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Her Sapphic Submission: The 1960s Erotic Classic [MultiFormat]
eBook by Anonymous

eBook Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica
eBook Description: When Louise met dominatrix and powerful business executive Deborah Anders, she discovered her own sapphic side. But Deborah wasn't just a lesbian. She was a woman who loved taking control of and disciplining other women. Soon Louise was under her thrall. Then she discovered how much obedience this strictest of mistresses demanded--and how much punishment she could deal out! And Louise loved every minute of it!

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2008

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

At thirty-one, Deborah Anders had attained the long-coveted post of personnel director of the Clorby Dineries, Inc., a chain of seven excellent home-type restaurants located in Marin County between San Leandro and Oakland. Philip Clorby, the founder, now in his early sixties, no longer took quite such an active part in his business and spent much of his time traveling and adding to his costly art collection, leaving operational management to his handsome blonde daughter-in-law, Gloria. His son Mark, much to the old man's disappointment, had decided to go into public relations and had his own agency, steadfastly refusing to take over the business. And fortunately for Deborah, Gloria Clorby was a dear friend and had even, on several memorable occasions, invited the striking brunette dominatress to her own bed for torrid bouts of girlfucking.

To be sure, Gloria was a switch-hitter and the brief affair was really based on Gloria's curiosity and experimentation with pussy-rubbing and delicious love games with mouth and tongue, since her husband Mark was also an intellectual and would never have dreamed of putting his tongue against his passionate wife's clit. Four years ago, Gloria had been obliged to ask Deborah to stay overtime one Saturday night because everything had gone wrong at two of the restaurants in Oakland. At about two in the morning when things had finally been put under control and both beauties were exhausted, Gloria had driven Deborah home in her Lincoln Continental and then suggested a shower, a drink and bed in that order. And under the shower in the expensively tiled and mirrored bathroom of Mark Clorby's two-level ranch-type house in the Oakland hills, blonde Gloria had shivered with sexual delight as she saw Deborah's olive-skinned longlegged, high breasted body come bare. Putting her hands on Deborah's oval-shaped saucy asscheeks, she had forked her pert pink tongue between Deborah's lips and huskily murmured, "I've just got to fuck you, Deborah, you're so gorgeous I could eat you up!"

Deborah hadn't minded at all, because she'd always despised men, ever since Tommy Nelson had tried to take her cherry at the high school prom as his expected reward for having squired her to that affair. An only child and left considerable money by her importer parents, Deborah had gone on to a girls' college where her year-older red-haired roommate Karen Johnson had initiated her into the sweet joys of muff-diving and cunny-grinding which could bring about hot come without any such annoying involvements as a male cock. But, just to show Deborah that even there a woman could have it all over a man, Karen had later during the initiatory period produced an amazingly realistic rubber dildo and herself had taken Deborah's cherry.

Deborah had worked for the Clorby chain for seven years now, and although she had enough money from her inheritance so that she really didn't have to work for a living, she had purposely sought a job that would get her into contact with others of her own sex. She knew that the Clorby organization had a reputation for hiring only pretty young waitresses and training them intensively. So she applied, readily got the job and was within a year promoted to hostess of the restaurant in San Leandro where she had begun her Clorby career. And of course after Gloria had singled her out for pussy favors, Deborah's ascent on the ladder of executive success with the chain had been rapid.

Deborah Anders was five feet seven and a half inches in height, svelte and lithe. She had a Eurasian look, what with her highset cheekbones, high-arching forehead, her delicately aquiline nose with thin, flaring wings, and a haughty, small mouth whose upper lip was riper and curled in a compelling mien of autocratic domination. Indeed, her exotic face had much to do with her success as a dominatress, and that was why she particularly relished her new post as personnel directress. It meant that she would be responsible for the firing and hiring all of the waitresses, female cooks and other female personnel (even girl busboys were used at Clorby's), and as a consequence she could involve those whose physical charms excited her in tests of compliance and submissiveness which would not only help them keep their jobs but most exciting of all give her burning lesbian passions all the outlets they required for her complete fulfillment.

Since she lived by herself and was reasonably frugal in her living expenses, together with her inheritance she had saved a great deal of money and invested a good part of it in an elegant house on the outskirts of San Leandro. It was a kind of Gothic house, even to an attic, and there were not many neighbors near her, an ideal situation for Deborah in which to pursue her quest of tasty novitiate pussy. In the basement, she had reconstructed a kind of medieval dungeon, complete with a tall pillory, stocks with a low hard footstool in front of them and whose surface was studded with tiny hard-rubber spikes, a low padded-leather bench with attaching and buckling straps, and other devices calculated to heighten her carnal joys of conquering a timid but nonetheless novice. At times this dungeon was used for punishment, when one or another of the charming waitresses of the Clorby staff had complaints registered against them which required personal interviews with Deborah or again, as Deborah herself was eagerly anticipating, became the scene of operation for the interview itself with a newcomer to the organization who would have to prove her submission and humility to her dominating superior.

Since the house was large and had two stories beside the attic, Deborah required a housekeeper, and so she had hired about a year ago (six months after acquiring the house and having it remodeled) a very provocative eighteen-year-old girl who had run away from her home in Des Moines a year ago, had actually got a job as a busgirl at one of the Clorby restaurants and then had been caught trying to steal from the cash register. Deborah had intervened, taken Louis Dalmar to her house and there given her no alternative. Either Louise would agree to work for her and be her slave, or else she would not only receive a prison sentence for theft but to begin with would have to endure a very severe spanking for her crime. The sullenfaced, pretty coppery-haired girl had grudgingly agreed to work for Deborah, and this April Thursday evening, indeed, she was down in the basement dungeon with her autocratic mistress ... who was about to enjoy some immediate pussy-passion from her conquered slavegirl while at the same time imagining what it was going to be like when she finally got delicious, virginal Melissa Adams into her clutches.

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