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Caribbean Captive: A B&D Novelette [MultiFormat]
eBook by Valentine Adams

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Bondage, domination and romance! Cooper Endicott operated a shuttle between the islands southeast of Florida from Grand Cayman to Barbados. He had only one rule and that was to obey the law. But Coop had grown lonely and when he saw the little blonde and found out that she was healthy, educated and virtually alone in the world, he finally broke his rule; and he broke the law. Abigayle Sloane had a new graduate degree in library science and a job starting in three weeks in a new city where no one knew her. And when Coop saw her in that black sundress with the bright blue, pink and yellow flowers, he just couldn't help himself. He needed her and there was nothing else to do but make her his. But first he would have to take her captive and then train her as his slave. Valentine Adams does it again in this enthralling novelette of bondage, domination and romance that gets right to the point.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2008

19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Cooper Endicott, Coop to his friends, had been flying charters in the islands for nearly twenty years. In fact, it was the only job he ever had. And he had been very successful at it. He had routes that were not served by any competition. Plus he carried mail to three islands three days each week. Over those two decades, he had managed to buy himself a nice, though small, very private little island called Blue Wells Cay in the Caribbean. It was only sixty-one acres and at its high point a bare 49 feet above sea level. On the lower west end, he had cleared and planted himself a 1500-foot grass runway and built a small hanger, just large enough to accommodate the Mooney. And at the very crest of the island, he had built himself a pleasant little house with porches around the entire outside. It had taken nearly three years to put it up, using his spare time and paid for as it was done. It had a great room and a gourmet kitchen, two large bedrooms and a bath. The house had a rather steep roofline to help resist the winds of the occasional tropical storm. And immediately under that roofline was a secret room which was rectangular and about twenty five by thirty feet. It had it's own little bath and it was air conditioned and very well insulated. There were no windows and only a single access by narrow stairs, which were hidden behind a false wall in the closet of the larger of the two bedrooms. All furniture in this room under the eaves was built-in. And by built in, meaning that everything was attached to either the walls, floor, or ceiling. There was a king-sized canopy bed with four large corner posts, a table with two small benches, a pair of armchairs, and a dresser with eight drawers in two side-by-side stacks of four each. The floor was covered with sand-white carpet. The room was lighted by canister lights at a number of strategic points including four lights over the bed, one over each armchair and two over the table. He had always called it his playroom.

The Cherokee Six Coop used for his charter service had been bought with a small inheritance, which his grandmother had left him. It had only 1275 total hours when he had made the purchase. Now, 20 years later, it had a soaring 23,115 hours, which amounted to more than two and a half years in the air. It had been through eight engine rebuilds plus three engine replacements, six props, dozens of tires, a couple of paint jobs and new upholstery twice. Every piece of gear in it had been replaced at least once. Still it was reliable. And he had surely gotten his money out of it more than once. It had helped him earn nearly a million dollars in investments and his house and a Mooney four place with retractable gear that he bought from a previous owner who had used it only 240 hours.

He was finally set for life financially. He was living the life men only normally dreamed about. But there was just one thing missing, but he had a plan there too. He just had to be patient.

* * * *

As he knew it would, his patience finally paid off. On the 28th of December, he was contacted by one of the airline services on Grand Bahama and asked if he would do a charter for one person to four islands. He had been fishing and reading but since jobs were relatively short until late in January, he agreed. It would prove to be a life changing decision.

When he arrived at regional airport on Paradise Island, he taxied to the charter terminal. The air service worker waved him into a space and provided chocks for the left wheel.

Cooper climbed out of the cockpit and headed toward the waiting area. Just as he approached the full glass door, it was pushed open and an absolute vision stepped outside. She was small, maybe five three or four and slight, certainly no more than a hundred pounds. She had a perfect hourglass figure and cornsilk blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He couldn't see her eyes since dark glasses covered them, but her face was angelic and she smiled sweetly as he came toward him.

"Hi. I think you're my pilot."

Her voice was soft and child-like. He returned her smile and extended his hand.

"I certainly hope so. I'm Cooper Endicott. Most folks just call me Coop."

"My name is Abigayle Suzanne Sloane. But I prefer just Abigayle."

"Well, its nice to meet you Just Abigayle."

Her hand was soft and warm as he held it longer than was probably necessary. Surely he had wished for this girl a dozen times. She was just perfect. He really preferred small girls. She was so small that he felt almost clumsy around her. And he loved the way she was dressed. She was literally "dressed", meaning that she was wearing a dress. It was mostly black with bright blue, fuscia, green and yellow flowers. It was short sleeved and came down nearly to her knees. She had on bright blue platform sneakers that looked far too small for an adult and black ankle socks with ruffles around their turned-down tops. On her head was a wide brimmed black straw hat that reminded him of the hats worn by some priests in the tropics. Overall, her image made him think of a little girl.

