panties were transparent and the silky material clung to her ass. "Promise me you won't tell my husband," she said. "Just promise me."

"Shut up and strip, bitch!" Al said. "Unless you want some help."

"No," Sherry said. "I'll do it." But before she could do anything Steve grabbed her waist and turned her around so that she faced Al. He tore at her white blouse and pulled it wide open. She struggled with Steve, trying to break his grip, but his fingers dug right into her flesh. Al grabbed her huge tits in his hands and mauled them. His fingers dipped under the skimpy black cups and scratched at her firm fleshy mounds.

When they had her down to just her panties and bra they pushed her back to the center of the room. "Get down on your knees where you belong, bitch!"

She hesitated a few seconds too long. Steve clamped both hands down on her shoulders and pushed her to the floor. "Do what we say, honey. Or else."

As she knelt there in front of them both guards unzipped their pants. They took out their hard pricks and waved them in front of her face. She could see the hard veins surging and throbbing, and there were already drops of liquid seeping out of the fleshy tips.

Al sat down on the couch in one corner of the room. He was naked from the waist down and his thick cock stuck straight up in the air. "Get over here and suck it," he said. "Take it in your fucking mouth and blow me!"

Sherry started to get up on her feet.

"Crawl over," Al said.

She got back down on her hands and knees and crawled across the hard wood floor. Her huge tits flopped out of the bra and jiggled in the air as she made her way towards Al. Both men laughed at her and made her feel like a slut. But she had to go through with it.

She knelt in front of his wide open legs and reached for his prick. It throbbed in her hand, and even though she was forced to do it, she felt a thrill run through her body as she grabbed his meat. Her fingers flew up and down the long wet shaft, jerking it off. She watched his hairy nuts jump up and down with each stroke.

"Eat my cock, honey," he said. He grabbed her head and shoved it down onto his prick. The hard wet cockmeat split her mouth open and shot deep into her throat. Sherry sucked on it as hard as she could while she pounded the base of his shaft up and down with her tight fist. "Oh, she's good. She's a real cocksucker, this one. Looks like we lucked out again, Steve," he said. He moved his hips up and down, fucking her mouth while he pushed her head hard against his groin.

While her cheeks bulged with hard wet prick, Sherry heard Steve coming up behind her. His hands slid under her black panties and then rolled them down her thighs. The material was taut on her legs as he spread her thighs apart.

"What a nice fucking ass," he said. "Baby, you're going to love this."

Sherry felt his hard thick tip press against her asshole. She shuddered and tried to move away but he grabbed her hips and held her still. His prick slid up and down her crack, getting her all wet. His balls slapped on her firm round skin over and over while he prodded her asshole.

She grunted when he forced the tip of his prick into her hole. It burned and throbbed inside of her tight ass, splitting her apart with each hard wet push. It was thick and hot and hard as a rock. She could feel it surging and growing inside of her tunnel.

Al made her bob her head up and down, sucking on the full length of his prick. He brought her head all the way up so that her lips sucked on the fleshy tip, and then he slammed her face way back down, fucking her as hard as he could. His cock bashed in and out of her lips really fast, making her gag and drool on his cockmeat. "Come on, honey. Lick my fucking prick. Show me what you, can do ... Ahhh, suck it, you bitch. Suck it up!"

Sherry swirled her togue around his cock while she blew him, taking the throbbing meat as far down into her throat as she could. His nuts slapped against her lips while he held her head to his crotch.

She couldn't move at all. All she could do was suck and squirm as the two guards battered away at her holes with their stiff pricks.

The cock in her ass moved from left to right as Steve pried her cheeks apart, making her asshole get wider and wider. He plunged his stiff prick all the way into her asshole in one sudden shove.

Sherry groaned in pain. She tried to scream for him to stop fucking her ass but all that came out of her was a strangled gasp.

"She likes it," Steve said. "Listen to the slut squeal for it."

"Yeah, she's a real cock lover. Aren't you baby?" Al said.

