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Slit-Pantie Honeymoon and Other Naughty Tales [MultiFormat]
eBook by M. J. Rennie

eBook Category: Erotica/Taboo Erotica
eBook Description: M. J. Rennie's books like Permission, Plus-Size Signe, and The Perfect Wife almost invariably feature a self-assured, sexually aware, and typically mature woman in full possession of her powers. Mix with a little light discipline and the result is a collection of fantasies that make you smile, turn you on, and linger in the memory. Meet the couple who spiced up their Nights of Nights with a "Slit-pantie Honeymoon." You will also enjoy "Honey Hole," "Plus-Size," "Parking with Eunice and Mortimer," "Lacy Sunday," "The Cheater," "Getting Some," "Night Deposit," and all the other stories in this stimulating collection. Find out why one Amazon.com reviewer said M. J. Rennie's stories are "haunting and well-written, chronicling the relationship between an eager, submissive man and a dominant, sophisticated woman."

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2008

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Although my family wasn't very happy about it, I did the same thing Raymond Chandler did: I married a woman eighteen years my senior. Still, I have no regrets. From the beginning my beautiful, dark-haired Victoria has made a much better mate than any of the babes my own age would have been.

Victoria insists that I perform cunnilingus on her every single day. I married her knowing that is exactly what would be expected of me.

Before finding me, Victoria was a doctor's wife. But after five years with him she decided she felt dead inside and threw him over. Her decision was a wise one.

He did not care to "go down" on Victoria. Go figure.

You might want to know about our honeymoon. It was a two-week stay in a luxury hotel in an otherwise sleepy coastal town. We arrived dressed in our wedding clothes--Victoria in her beautiful white gown and me in formal tux. We kissed passionately as we crossed the threshold. Once inside, Victoria literally threw herself on the bed.

"I can't wait any longer, darling," Victoria said, lifting the front of her wedding dress. "Kiss me between my legs."

Drawing the ruffled white gown up to her shoulders, Victoria revealed the most compelling sight I have ever seen. Beneath her wedding dress all she wore was a high waisted white satin panty, so thin and sheer as to be almost gossamer.

Without even removing my jacket, I dropped to my knees, gazing in rapture at this vision of superlative beauty. Victoria opened her legs and spread herself apart.

My breathing became labored when I realized her panty was slit so expertly the divide was at first impossible to see.

Impossible, that is, until she spread herself. Kneeling closer to her soft center, I inhaled the delicious fragrance of her womanly musk. The panty material puckered along the edges, displaying skin so cleanly shaven not a single hair obscured those pouting lips.

I marveled at how the skillful stitching of the slit in Victoria's panty made a bend around her red clitoris while down below another showed off her small, pink anus.

Bending forward, I was thrilled to see Victoria was already moist at her opening, so eager was she for my tongue.

Opening herself wider still, Victoria brought her legs up in the air. Her feet were on either side of my head, shod in white high heeled pumps. Locking her ankles behind my neck, Victoria pulled me forward and down. My tongue shot out and plunged deep within her. I tasted pure honey.

Caught in Victoria's strong grasp, I hung on for dear life as she bucked through a series of shattering orgasms.

Then, with my face drenched from her liquid, Victoria told me to climb upon her.

"Get undressed, darling," she said, undoing the snaps down the front of her gown. "I want your cock in me."

I stripped and stood naked over my lovely wife, my cock hard and ready. Victoria threw off her gown, bra, and garters, showing me her lush body, nude, except for the slit panty.

Holding her arms out, Victoria beckoned me forward, her legs wide apart. I got in between her legs, feeling the delicious warmth of her bare skin. My cock hesitated at the entrance to her juicy hole.

Victoria guided me in, pressing my buttocks roughly to force me all the way. The feeling of being absorbed by her velvet soft vagina was a shock that left me stunned. The moment we had so patiently awaited had at last arrived.

We looked into each other's eyes. Victoria's pupils were so widely dilated her brown eyes seemed black. We kissed and played with each other's tongues. I planted kisses on the sensitive lobes of her ears and let my tongue trace alongside her nose.

And then the thrusting began. Every push seemed to bring her another shuddering spasm. For me, it was nearly impossible to hold back. Despite several weeks of training, this first instance of intercourse was sensory overload.