He realized that she was talking again.

"...mean literally just Abigayle. I meant that you should just all me Abigayle."

"I knew that. So Abigayle, where do you want to go? They told me four islands."

"Oh. Well ... I don't really know. I guess I don't really care. I just want to visit about three or four islands where there aren't many tourists. I want to just relax and get away. I'm really interested in experiencing the Island culture, you know? They told me that you would know the islands and you could help me pick. I just don't want to spend more than fifteen hundred dollars."

"How much time do you have?"

"Well, I don't have to be home until the 18th of January. So that's what ... three weeks?"

"Do you have any medical problems which require regular medication or anything like that?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Well, if proximity to a hospital has to be a consideration, that would affect my choice of locations."

"Oh, I see. You just never think of anything like that when you live in a place like Atlanta or Jacksonville, you know. But I guess you do have too out here."

"You sure do. I like to have as much information as I can get so I know I can make your stay as pleasant as possible."

"Well, thank you for that. I'm sure I'll totally enjoy my visit."

"Okay. Then I would definitely want to go to Barbados. It's a large island, but this is the off season. Then I would recommend Aruba. And the third one would have to be St. Lucia. And then maybe as a fourth we could go to one of the smaller cays and spend a day on the beach. In fact, I would go to the smaller cay first on the way to Barbados. That's the longest distance away so a layover would be good."

"Can I do all that for $1500."

"Of course not. But I enjoy flying and it will cover the cost of the fuel and meals and lodging. And I don't make any money this time of year anyway. Except that I do carry the mail. You don't mind if I make a couple of stops along the way to drop off mail, do you?"

"Are you kidding? No, I don't mind. Not if it'll help me pay the bill."

"Oh, you don't need any help paying the bill. I'll come out of this just fine. Now what do you say we file a flight plan and get out of here."

* * * *

Coop filed his plan and they departed Paradise Island at just after noon. He set his course for that little cay he had mentioned earlier. After he got her settled in the right seat in the cockpit and had her put on the intercom headphones, he called into the airport ground traffic and got clearance to head out and stage for takeoff. Then he switched over to the tower and was cleared for takeoff. Within fifteen minutes, they were airborne. His first stop on the flight plan he had filed was Salt Cay near S. Lucia. As soon as he was well into his climb out, he altered his course slightly to the south to put them on a course directly toward Salt Cay. Finally he reached cruising altitude and he took a few minutes to talk with his passenger.

"I thought we would start with that smaller cay I suggested. The one I thought you would find most interesting is Blue Wells Cay. It's only about forty minutes away. And in a few minutes, I'm going to get closer to the surface of the ocean so you can see better."

She smiled at him and nodded her agreement. It was obvious that she was excited by the prospect of her trip.

"So tell me Abigayle, you have to be back the 18th because of school?"

"No. I finished graduate school in December. My Dad left me money for this trip as a graduation present. He died last spring. Cancer."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up an unpleasant memory."

"Oh, it's not unpleasant. You see I lived with my Mom from the time I was 4 years old until I went away to college. My Dad and I were not close at all. I think that he got to feeling guilty for leaving us when he found out that he was dying. That's why he sent the money."

"What about Mom?"

"She died my first year in college. That was harder, but it's been nearly six years ago."

"So what about brothers and sisters?"

"I'm a one of a kind. A child of lust. My parents didn't get along well enough to have a second child. Too bad too. I really would like to have had a sister."

"Yeah, I'm all alone in the world too. No siblings or parents. Hell, I don't even have any friends that I would want to spend a great deal of time with. But I don't mind. Its sorta nice to be that independent."

"I guess so. But a sister would have been nice."

"So what makes your deadline the 18th?"

"Oh, I have a job. I start with the City of Jacksonville Public Library then. I'm an historical reference librarian."

"Your first job?"

"Oh no! I've worked all the way through college and graduate school. I was a catalog model."

"No kiddin'."

"Well, I was half a catalog model."

"You were a what?"

"Well ... half a model. I'm not pretty enough to be a full model."

She brought her hands up to her chest.

"Little boobs."

"So how do you be a half a model?"

"I modeled for stuff from the waist down like pantyhose and stockings, sometimes shoes, skirts or pants when only the bottoms were available. Most of my work was either pantyhose shoes or jeans."

