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Natural Medicine For Weight Loss [MultiFormat]
eBook by Deborah Mitchell

eBook Category: Health/Fitness/Reference
eBook Description: DO YOU KNOW... The metabolic rate of two people of the same age, sex, and body type may vary as much as 20 percent; Most of the weight loss from popular high-protein diets is water? and not fat; An addiction to sugar can make it impossible for you to lose weight--unless you know the simple steps (and dietary supplements) for breaking it; Thermogenic agents can trigger your body to burn fat--safely (Find out which ones are recommended? and which to avoid); An herbal form of phen-fen is available without the health risks of the prescription drug; Lemon water or apple cider vinegar can reduce cravings (no kidding!); Acupressure you can do yourself will boost your metabolism--and reduce bloating. Find out how in Natural Medicine for Weight Loss.

eBook Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads, Published: 1997
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2008

2 Reader Ratings:
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One thing I am most committed to in medicine is forever altering the perception that overweight people are that way on purpose; that they are overweight because they are "fat and lazy," or they "lack discipline." One of the myths of our culture is that obesity is a disease of willpower rather than a complex metabolic or endocrine disorder.

There is no other medical condition that is more shrouded in misconceptions, inaccurate information, stereotypical thinking, and just plain mean-spirited accusations than obesity. How many times have you overheard someone look at an overweight person and say that they have done it to themselves, that they don't care how they look, or why don't they just "exercise more and just say 'no' to food?" How many of those same thoughts have you had yourself or about yourself?

Such moral overlays might be useful if obesity were a theological dilemma. How many overweight people have been made to feel guilty or shameful about their weight? Did that ever produce the desired result? If being overweight is a simple problem of willpower, then why are overweight people unable to will themselves thin?

The reason is not that they are unwilling; it is because they are unable. Since there is no medical benefit to being overweight, to imply that over 100 million obese people in this country actually will themselves to be overweight, or that they are happy about it, is implausible and defies logic. They may be resigned to it, perhaps even accept it, but never happy about it. Ask any adult if they like being overweight; ask any child.

Like other metabolic and endocrine disorders, obesity is a disease that may be inherited, chronic, active, progressive, and lethal. More than 300,000 people die every year from the direct effects of being overweight. Fatal strokes, heart attacks, and cancer interfere with a long and fruitful life.

To date, researchers have identified at least seven different genes and ten different hormones that are associated with being overweight. Maybe we can start to look at overweight as a symptom of an untreated medical condition rather than a character flaw.

We view diabetes and other endocrine disorders as medical conditions that are worthy to be treated medically, yet not obesity. No one has an objection to a diabetic person taking insulin. It's helpful to understand that an overweight person suffers from food cravings for salt- or sugar-based foods, and they do not experience normal fullness. This leads to overeating and involuntary weight gain. These food cravings are uncontrollable. Overweight people can no more control their appetite than diabetics can control their blood sugar by willpower alone. Diabetics do not need to be lectured or given a lesson in morality, they need insulin. Give them that and they get better.

As with diabetes, the medical literature clearly indicates that when overweight people are treated, they get better. This book addresses the vast amount of research that has been conducted in the field of natural medicine that provides overweight people with tools, and a better understanding of what has been going on for most, if not all, their lives.

Natural Medicine for Weight Loss succeeds in giving people information and options that allow them to make a choice. Either they start managing the disease, albeit imperfectly, or they allow the disease to continue to manage them.

People can effectively use tools if they understand how to use them. This book gives people access to taking back some control of their lives, at least when it comes to addressing obesity.

The material contained in this comprehensive book is important because people need all the information available in order to make informed choices regarding their approach to weight loss. This is an excellent reference for a wide range of natural treatment modalities. It is well researched and well thought out, and it gives the reader useful information grounded in the literature, distinct from someone's personal opinion about the subject.

Finally, the disease of obesity can start to be seen through a different filter: a medical filter through which overweight people can start to be appropriately treated rather than inappropriately judged.

--P. Scott Ricke, M.D.


