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Fury [Secure eReader]
eBook by Henry Kuttner

eBook Category: Classic Literature
eBook Description: Under the roiling seas of Venus, under the deadly atmosphere are the Keeps, fully enclosed cities, and within them live the descendants of those survivors who used atomic energy to propel the spaceships which first took them to Venus. In the massive superstructures that were built under the Venusian seas a complex feudal society devoted to decadence has evolved. Presiding over that society are the Immortals--genetic throwbacks to the mutant atomic survivors--who control the culture. This is a stable society but the stability will lead only to its destruction; the environment of Venus outside the Keeps is malevolent and it is encroaching. Into this society is born Sam Harker, the son of an Immortal whose human mother perishes in childbirth. The object of his father's hatred and disdain, Sam Harker is subjected to treatments which stunt his growth and render him hairless, then exiled from the society of Immortals to lead a tumultuous, rebel's life, one inspired by his hatred and desire for vengeance upon that society which exiled him. Sam wants revenge, he wants to destroy the society which has made him an outcast. His search for revenge and his great abilities make him more powerful than the decadent residents of the Keeps, even more powerful than the Immortals. As Sam becomes a politician appealing to the masses in his search for power, his campaign assaults the society itself that society becomes at risk. In the aftermath of destruction, the reclamation of human destiny becomes possible if humanity is forced to leave the Keeps.In unpublished correspondence with Sam Moskowitz in the 1960's, in relation to Moskowitz's Seekers of Tomorrow, a collection of biographies of major science fiction writers, C.L. Moore wrote that Fury came about because John Campbell, the editor of Astounding, wanted a novel from the Kuttners and insisted upon its immediate delivery. The novel was scheduled and written so quickly Moore said, that the first part (of a three part serial) was in print before they had completed the final installment. The novel was half-written before the Kuttners themselves truly understood its plot and characters. Paradoxically, this urgency and improvisation led to a novel with great spontaneity, with high-wire intensity and unpredictability and Fury has been acclaimed as perhaps the only novel at the level of the great Kuttner and Moore short stories which dominated Astounding in the 1940's. (Mutant, also published by Rosetta), is also highly regarded but that latter work was assembled from five self-standing novelettes spaced over a more considerable period.) The influence of Fury upon other writers is evident; much of the decadence of John Brunner's, Robert Silverberg's, Brian Aldiss's and Philip K. Dick's projected human societies in their fiction of the 1960's was foreshadowed by the Kuttners.

eBook Publisher: RosettaBooks
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2002

6 Reader Ratings:
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It was white night upon Earth and twilight's dawn on Venus.

All men knew of the shining darkness that had turned Earth into a star in the clouded skies. Few men understood that on Venus dawn had merged imperceptibly into dusk. The undersea lights flamed brighter and brighter, taming the great Keeps into enchanted citadels beneath the shallow sea.

Seven hundred years ago those lights were brightest. Six hundred years had passed since the destruction of Earth. It was the Twenty-seventh Century.

Time had slowed now. In the beginning it had moved much faster. There was much to be done. Venus was uninhabitable -- but men had to live on Venus.

On Earth the Jurassic had passed before humans evolved into a reasoning race. Man is both tough and fragile. How fragile will be understood when a volcano erupts or the earth shakes. How tough will be understood when you know that colonies existed for as long as two months on the Venusian continents.

Man never knew the fury of the Jurassic -- on Earth. On Venus it was worse. Man had no weapons to conquer the Venus lands. His weapons were either too weak or too potent. He could destroy utterly, or he could wound lightly, but he could not live on the surface of Venus. He was faced with an antagonist no man had ever known.

He faced fury... And he fled.

There was safety of a sort undersea. Science had perfected interplanetary travel and had destroyed Earth; science could build artificial environments on the ocean bottom. The impervium domes were built. Beneath them the cities rose.

The cities were completed... As soon as that happened, dawn on Venus changed to twilight Man had returned to the sea from which he sprang.

Copyright © 1947 by Henry Kuttner

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