"Doesn't that pay better than being a librarian?"

"Not really. Being a catalog model pays okay. Its better if they use all of you. Half models don't make a lot of money. Besides I've wanted to be a librarian most of my life. Plus you can keep on doin' it when you're old and grey."

"So you like books do you?"

"Yes, I really do. I've always been a reader. And I've always loved being in libraries."

"I really enjoy reading too. In fact, with as much time as I have, I get quite a bit of reading done. I have about a 5,000 volume library in my home."

"Oh? What do you like to read?"

"Almost anything. I read a lot of twentieth Century history. I also like historical novels. I particularly like Gore Vidal."

"Well, we'll certainly have something to talk about won't we?"

* * * *

They both stayed quiet for the next twenty or so minutes. Coop broke the silence finally with a warning to his passenger.

"I just wanted to warn you Abigayle that I'm gonna ease us on down closer to the ocean so you'll be able to see better as we approach the islands. I just didn't want to scare the hell outta you when we go down."


He reached up and abruptly pulled the throttle back to an idle and pushed the yoke over until he had the plane in a fairly steep dive. He dropped from 3500 feet to about 600 feet in a matter of less than two minutes. After he leveled off, he quickly looked over to his passenger and was pleased to see the smile on her face.

"That was fun!"

"And the fun is just beginning. You're in for so many surprises. Just keep on smilin'."

Over the next few minutes he continued to lose altitude, though at a very slow rate until he was only about one to two hundred feet above the water. Low enough that he had long since disappeared from all radar screens. He altered his course to the east and soon passed a grouping of small atolls surrounded by shallows. Immediately after the course change, his path took them directly over these little land masses, close enough to easily see that they were uninhabited.

He maintained course and speed for about fifteen minutes, covering at least twenty-five miles. Then just on the right of the center of the front cowling an island started to grow at the horizon. It was typically lush and green with bright white sand beaches around about two thirds of the island. As she watched it grow, Abigayle started to see signs of life. There was a small building at the near end of the island. Then further away, on a slight rise was what appeared to be a house.

"Excuse me, but is that the island we're going too?"

"Yep. That's Blue Wells Cay. There is a guesthouse on the hill with a panoramic view of the ocean in every direction. It's a perfect place to begin your visit to the islands. In fact, it's equally a perfect place to settle down and live for a few years. But I'm biased. But you probably won't be able to leave tomorrow either. Are you ready for the adventure to begin?"


* * * *

Cooper Endicott lined up for his landing on the grass strip on the western end of the island. Within minutes they were on the ground. He taxied to a stop just in front of the small hangar at the eastern end of the landing strip. He quickly climbed out and chocked the wheels and tied down the left wing to minimize the effects of the breeze that was coming off the ocean. Next to the little building there was an electric golfcart. It only took Coop about ten minutes to offload all of his visitor's luggage and offer her a seat in the cart. They headed immediately up the winding path to the house at the top of the slight hill and pulled up right at the front door. The girl was becoming curious.

"Doesn't look like anyone is home."

"That's not unusual here in the islands this time of the year. Guests are few and far between. But trust me, the owner knows we're coming. We're just a little earlier than I expected. He may have gone to get supplies or something else from one of the bigger islands. There are several within fifteen or twenty minutes by plane and maybe an hour and a half by boat. I'm sure the door will be open."

He led the way, carrying two of her four bags onto the porch. At the front door, he turned the knob and let the door swing inward, turning as he did to speak to the girl over his shoulder.

"See, we're expected."

* * * *

The cottage was pleasantly cool and dark inside and it was furnished in pastels with bright accent colors. The wooden floors were smooth and dark and the general feeling of the place was openness. Coop dropped the bags he had brought in just inside the door and spoke to the girl.

"Well, what do you think?"

Abigayle turned in a full 360-degree circle and smiled at him with a shrug of her shoulders.

"It's very pleasant, but it seems kinda small for a guest house."

"Well, it isn't really a guesthouse as such. It's just a cottage, which now has a guest. This is where you'll be staying for a while."

"A while? What do you mean by that?"

For the first time, she started to show some concern for her own safety.

"I mean that you are my guest here. And that you will stay as long as I want to keep you."

She stood still and watched his face as if waiting to see some indication that he was teasing her. When there was no change in his expression, she knitted her brow and frowned slightly.

"I don't understand what you mean."

"Well, it's pretty simple. I've wanted a mate for a long time. It gets lonely out here. So I decided to take someone. And you are the lucky one. Or not."

