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Bound by Passion [MultiFormat]
eBook by Valentine Adams

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Rope Wasn't the Only Thing that Bound Her to Her Lover! When two very different women meet, and one has a taste for B&D, anything can happen! And it does in this new novel of dominance and submission from bestselling author Valentine Adams. Piper was sexually repressed due to a strict religious upbringing, for her love between two women was unthinkable! Ann unashamedly liked girls, but her OCD was so intense it had destroyed all her previous relationships. But when these two young women met each found in the other that one person with whom they could be themselves without barriers or fears. Soon one of them would find that she was bound to the other, not just by the ropes her lover tightened around her body, but by passion. It might just be a pairing of true soul mates. If only they didn't hate each other and themselves out of bed.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2008

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


She spent so much time making sure that every little thing was in its place and lined up neatly. Without that order, she would sometimes not be able to get to sleep at night. It was bad enough that any time there was a mark on the wall, even if it was hidden but she knew it was there, she had to paint over it. And usually covering just the spot didn't do the job so more often than not, she would simply paint the entire wall. She didn't have a cat or a dog just because they couldn't live in a place without making marks on the walls and it would only increase her worry and work.

Ann Pearce knew that this wasn't normal. Her friends made fun of her when she was little, but there had never been any option for her. She couldn't play with her dolls because they would get dirty. And she much preferred them to be neatly arranged on the bookshelves in her room. Since her little friends didn't, couldn't understand, she just never had any of them over. They didn't ask questions if they didn't know.

Such was the miserable existence for this pretty if plain girl as she had gone off to school. Her plan had been to pursue studies in the law and perhaps even take the bar exam. But her own demons had played an important role in her failure to achieve that academic goal. She studied the law. That wasn't the problem. In fact, the rigid expectations had been the genuine positive to her school experience. She excelled in written exams, but she could not handle the oral argument portions of the work. She felt foolish in the midst of something so uncertain as those arguments and as a result, her grades were such that most law firms would not have been particularly interested in her skills.

Ann's lifestyle until then had not prepared her to change the shyness with which she was straddled. Even out of school, she spent most of her time alone. She wrote little stories and posted them on the Internet. Most of her stories were about being trapped somehow. The main character might be in a coma but completely aware of everything going on around her, but not be able to speak of move. Sometimes she resorted to something more pedestrian and the girl in the story was a prisoner being held for a ransom or in a prison for a crime she didn't commit. Since the world didn't readily accept her, she created her own world and retreated there to relax and to express herself.

Upon completion of law school, which she somehow did manage, graduating 83 in a class of 85, she sat for the Bar and passed it the first attempt. Her knowledge and ability on exams was never in question. However, without an interested law firm, she looked to some other source of income. Fortunately, she had an uncle who was a retired bankruptcy judge and through his connections she managed to get a clerking position with a District Court Judge. It would change her life, but certainly not in ways she could have ever expected.

* * * *

At four eleven and all of eighty-five pounds, Piper Charles had never been in a position to let her guard down. The first reaction anyone ever had to her was that she was small, weak and could be bullied. The second reaction of anyone who attempted to bully her was that she was anything but a pushover. Life had taught her to be strong and to set her mind and drive toward whatever the goal might be. She graduated from law school second in her class. And the only reason she hadn't been first was one of those horror lessons in life.

Her room mate during that three years was number one. And the two of them had competed every inch of the way, trading the lead back and forth a dozen times. But during the weekend before their comprehensive finals, Daisy, her real name was Lauren but she wore those cutoff jean shorts at home year round and she did have gorgeous legs, therefore the nickname. Daisy and Piper had shared a bottle of wine, something Piper had never done before. But Daisy had insisted that it would help them to sleep and they needed the rest.

Piper theorized well after the incident that she had in fact drunk most of the bottle. But being unfamiliar with the effects of alcohol, she didn't realize it was happening until she was silly drunk and most of her inhibitions were gone. It was then that Daisy had kissed her, first on the mouth and after struggling to get her knit top off, on her breasts. Now, several years after, Piper still got chills down the backs of her legs when she even thought about that night. They had slept in the same bed and for what now seemed like hours, they kissed and stroked each other. Piper had achieved her first ever orgasm at the hands of this beautiful blonde girl.

But then the guilt of her Christian upbringing reared its ugly bigoted head first thing the next morning. Piper was furious at her roommate and herself. She dropped to her knees and prayed to be forgiven. Daisy didn't understand what all the brouhaha was about.

"I was born again. I've embarrassed God. I've committed sodomy and adultery. I'm a sinner."

"Piper, you're educated. How can you possibly feel that way? Why would God give a rat's ass that we made love to each other last night? Love is a good thing."

"Not same sex love!"

"Hey! You grew up with dogs didn't you?"

"What does that have to do with this? Are we gonna have sex with a dog next?"

"Have you never seen a male dog lick the privates of another male dog? Same sex exists in nature because God put it there. If dogs do it, then it's natural. If it's natural, then God caused it to be."

