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Raven Possession [MultiFormat]
eBook by habu

eBook Category: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica
eBook Description: Ada Raven, born in poverty and religious fundamentalism, wanted 'it all' out of life and strove successfully to get it--but at a high cost. J. H. Kincaid, a larger-than-life novelist of men's adventure stories, is determined to possess Ada, and she ultimately finds herself torn between Kincaid and another man, William Hagen, who patiently waits in the wings to provide her refuge. Kincaid's sweeping, possessive appetite isn't satisfied with just Ada, though--he wants her sons, as well--all the way to the third generation. Ada's ravenous beauty guarantees her longing to experience and escape the world at once, to be loved by strong, powerful men, is thoroughly satisfied--but at what cost? Raven Possession is the saga of six decades of a remarkable woman's life and of a strong man's vendetta of possession and control over her and her family. The journey takes the reader through the highlights of six decades of American history, from the homesteading of the West to the false interlude of peace in the 1960s. It follows Ada from the small town Midwest, the St. Louis World's Fair, and the Spanish flu epidemic to a celebrity dude ranch in Colorado and ultimately to the halls of government in Washington, D.C., and even exotic Southeast Asia. But everywhere Ada turns, there is the brooding presence of J. H. Kincaid, manipulating her and her family, determined to possess everything Raven until it all comes to a fiery, explosive end.

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2008

10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"habu demonstrates a particular gift for winning the reader's attention immediately while weaving a complicated plot with numerous main and secondary characters swimming in a sea of erotic stimulation and suspense buildup.... Caution, reader: once you open the first page, you're hooked!"--Frost, Dark Angel Reviews

"This was for me a most unusual read as it covered a much larger lifespan in greater detail than most ... I found it intriguing, resourceful, full of incredible sex, and yet there were still instances of innocence ... This made me think, made me feel and at a couple places even kinda made me angry at the characters. To me that's the sign of a good read ... when you get that involved."--Witch Giggles, Alternative Read Reviews

"Habu weaves an intricate tale of numerous larger than life characters all demanding their share of the reader's attention in Raven's Possession. This well researched and superbly written saga brings you into an erotic world from where there's no turning back. Give in to the passion. Raven's Possession is a must read." --Aya, Euroreviews

"Raven Possession is definitely an erotic page-turner. The reader skims breathlessly from adventure to sexual episode to love to loss to historical backdrop back to adventure and more sexual episodes. If you like historical fiction, you will love this book."-Carole, Rainbow Reviews

When they first started working their horses up into the foothills of Hahn's Peak, Ada was quiet. She more than a little resented this somewhat petulant demand on her time and resources that the self-possessed novelist had made. She had little idea how to track elk and Kincaid had taken her away from all of her other guests. But J. Harvey Kincaid was a patient man, a very patient man. And he proved to be a fascinating travel companion, as profound, humorous, and lyrical in his observations of what was going on around them in the wild, beautiful Colorado mountain wilderness as he was in an opulent dining room amid gleaming silver and shining china and crystalware.

The two rode across the isolated ridges for the morning and afternoon, straight for the tree line, where Ada had seen elk in her painting excursions. By evening their horses were worn out and although they had seen elk, it had been at a great distance and only fleetingly; there had not been time or opportunity for Kincaid to get off a rifle shot. Ada secretly was pleased with this, as she hated any thought of the killing of any of those magnificent beasts.

As the sun was setting, Kincaid suggested that they just lay by in a stand of cottonwood trees next to a fast-running stream in a sheltering ravine. They ate that night over an open fire, leaning against the saddles they had slung on the ground between the bank of the stream and a line of cottonwoods. J. Harvey was his charming best, weaving a story of primeval earth just for Ada. He told her of the village of simple, close-to-the earth people of beauty and purity who were on the eve of being invaded by the despoilers of the outside world. He described in great detail of the last night of lovemaking across the village, with the men warriors of the village knowing that they had to meet in the new dawn in a cataclysmic and surely final battle in the meadow separating their primeval forest from the cruel modern world.

Kincaid focused on one woman of the village who knew the precise moment that her husband and her only surviving son died in this battle, and how, in her grief, she ran deeper into her forest, only a short time ahead of the invading "moderns" to die in the forest, to become absorbed by the earth. He told in poetic words how, exhausted, she leaned into an old oak tree, which slowly morphed into her lost husband, making deeply possessive love to her there, as she was absorbed into her virile oak of a husband, gone to this world when the despoiling "moderns" reached and then passed by the base of the oak. The intriguing metaphors of Kincaid's imagery possessed Ada's soul as his rich voice rolled over her, using the words of earthy love that did not sound dirty on his lips and that stirred her to the quick.

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