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Windwalker's Mate [MultiFormat]
eBook by Margaret L. Carter

eBook Category: Romance/Horror
eBook Description: Shannon's little boy Daniel has disturbing psychic powers. He talks to the wind--and it listens. All Shannon wants is a normal life. She wants to forget the cult of the Windwalker, a dark god from another dimension, and the terrifying night when her child was conceived. But her first love, Nathan, son of the cult leader, contacts her for the first time since that horrific ceremony. He claims his father is stalking Shannon and Daniel. Whose child is Daniel ... Nathan's or the Windwalker's? Is her son fully human, or the spawn of a dark god from another realm? Are Daniel's powers and Shannon's surrealistic memories of the night of his conception fact or delusion? Nathan's father plans to use Daniel to open a gate between dimensions and unleash chaos on the world. But Shannon wonders if Nathan is on her and Daniel's side, or does his loyalty lay with his ruthless and demented father? To save her child and become reconciled with her first love, Shannon fears she has no choice but to embrace the strange powers and paranormal realm she had rejected... Genres: Romance / Paranormal Romance / Horror

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2008

7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4 Nymphs! ... A great mystery ... I enjoyed reading every word...Kept you on the edge each step of the way ... Margaret L. Carter has done a very creative job with this book..."--Goddess Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

Again she trudged across a blasted landscape drenched in an eerie violet glow, with the horizon lost in shimmering mist. This time, though, she glimpsed a structure ahead, a ghostly outline in the fog.

The chapel she hadn't seen in five years, where the Windwalker had used Nathan's body to ravish hers. Lightning flashed around it. Wind roared in her ears and reverberated inside her skull. It bore the sounds of a tongue not spoken in the human world, the language of creatures from beyond the material universe. The gale swept her across the rocky plain. Instantly she found herself at the door to the chapel.

But it wasn't the same building she remembered. It transmuted into a cyclopean temple of stone blocks each taller than her house, its distant roof veiled by lightning-laced clouds. Arcane symbols that made her vision blur adorned the portal.

A silent voice spoke inside her brain, or perhaps she mentally translated its message into words she could understand: "My servant comes for the child. Surrender him."


The wind whipped around her, penetrating her vitals with a sword of ice. "Yield my son to me, and you will not be harmed."

"Get out of my head! And stay out!" She slammed, locked, chained, and bolted the gates of her mind.

The next moment, she woke in her bedroom. Thunder crashed, followed seconds later by lightning. Rain drummed on the roof. Her heart hammering in time with it, she flung off the covers and rushed into Daniel's room.

The curtains flapped in the wind from his open window. I know I closed that at bedtime. As she shut the window, he stirred and murmured, "Mommy?"

"It's okay, go back to sleep."

He said in a voice slurred with drowsiness, "My wind dragon daddy was here."

She straightened his tangled sheets. "No, you were just dreaming."

So was I. She couldn't accept the alternative, that the Windwalker had invaded her sleeping mind.

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