He pulled her long red hair and lifted her head up.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, I love it."

He held his prick and led it back to her mouth. The thick wet tip slid across her lips and then he stuck it back into her mouth.

Steve slid his hands up her hips and then tore her black bra off of her. He dug his fingers into her huge firm tits and squeezed as hard as he could. The pain shot through her and made her groan even louder. "That's right, baby," Steve said. "Let's hear you moan. Let's hear you beg for it."

Sherry sighed and gasped and sucked as hard as she could. She wanted to get it over with as fast as possible, hoping they would let her go when they were finished with her body. She writhed and gasped as they fed her their hard pricks.

Steve's hands slid up and down her tits, making them jiggle back and forth. Then he pinched her nipples really hard. Sherry bucked up and down, trying to get away from his squeezing fingers but she couldn't. Over and over he tormented her, hurting her with his hands while he pounded away at her asshole with his hard stiff prick. It shot in and out of her so fast that her whole body shook with each murderous stroke.

Bit by bit the pain turned into pleasure. And Sherry moved hard against them. Her cunt was dripping wet, full of hunger for a stiff cock. She sucked on the prick in her mouth really loud, slurping and pulling it way back into her throat. Saliva dripped out of her mouth while she jerked and sucked off Al's thick wet prick.

She pushed her hips back against Steve, trapping his cock deep in her ass. The wet tip throbbed against her hole, and she felt like he was going to push it through her and tear her apart. But the hot meat sloshing in and out of her ass made her feel nothing but pleasure now. Her hole was so tight, and his cock was so hard and wet that the friction of each stroke sent a thrill through her. She lifted her hips up and down for him, rolled them left and right, while he hammered away at her asshole.

"Ohhh, what a tight bitch!" Steve said. "What a piece of ass." He jammed his prick all the way into her asshole and kept it there. Then he pulled back on her hips, moving them up and down on his cock.

Sherry's red hair danced across Al's hairy legs as she sucked on his prick. She jerked him off as hard as she could while she stuffed the long meat into her mouth. She closed her lips tight around it and slurped hotly. She could feel his prick quiver and grow inside her sucking mouth, "Uhhhhh, uhhhhh," she moaned, as she took it down her throat. She cupped his nuts and rolled them in her fingers while he fed his prick into her mouth.

"Ohhh, bitch, here it comes," Al said. "Here it comes, you fucking slut." He grabbed her hair again and pulled her off of his cock so that her mouth was just an inch away from his throbbing cocktip. She jerked it off fast, slapping it in her hand as hard as she could. A thick hot gob of cum squirted into her wide open lips. The cream splattered onto her tongue and then slithered down her throat. Gush after gush spit out of his cock and filled her mouth. She swallowed the big pool of his semen. His cock sprayed all over her face. The cream splashed onto her nose and her chin and then dripped down onto her bobbling tits.

"You fucking little slut!" he said. "Ohhh, you big-titted bitch! Eat it! Eat it!"

She stuffed it all the way back into her mouth and sucked up the rest of his cream. Then he pulled it out and ran it around her face. It was still hard and throbbing as she pounded her fist up and down the wet sticky meat. He leaned back into the couch and groaned while she licked and jerked his cock.

A long shudder ran through her body as Steve pierced her asshole with his cock. He drew it almost all the way out of her butt and then slammed it back in as hard as he could. He did it over and over until she grunted with pain and pleasure.

"Fuck it," she said. "Fuck my ass! Ohhh, it feels so good. So damn good!"

"You fucking whore," he said, slamming his meat into her asshole. "You love it, don't you? You love getting it in the ass."

"Yes," she said. "I love it. Fuck me. Stick it all the way in. Come in my ass, come in my fucking ass!" She moved her ass in a circular motion tugging on his swollen prick with her ass muscles, milking it as hard as she could. Her cunt was dripping wet now and she could feel it dripping down her legs. All that pussy juice seeped out of her slit and made her thighs all sticky.