And even today when she recalled that night and the following morning, she remembered the words of Daisy's arguments.

"What happened didn't hurt anyone, did it? It was about affection, even love. God is about unconditional love. Man made all the rules. That's what religion is. They just want to get into everyone's life and exercise control because it makes them feel strong. God said to love your neighbor as you love yourself. He didn't say love your opposite sex neighbor. He wanted us to love each other."

And even though Piper had grown up in the church, when she had moved to the east coast from her parents' farm, she couldn't bring herself to go into a church. Her parents didn't know. No reason to ruin their lives with the truth. And because she was a nice package, guys were always around her, asking her out and she had accepted on occasion. But to this day, even though after a couple of dates with a man, she might allow him to kiss her, no kiss ever compared to that first one from Daisy. Even years later, the memory of it would take her breath away. How could she reconcile her born again faith and this perverted side she now knew she had?

And that one night had weighed so heavily on her conscience and caused guilt to infiltrate every thinking moment for several weeks afterward, she had great difficulty focusing on that comprehensive and lost the number one slot to Daisy. It hadn't really cost her anything other than that though. But, her physical qualities had cost her job opportunities. Some firms just didn't think she was imposing enough for the courtroom. But she knew that she could sway a jury if there were parents with daughters seated. After all, she was a little girl asking for their help. To date, she had not lost a case in court. Four years of success made people notice.

Being a workaholic had been a natural consequence for her attitudes and her professional drives. And even though she did have the occasional date, she had no sex life. It was only a matter of time until she found a way to satisfy her natural urges with the Internet. At first she was absolutely aghast by the sites she found. And no matter what her searches, there were always women in sexual situations involved. She stumbled onto lesbian sex sites that even though they disgusted her senses she found some kinship in what she saw and her own needs and desires. She resisted for over a year, felling shame and anguish because the woman on woman pictures made her hot.

She managed to just look until one night when she drilled through links on several of the sites she frequented. As she looked at the screen, she felt light headed and thought for a moment that she might faint. According to the site, these bondage bitches loved to be dominated by another woman. Could that really be true? Without realizing that she was doing it, her hand slipped down into her panties and as her middle finger dragged across her sex, she shivered with orgasm for the first time since her encounter with Daisy. All those months of searching the Internet, she had never masturbated, but now, she'd blown herself away with just half dozen strokes of one finger.

She immediately turned the PC off and showered to wash away the dirty feelings that lingered. What had possessed her to do that? Did she want to be tied up like those girls? Did she want to tie up some other woman and have her way with her? She cried herself to sleep that night.

* * * *

Piper met Ann one day in the corridor of the General District Courthouse. Even though Ann was a very shy person, she knew that helping another woman was one of the requirements of being a woman. So when Piper dropped a file just as she was walking past Ann in the hall, there was no hesitation on Ann's part. She dropped to a stoop and scooped the papers right back into the manila folder and looked up to the young lawyer, file folder in hand, offet even know the girl's name, only that she had seen her working here in the courthouse for about the past year or so. And now, as Piper turned to look at the back of the young woman as she walked away, she heard her own voice say in a dry scratchy near whisper.

"Thank you."

The girl turned her head in mid-stride to smile and respond in an equally small voice.

"You're welcome."

* * * *

And even weeks later, sitting in her office at Wilkes, Barrie and Penn, the thought of that brush in the courthouse still haunted Piper. There was something in that brief contact that kept itself fresh in her mind. Was there some sort of extrasensory communication going on? She leaned back in the leather chair, the movement lifting her size twos off the floor, her eyes closed. There was that innocent face with the pale blue eyes looking up to her for leadership and control. Then the girl was walking away, the navy blue skirt just touching her knees, the dark blue stockings hiding the exposed parts of her legs. But the glance back over her shoulder seemed to want to hide nothing from the young lawyer. Piper had to get this out of her mind. But how? Hopefully time would take care of it.

* * * *

Although they passed in the courthouse hallways on occasion, Ann and Piper had little reason, if any, to interact. So for months, they would make eye contact and perhaps even speak softly as one became aware of the other being near. Piper was always acutely aware of how Ann was dressed. She noted that it seemed to be the girl's intent to minimize her appearance with every effort. Her clothes were always dark and relatively plain. Mostly browns, grays and blues in solids; either pants or knee length skirts and oxford cloth shirts with button down collars. Her wardrobe would have been considered preppy, but fifteen or twenty years ago. And her hair was cut in a short bob just to the bottoms of her ears, even though it had curls and waves. She smiled at the thought that it was the kind of cut a four year old might have. Little did she know that that accusation had actually been vocalized to Ann at times in her life, more often by her mother than anyone else. And the clerk never seemed to wear any make-up. In fact, the girl never did anything to draw attention to her self. It was as if she wanted to be invisible. If her wardrobe could help her to blend in with the background, then that seemed enough reason for her to choose it.

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