"I can't hold it..." I whimpered.

Victoria bit my ear lobe and whispered: "Then let it come, darling. Go ahead and spurt it all in me."

That first ejaculation in Victoria's vagina was an experience I shall never forget. A mind-bending seizure struck me, followed by a long series of pulsating spasms. With each spasm a jet of semen shot out of my cock. Jet after jet after jet.

Then it was over and we relaxed, slowly, for a long while. We exchanged kisses until Victoria felt herself between her legs and said we should get up.

"That big thing really went off," Victoria said, "I'm soaked."

I nodded, being too weak to speak.

"Let's go in the bathroom so we can clean up."

Victoria hung up her wedding gown while I went directly into the bathroom. I was naked. She came in the bathroom still wearing the slit panty and high heels. Nothing else.

Victoria sat down on the toilet and urinated while I stood next to her. She held my balls in one hand, using a washcloth to dab at my cock with the other. I listened intently as her urine splashed in the bowl.

"You couldn't help yourself, I suppose," she said. "But it's clear we'll have to work on your ejaculations. You're not allowed to ejaculate unless I say so, darling. You'll find I'm very strict about that. If you begin to feel too close, it's OK to withdraw."

"I'll remember that," I said.

"Another thing you may as well know, darling," Victoria said, pointing to her panty. "I'll never be completely naked with you. I will always be wearing a panty of some sort."


"My appendix came out five years ago and although the scar is very small I find it disfiguring. It embarrasses me and I never want you to look at it. Never. Please don't even try. Do you understand?"

I said I understood.

Victoria ran her finger along the slit down the front of her white satin panty. "When we're in bed at night this slit will afford your penis full access to my rectum and my vagina. All my panties are cut in exactly this style. Should you awaken during the night with an erection I want you to let me know. I will tell you where to enter me. Occasionally I may choose to suck you instead. But as long as you behave properly I will never say I'm tired or put you off. Never. Do you have any questions?"

"No," I answered. My cock was beginning to rise again.

"Very good." Victoria kissed me. "Come--it's past dinner time and I'm famished. Why don't we go to the restaurant downstairs?"


That night we dined with gusto on succulent grilled oysters, salad, rice pilaf, and sauteed vegetables. A magnificent ocean view came with the table. We toasted each other with glasses of chilled champagne. For dessert, we shared a rich chocolate mousse, licking the thick pudding from each other's spoons.

Above the dark, wave-tossed sea, a crescent moon rose slowly over the clouds. Later, Victoria and I held hands as we walked along the beach in the shimmering light.

Arriving in our room that night we quickly stripped off our clothes and made ready for pleasure.

"I can't believe how much juice you ejaculated in me earlier," Victoria said. "This time I'll fasten a reservoir tip condom on you."

Gripping me firmly, Victoria spread a thin layer of lube jelly on my cock, and confined me in a fresh condom, using her mouth to roll it right down to the very base of my shaft. Rubber in place, she massaged my balls with both hands, planting several sweet kisses on the head of my cock.

Before we began lovemaking, Victoria had me lay on my stomach atop a couple of pillows so my fanny was high in the air. I was naked except for the condom and a short red tank t-shirt she had made for me to wear in bed.

True to her word, Victoria wore only her slit panty.

"Before you ejaculate again," she said, "I'm going to do a digital rectal exam of your prostate. And please don't give me any argument. I know what I'm doing. My former husband is a urologist and he taught me how."

Victoria covered her right index finger with lubricant. Her nail there was trimmed quite short.

"This is a simple and useful procedure," she said. "As your wife I plan to faithfully monitor your prostate gland. This exam is highly effective in diagnosing tumors and conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia."

"How often will this be necessary?" I asked.

"Oh, once a month or so ought to be sufficient," she said. "I might do it more often if I detect a reduction in your seminal output or a weakening of your urine stream."

I gritted my teeth as her slim finger wormed into my rectum. At the end of the channel, Victoria found the spongy bulb she sought. Deftly, she pressed her fingertip down on the walnut-sized organ, in a kind of gentle massage. My erection, already huge, throbbed most alarmingly. It took a real effort of will not to ejaculate on the spot. Victoria took no notice of my discomfort.