"Do it," she said. "Fuck me! Rape me! Tear me apart with your cock!" While he fucked her asshole she beat up and down on Al's cock, pulling it close to her mouth and running it all over her lips. Two hard cocks, she thought. Two hard cocks fucking her. It was ecstasy! Nothing but pleasure.

"Here it comes, whore! Here it comes! Right up your asshole!"

"Fuck it! Fuck me good!"

He shot off into her asshole in gush after gush of hot sticky semen. The globs of cream splashed into her ass and dripped out of her hole with each stroke of his prick. His nuts slapped against her ass, getting sticky with the cum that spilled out of her.

"Uhhhh, I love it," she said. "I love it. It's so hot and wet."

"Take it all, you bitch!"

"Yes, ohhhhh, uhhhhh, fuck me. Fuck me! Cream my fucking asshole. I love it!"

His prick split her apart. His strokes grew harder and harder. Soon her body swung back and forth with each shove of his wet, spitting prick. Her tits bounced up and down while she rode his cock. The cum squirted into her in hot gobs. Then bit by bit she felt the stream of semen slow down. The spurts were farther apart now. She reached behind her and grabbed his nuts, milking him for more hot cream. She wrapped her fist around the base of his shaft and jerked it off. His cock rammed against her butt while she squeezed the last few drops of cream into her sore tight asshole.

Steve rammed his prick into her asshole a few more times and then pulled it out of her tight wet opening. Sherry slid her hand up and down the wet shaft and wiped the cum off it. She licked her fingers clean of semen.

Steve and Al stood in front of her, their long cocks dangling in her face. She stared at the wet pricks that had just emptied into her holes. And now she wanted to feel one of them in her cunt.

"Get down on your back," Steve said.

Sherry rolled over onto her back. She slid her hand between her legs and then rubbed her drippy slit. "Put it in me," she said. "I want it bad!"

"Tough," Al said. "You do what WE say."

She looked up at them, and now she was getting nervous. They weren't laughing at her anymore. And then she saw Steve pull a camera out of the desk.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I'm not letting you do that."

"Yeah?" Steve said. "Then maybe we'll just have to give your husband a call and let him know what you've been doing."

"Fingerfuck yourself, honey," Al said. "Just keep it up."

Sherry stuck her finger into her cunt. She slid it in and out, obeying them. But at the same time it felt good. She could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy. Her black panties were still stretched across her smooth thighs and the pressure on her skin felt good.

Steve knelt down and pointed the camera at her. "That's it," he said. "Stick your fingers in there, slut. Fuck your cunt." He snapped a few pictures of her with her hand between her legs.

Al moved to her head and dangled his cock in front of her face. "Give it some more sucking, bitch," he said. Sherry was scared. She knew the pictures would get worse and worse. She turned her head away from his cock.

"Eat it, you whore!" he said. He brought her head right next to his crotch and battered away at her face with his cock. Then he forced it into her mouth. "Jerk it off, too, baby. Make it look good."

She grabbed his prick and pumped it while he fed it into her mouth. She felt it grow hard after just a few sucks, and then it stuck into her, firm and long again.

Steve took more pictures of her, catching her with a mouthful of stiff cock. Her finger pressed her swollen clit and then rubbed it back and forth. Waves of pleasure poured through her. And then she forgot all about the camera. She sucked on his prick and fingered herself, bucking up and down on the floor. "Ummmm, uhhhhh, ahhhh," she moaned as she blew him. His long prick slid in and out of her lips, making her cheeks bulge with each stroke. She bobbed her head up and down, taking the full length of his meat down into her throat. The warm wet flesh felt good in her mouth as it darted over her tongue. Hot and thick and wet, she thought. Just like her cunt.

Then she felt the pleasure building up inside of her. She fingered herself as fast as she could, sticking her hand inside her wide open cunt. The hot liquid gushed out of her pussy and drench her fingers. Her cheeks moved in and out as she sucked on his hot cock.