The Institute for Medical Weight Loss

Tucson, Arizona

* * * *


You know diets don't work. You know because you've probably tried a few, perhaps dozens. They don't work because they don't offer you workable, positive, long-term tools and goals to help you lose weight and keep it off, safely and healthily. They leave you hungry and unsatisfied. Most of them don't help you understand the reason why you are overweight or why you overeat, or help you understand how your mind and body are intimately connected in your quest for a thinner, healthier you. Sure, you can lose 5 or 10 pounds in a week or two by eating just grapefruit or by taking diet pills. But you cannot live on grapefruit or diet pills for the rest of your life ... nor would you want to! And with the controversies and recalls concerning diet drugs--including the recall of phen-fen and Redux because of the apparent link with valvular heart problems and primary pulmonary hypertension--using natural weight loss methods becomes ever more appealing.

Even the word diet sounds depressing and negative. Diet brings to mind deprivation, starving, fasting, celery and carrots, hunger pangs, uncontrollable cravings ... unpleasant thoughts and feelings, to be sure. As if these things weren't enough, we live in a society that places extraordinary pressure, especially on women, to be thin. The media message is thin = beauty, success, acceptance, which is not only unfair but untrue.

Thus, if you want an affirming, healthy, enjoyable, and satisfying way not only to shed pounds but to acquire a positive attitude about yourself and how you look and feel, this is the book for you. This book is about making healthy, nondrug, natural choices concerning weight loss. Not only does it help you develop a healthy relationship with food, physical activity, and your body; it also gives you the information you need to incorporate weight loss "helpers and boosters" into your life. There are dozens of herbs, nutrients, supplements, and natural medicine techniques that can help make losing weight easier and safe. This book helps you choose among some of the more effective holistic approaches that facilitate weight loss. Combined with the latest information and tips on nutrition and stress-reducing, life-affirming activities also contained in these pages, you can soon be on the path of a positive weight loss experience. You'll learn how your body and mind work together to create the person you are now and the person you want to be: lighter physically, lighter in spirit, and empowered with energy. Once you do, you'll realize that you can lose weight and be healthy, confident, poised, and successful--without the need to look like a fashion model.

Weight control is a lifetime commitment. The eating plan you adopt and other steps you take to help you stay on course should be things you can follow for a lifetime. They should make you feel fulfilled in body, mind, and spirit. A 500-calorie liquid diet may help you lose a few pounds quickly, but it is not something you can continue. And in addition to the havoc most diets cause in the body, statistics show that most people regain the weight they lose, and often even more pounds than they shed.

If this book were the standard "Eat Less, Exercise More" tome about weight loss, you could toss it on the pile with the hundreds of other volumes that help people count calories and give pep talks on how to exercise more. If it claimed to have the "magic formula" or the "secret pill" for losing weight fast and without effort, you could throw it on the mountain of books and literature that make such fantastic claims. But Natural Medicine for Weight Loss fits into neither of those categories. It recognizes that losing weight is not about willpower--it's about changing thought processes and the way people think about themselves. It's about taking advantage of the natural herbs, nutrients, and techniques that can help them make losing weight--and maintaining the loss--easier.

You probably recognize the formula for weight loss: Eat Fewer Calories + Exercise = Weight Loss. This equation does not take into consideration the many wonderful, natural aids available to people who want to lose weight. That's why our equation reads: Good Dietary Habits + Enjoyable Exercise + Positive Mind-Body Reinforcement + Nature's Helpers = Permanent Weight Loss. In this book we not only explain how the natural approaches work; we also discuss, in depth, the weight loss programs of three individuals who integrated holistic concepts into their lives. They used the new equation and it worked for them. It can work for you, too.

For a few people, medication use or physical disabilities may be factors in their being overweight. Increasing evidence also suggests that genetics plays a role in people's ability to lose or gain weight. Regardless of the factors involved in your challenge to lose weight, you have an incredible tool at your disposal--your mind-body--and as you nurture it you will develop a lighter, healthier, and more wholesome way of eating and being.

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