"During our honeymoon, I'll massage your prostate nightly to keep it from becoming congested," Victoria said. "You know, I intend to give it plenty of exercise from here on out."

"How is my prostate?" I asked.

"Yours is a very healthy organ," she answered, withdrawing her bare finger with a pop.

Many times during the night, to sink the message home, Victoria told me how ours would always be a happy marriage as long as she got to decide how often, when, and in what manner I would ejaculate. I never grew tired of hearing her talk about it.

"You must never masturbate, darling," she said. "I can't abide a man who does that. By masturbating you are in effect cheating me of your emissions, and as your wife, they belong to me as a marital right. That awful masturbating is almost as bad as you having intercourse with someone else. Do you agree?"

"Yes," I said, gulping.

"Don't ever let me catch you masturbating," she said.

"You won't."

From her suitcase Victoria produced a dozen pair of panties, all featuring the slit and all in different colors.

"You may choose which ones I'll wear each night on our honeymoon," she said. "What will it be tomorrow tonight?"

I pointed to the black ones.

"An excellent suggestion," she said. "They're exactly what I would have chosen." She put the rest of the panties back in her suitcase and disappeared into the bathroom.

When she came out we explored each other's bodies as perhaps no two people ever have. Much of the night I spent with my mouth between Victoria's legs, learning to assume what we now laughingly refer to as "The Position."

The Position consists of me kneeling between Victoria's legs while she sits in a chair or on the edge of the bed. My tongue and lips fasten on her clitoris, just as if I were sucking a tiny penis. I remain kneeling while she orgasms, her juices flowing freely over my face. Every now and then she checks my condom to make sure I haven't come. When Victoria is completely satisfied, she removes the rubber and allows me an ejaculation.

Just before dawn on our wedding night, Victoria induced my seventh and final ejaculation of the evening. She took it by sucking me deep throat style, down on all fours in front of me while her hands tightly gripped my balls.

Victoria told me how she had taught herself to suppress her gag reflex, knowing she wanted to find a man who would let her suck his penis in the deep throat fashion. Her first husband rarely used her mouth, preferring her rectum instead.

"I used a plastic phallus to teach myself the trick," she said. "I think it's the sexiest thing that you can do with a man. The intimacy--physical and emotional, is unsurpassed."

Buried in her throat until her lips reached my belly, I again ejaculated, a final climax that left me limp and exhausted.

"Rather a thin discharge, darling," she said, as I lay there quivering. "Usually I'll want to swallow your semen first to get a larger portion. Tonight I'm making an exception."

Victoria smacked her lips and laid down in my arms. I sighed and hugged her, feeling all warm and comfy, knowing I was loved by a beautiful woman. As the first rays of dawn appeared in the east, I drifted into the most blissful sleep I have ever known.

The rest of our honeymoon passed in utter bliss as well, filled with emotional and physical satisfaction.

Throughout our honeymoon, Victoria carefully monitored my prostate gland, seeking to sustain a maximum seminal outflow. Clearly, she knew what she was doing and got the very most out of me. A journal she kept of my ejaculations usually showed no fewer than four from that first night on.

"While it may be especially gratifying for you to have seven or eight ejaculations in a single day," Victoria said, "it's not wise for you to overproduce. During our honeymoon I hope to find a suitable level for you and stick with it."

Despite what she said, on our final honeymoon night Victoria gave free rein to her desires, taking a dozen ejaculations from me in as many hours. I in turn tongued Victoria through countless orgasms.

Something else Victoria was careful about during our honeymoon was allowing me penetration of her mouth and womb only.

"I do so badly want you in my rectum too," Victoria said, "but that will require additional training on your part, which we shall undertake as circumstances permit. Right now I want you to first concentrate on control and learning how to satisfy me orally."

"I want to do what you want me to do," I said.

"That's so sweet of you," Victoria said.

Victoria is still gorgeous now at forty-one, and the reason I fell in love with her still holds true: Her desire for cunnilingus matches my desire to perform it. We are an ideal couple.

Being married to a passionate older woman like my beautiful Victoria has made my life a perfect heaven.

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