Another series of spasms went through her body, making her jerk and twitch all over the floor. The wild movements of her bobbing head made Al lose control and he flooded her mouth with cum.

Before she could swallow it all he pulled his prick out of her lips and then jerked off his cock. The hard long flesh pulsed and throbbed as he shot off all over her big jiggling tits. White gobs of cum slithered down her jugs as his prick pressed into her tits. Sherry moaned and squirmed and then smeared the cum all over her stomach and her chest.

Steve took more pictures of her as she rolled on the floor, covered with cum, pulling on the thick prick that stuck into her tits. "Now it's my turn," he said. He handed the camera to Al and then made Sherry turn over onto her stomach. He spread her legs out wide and then stuck his cock into her drippy cunt. She was flat on the floor, with her bare tits sliding across the hard wood, her arms spread out on both sides. His prick slammed in and out of her pussy, pinning her as she squealed and moaned with pleasure.

She heard the clicks of the camera as Al took pictures of Steve fucking her on the floor. But she didn't care. At least not now. She opened and closed her legs, putting as much pressure on the thick prick in her cunt as possible.

"Uhhhh, stick it in me!" she cried. "Stick it in my fucking cunt!"

"Sure, bitch. Take it, you slut. Take it all the way!" He gripped her hips and pulled them up and down, raising her off the floor so he could force his prick deeper inside of her. Then he slid his hands under her and mauled her tits. His fingers dug into her flesh, scratching and squeezing, pulling her tits far apart.

"Come on, whore, move it! Move your fucking ass."

Sherry bucked against him, sliding and squirming on the floor while he filled her cunt with his hot prick. She wiggled her hips in a circle and tugged on his meat. He grunted and then jammed it into her all the way. A flood of cream spurted into her pussy and then gushed out of her cunt hole and dripped down her thighs. "Uhhhh, you fucking whore, you fucking whore," he said, humping her until the last drops of semen seeped into her juicy slit. As soon as he was through fucking her he pulled his cock out of her hole and pushed her away from him. "Okay, bitch, you can go now. We got what we want."

Sherry got up from the floor and put oh her clothes. There was cum all over her body, dripping down her tits and her thighs, and it got her clothes all wet.

She started to leave the office.

"Wait a second, you slut," Al said. "Come over here and take a look at this."

Sherry went over to the desk. She saw a list of names on a sheet of paper. All of them were women. Her name was on the bottom. Next to it was her address, her phone number, and her husband's name. The information came from her wallet.

"Just remember that we know where you live, baby," Al said. "And we've got some pictures that are going to be pretty interesting when we get them developed."

Sherry knew that she wasn't the only girl they did this to. They probably had pictures of all the chicks that they had caught shoplifting. And they were all blackmailed into sex, just like Sherry.

Steve came up behind her and slid his hand across her chest. His fingers clamped onto her huge tits. "From now on you're ours, slut. Any time we want it, you better come running. Or else."

Sherry backed away from him. She knew what he said was true. They were going to use her again, she thought, and next time it would probably be a lot worse.

As she left the office and went back out into the department store she looked back at the wall. She saw the long one way mirror right where their office was. That was how they caught her. And she thought she'd been so smart when she tried to steal all that jewelry and the bra.

Just for thrills, she told herself. That was the only reason why she shoplifted. She had more than enough money to buy what she wanted. Dan made sure of that. He always gave her enough to spend. He would be mad as hell if he ever found out what she'd done.

And the only way to keep him from finding out was to go along with the guards. Anything they wanted to do to her they could, and she couldn't stop them. As she walked out of the store she almost burst into tears. But she held back. Even though she was scared and worried, she couldn't help thinking about the two hard cocks that had just made her into a slave. She loved it, she thought. She loved the way they made her take it in the ass and the mouth. She knew it was going to happen again.

She got into her car and drove home fast. She had to shower and wash off the cum before her husband got home. Or else he'd kill her.

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