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Let's Talk About C--ks: A Hot Flashes Novelette [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jonas Jones

eBook Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
eBook Description: The bestselling author of Slave Party, Jonas Jones, seamlessly combines his sharp wit with his passion for hot, kinky lust to bring you three superb stories about one of our favorite body parts! First, "Considering My C--k", filled with word play, is a celebration of man's greatest organ. In "The Tale of Daddy Bear's Den and Poor Pig's Prick", Jones' writing turns hardcore, as Poor Pig's prick is brutally whipped and caned by the frightening Daddy Bear. To complete the theme, "Care For Some Nachos With That Blowjob?" tells of a late night, back alley encounter with a very special woman with a very special penis. If you like cocks steaming hot, well-crafted erotica, you'll love Jonas Jones' "Let's Talk About C--ks."

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2008

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Cock. Cock. Cock. Penis, pecker, peter, prick. My cock, hard and strong, in his ass, dark and deep. He's a grad student, named Alfred, or Albert, or something. Whatever his name, he's sure got a cavernous asshole, perfect for fucking. And that's just what I've been doing for nearly an hour now, loading him with the full shaft of my cock.

Cock. In and out, back and forth, every inch of surface dragging along his passage, tickling every nerve ending and filling me with wave after wave of pleasure. I've developed a solid, steady beat, drawing my cock out smoothly and grinding back in with a sweeping hip motion. I hasten my pace for a bit, pushing in my dick with a series of powerful grunts. I feel myself building faster and harder, and back off. I'm not ready to cum just yet--still too busy enjoying the moment.

Cock. Cock. Dick. Cock. Dick's alright, as far as words go. It gets the point across, but it always feels like a bit of an insult. You're such a dick. Now cock, there's a word with power. My cock. My motherfucking hard-ass cock is sliding up and down, in and out of this guy's asshole. Here I am, thrusting my cock, and Lord, it feels good.

Cock cockity cock. I pull my cock out nice and slow, seeing it slip out bit by bit until only the tip is still inside Albert ... or Alfred: Al. I stroke my cock with my own hand to feel its turgid strength. Sheathed inside a condom, I can trace the thick vein running along the underside, curling to the right as it reaches the tip, pulsing with each heartbeat. I shift aside my pubic hair to reveal the skin at the base of my cock, normally a deep rose hue, now fully purple. I admire my cock, stroke its shaft myself a few more times with my thumb before plunging into the ass before me.

Cock. My cock penetrating this boy's asshole, my cock ramming its way to the depths of his anus, practically into his colon. He moans and gasps as my cock presses against his prostate. I pump away, massaging his gland until he screams in pleasure. I'm fucking and fucking as if on auto-pilot, as if my cock will never get tired, never get sore, never have to stop.

Cock! Schlong, shaft, wang, wanker, weiner, johnson, joystick, manhood, member, Curious George, Captain Kirk, Squirmin' Herman the one-eyed German: none of them compare. None of them have the sharp simplicity of cock. Suck my fucking cock.

Cock, cock, cock, cock. A stadium of fans cheering in the background, pumping their fists in the airs and chanting in time with my thrusts: cock, cock, cock. The crowd roars, my cock blazing its passage over and over again, a machine of lust and power. A massive pipe organ joins in, leading the fevered audience in the classic four-note rallying cry: cock! Cock-cock-cock, cock! Cock-cock-cock, cock! Cock-cock-cock--, cock-cock-cock-COCK-cock-COCK! COCK!!

Cock-o'-mine pumps into the young man before me. We met earlier tonight at Rock Hard, the nicer of the two sleazy gay clubs in my neighborhood. My cock throbbed in my pants as we ground together on the dance floor, and if I were a more reckless person, I would have pulled him into the alley behind the club and fucked him with my cock right then and there. But, I am a bit more reserved than that, and a bit more polite, so I said goodnight to my friends and that one rare time in fifty, I brought a man home from the club. I wanted him relaxed and comfortable in my duplex home before pounding his ass into the basement.

Cock in his ass, his buns are firm and smooth. They cry out for a good smack. Three good swats I give, leaving red handprints in my wake. He pants and I follow up with a series of rapid strikes until he howls. His pain only feeds both our passions and our pace increases, fucking with wild abandon.

Cock. Chubby. Stiffy, woody, boner. My cock is as hard as can be, solid and powerful, standing at full attention. My cock couldn't be happier. More than doubling in length, and filled with blood, my erect cock is hot and hard, perfect for piercing and prodding, enthusiastically thrusting itself into whatever hole it can find. And what a hole it's found in this young man, Al-something. My cock sings for joy.

Cock. My cock is courting Al's ass, and it's ready for the plunge.

"You ready, you fuckin' cockwhore?"

"Yes, oh god yes, please."

Cock! Mine. He needs it. His voice is desperate, as if there's nothing more in the world he wants at this moment than my cock exploding in his ass, as if he won't cum unless I do. Which, I laugh to myself, might just be true, if he's as much of a slutty bottom boy as I think. Well, in the words of a famous cartoon rabbit who was probably himself quoting some famous actor of the silver screen, or perhaps just a general Hollywood mentality: if it's hot, steaming spunk baby wants, it's hot, steaming spunk baby gets.

Cock slamming into him, as deep and hard as ever. We're both grunting in rhythm, vocalizing our primal worship of lust and the body-quaking power of a good orgasm only moments away. Slap, slap, slap, my pelvis smacks into his butt, and the sharp sound of skin on skin echoes in the air.

Cock, cock, cock! The chanting grows stronger in my head, and I can't help but share it aloud.

"Cock! Cock! Cock!" Soon Al has joined me, and there we are, one writhing mass of flesh and sex, calling out to Eros together: COCK! COCK! COCK!! We're screaming at each other, screaming at ourselves, wrapped in the moment and soaking it for all we can before its inevitable passing.

COCK!! COCK!! COCK!! Our thrusts grow ever more dramatic, drawing out each one, until I feel my cock spasm and my cum bursts forth in an explosive release. The orgasm curls my toes and leaves me speechless, my cock rammed and held deep in Al's ass. Al's chant fades soon after mine, into a high-pitched moan of bliss, and his shuddering body tells me his cock, too, has cum.

Cock, slowly disengaging, already less firm than it was moments earlier. I tie off the condom and toss it to the side, leaving my jizz to grow cold on my bedroom floor. The amazing retractable muscle of love grows dormant, its job complete, leaving Al and I to bask in its aftermath.

Cock! Not just another appendage. Cock! Symbol of power. Cock! Provider of ecstasy. Cock! It's been praised before, and will be praised again. And for all its wonder and glory, it deserves it. Long live the cock!

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