"But you can't do that! That's against the law. That's ... kidnapping!"

"Well, you're exactly right, at lease partially. It is kidnapping. And it is against the law. But as for the 'I can't do that' part, you're totally wrong there. You see, I have done it. You're here as my guest. And I can keep you for as long as I want."

"But ... I'll be missed. Someone will come after me if I'm not back on time."

"But you said yourself that you have no family. Just a job to go back too. They won't think long about your not showing up. Just that you probably changed your mind."

She was becoming frustrated now. She was looking around the room with more intensity, as if she was looking for an escape route or a weapon.

"Besides, no one will look for you because you're dead. You were killed when we crashed."

She looked up at him suddenly.


"Well, when I brought us done to the surface of the ocean for a better view, I was actually making it look like we lost power and crashed. And I'm going to go back to those little islands we passed over and ditch the plane in the ocean. They'll find me because of the emergency beacon and I'll be rescued. I'll be back home in two days at the most."

Suddenly the harsh truth of it dawned on her. She looked around the room and then back to Coop, with an expression of total bewilderment. Then her shoulders sagged and she sighed heavily.

Suddenly without comment or protest, she bolted for the front door, running past where Coop stood passively. He knew she had to do this at least once so she could really understand the hopelessness of her situation. As the screen door slammed closed with a bounce, he turned to follow the girl. Once outside he stood on the porch and watched her run down the hill, finally stumbling and falling into the long grass along its side and rolling several yards down toward the beach.

He slowly strolled down to where the girl was lying face down, sobbing, her shoulders rising and falling with irregular spasms. He stooped down beside her and gently putting his hand on her back.

"It won't be so bad. Really, you may even enjoy it after you get used to the routine. Now why don't you come on back inside so I can get you settled. I need to go stage our crash."

He slipped his hands under her armpits and pulled her to sitting and then helped her to stand. She sniffed and spoke in a small soft voice.

"Please don't hurt me."

"I have absolutely no intention of hurting you. Please don't worry about that at all. I assure you that my intentions are not evil."

He walked her back up the hill and back into the cottage. Once inside, he escorted her down the short hallway to the larger of the bedrooms and into the back of the walk-in closet where he opened a small doorway revealing a narrow stairway up. For the first time since he had helped her up, she resisted slightly at the sight of the dark stairs. He quickly switched on lights which shown from the room above.

"This is going to be your room for a while. Go ahead up. It's pretty nice."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, right now, nothin'. I'm just gonna get you settled so I can leave you alone for a couple of days."


"Yeah. I hate to have to leave so soon after your arrival, but I have to fix our trail. But don't worry. You'll be perfectly safe. There is a bathroom and a refrigerator with food and water. And a comfortable bed and even books to read. You'll be fine."

As he continued to talk in a calm voice, he held her left arm in both his hands and he moved her onward and upward, taking steps slowly but steadily. They were by this point standing in the center of the large room, near the bed. As he released his grip on her arm, he could both feel and see that the girl was shaking slightly. She scanned the room that would be her home and cell for the foreseeable future, carefully avoiding looking at her captor. But his voice caused her to jump, then she became perfectly still.

"Now Abigayle, I'd like you to take off your shoes and socks please and sit on the side of the bed."

It was as if the girl was in a trance. She continued to stare across the room, giving no indication after her initial reaction that she had heard him speak. He again grasped her elbow and shoved her toward the bed, slowly turning her around so that he could push her back into a seated position on the near side. Then he quickly stooped in front of her and lifted her left foot and pulled off the sneaker and the sock. He was please to see very pretty little feet with straight little toes all in a neat row with bright fuscia nails. In less than a minute both her small narrow feet were bare and he stood and walked to the storage closet at the very top of the stairs. It was locked and he used a key from the ring in his pocket to open it. He stepped inside and in half a minute he reappeared and closed and locked the door. In his hand he carried bright soft leather cuffs and chains.

He returned to the girl who was unmoved on the bed. Again he stooped at her feet and locked three-inch leather cuffs around her delicate and perfectly formed ankles. In seconds her ankles were linked by a fifteen-inch chain. The he reached to her hands and locked her wrists in a pair of matching two-inch leather cuffs, which were only separated by two inches. There was also a chain that connected the handcuffs to the leg cuffs. From beneath the bed, he pulled a chain, which was anchored, to the floor in the center of the room. This he locked to the chain between her ankles. She could now move about the room, the bath and even down about two of the steps to the main floor but no further.

"Now, that should keep you out of trouble. I'll be back in a couple of days."

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