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Dark Waters Anthology [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shara Azod & RaeLynn Blue & Aliyah Burke

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Overboard by Shara Azod Being thrown overboard off a luxury liner by her so-called aunt and cousin was bad enough, but being rescued by a creature that shouldn't even exist took the cake. Mix in the infuriating man's insistence she was his "perfect mate" and Dallas had had just about enough. All she wanted to do was to get back to Texas and bring her aunt and cousin to justice before the evil duo could get their hands on her money. But first she had to get past an extremely adamant, extremely horny selkie. Thane was more than satisfied at the mate the Fates had provided for him. Hot and feisty, full of life and a body that made him want to cry. All he had to do was to get the daft woman to see they were destined to be together. Unfortunately, she was human, so Thane had his work cut out for him. A Love Reborn by RaeLynn Blue On the isle of Aquatrion, there is a legend that speaks of the Sirens' gift to those who drown at sea. Once one has been consumed by the waters, for his sacrifice, he will be turned into a selkie--both man and seal, to live amongst the sea, for his soul would forever be tied to both, that to which had been born, and to that which had died. Kikomo mourns the death of her husband-in-waiting, Takumi. Lost saving her life during a storm at sea, Takumi's body was swallowed up the roaring waves and choppy seas. A year later, Kikomo's father demands she marry the local merchant, a fisherman and a man of great political power. Distressed, she flees her home to the sea. There she cries seven tears in to the sea. At once a selkie appears, and he bares a striking resemblance to Takumi? Faith's Tears by Aliyah Burke Can a woman who lives her life based on logic and tangible things trust in the love and belief of a man claiming to be a magical being, a selkie? From the moment his gaze landed on her dark beauty, Rowan Kilgour knew she was his life-mate. Despite his feelings, he knew she deserved a chance to experience life before she was tied to him forever. So he waited. Seventeen years. And now that he's found her again, he'll be damned before he lets her go. Faith Henderson still wore the pendant given to her years ago by a senior in high school when she was a sophomore. While visiting the Isle of Skye she is reunited with him. His dark hair, muscular body, and dark chocolate mousse eyes still had the power to turn her into a puddle. Add to that his thick Scottish brogue and she was putty. Can Rowan convince Faith that their lives are intertwined? Will she get past her disbelief in magic to see him for what he truly is? And accept him for it? Or will a darkness from her past keep them separated for all eternity? Sometimes all destiny needs is salt water, in Rowan's case all he needed was? Faith's Tears Sealed With a Fist by Jeanie Johnson and Jahya Leigh Is it really so bad when the bane of your existence a) is a bigot; b) hates animals unless they're dipped in batter; c) cannot swim; and d) keeps a running commentary of insults aimed at you? It is when you're a Selkie and your ball and chain is bigoted against anything in the water that doesn't have a motor or sails. Well, that's not exactly true because Yonder also hates sailboats. Ever since those meddling damn dolphins saved the feisty human girl from certain death she's been part of Aonghus's life. Why does he have to get stuck with the surly ass woman who is a) human and b) human, and c) did he mention human? Oh yeah, because his Da--the Emperor of the Selkie and democratically-elected president of all water creatures--made Yonder his responsibility as part of his punishment. Since she has nowhere else to go and he cannot drown her, she lives with them. Ever since she woke from the healing sleep she's brought nothing but chaos into his life. If he's not serving as her sounding board for her long list of 'why killing people is not always bad', he's serving as her impromptu bodyguard. The last thing Yonder needed was a bodyguard. No, what she needed was a bail bondsmen, a parole officer, and a priest. He cannot even count the number of times that he's been tempted to throw her to those shifters that have a hit out on her (which is pretty much every single animal in the Animal Kingdom including some humans) or outright kill her.

eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing/MC/IR, Published: 2008-09-25, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2008

22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Selkie stories are shifter stories of those who shift from seal to man and back again. Although Shara and I have written other shifter paranormal stories, those myths surrounding selkies was unique and seemed to call to us.

These stories originated near Scotland, Orkneyjar area where the sea played an integral part in humans' everyday life. This anthology is a celebration of those mythical stories of seals whose peaceful nature seemed a bit out of place amongst a foreign and often unforgiving sea.

The six authors' vision of selkies and their tales are presented in erotic, romantic and interracial fashion for your reading pleasure. However, please note that these stories are not based upon any specific myths per se, but rather expand on the notion of selkie shaper shifters in general. Though some aspects of each story draws from ancient selkie lore and mythology, they do not recreate or reinvent those stories.

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