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Rock Hard [MultiFormat]
eBook by Bonnie Dee

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: A stone-hearted bodyguard. A passionate princess. Opposites collide in an explosive fireball, but can Ja-hun protect Leelah when he's distracted by sex? And can sex turn into love when two people are worlds apart?

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2008

15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The new bodyguard her father had insisted on assigning her looked like a block of hewn granite and had just about that much personality. He was a rock, with hard, black, almond eyes, a sharp blade of a nose, and cheekbones that appeared ready to break through his skin. His jaw could stop a truck, and his lips were so tight and straight you could use them as a ruler. If coal were shoved up his ass, he'd press out diamonds. Only his sleek black hair showed a hint of unruliness as random strands fell across his forehead.

"I'm sorry, miss. It's for your safety. The situation isn't stable right now."

Leelah glared at the man in the charcoal gray suit before slamming the door closed in his face. Retreating into the riotous garden of colors decorating her bedroom, she flopped on the bed and gazed at the star-spangled ceiling before turning on the comset implanted in her ear.

"Trianne Abet." She said her friend's name aloud and the comset connected them.

"Hey, babe, what's up?" It was a strain to hear Trianne's voice above the background noise of a party. "Where are you? You need to get your ass over here."

"Can't." Leelah picked at her purple bedcover. "Would you believe this shenje? Almost twenty-five years old and I'm basically grounded."


"They're not letting me leave the compound. We're on high alert, so this new guy has me on lockdown. There's always a threat! I've spent my entire life with the fear of kidnapping. When will I be allowed to really start living my life and making some kind of difference in the world?"

"Stop it!" Trianne's shriek echoed in Leelah's head, and she dialed down the comset. "Sorry. Burdah's grabbing my boob. Listen, your dad's practically the ruler of the Free Worlds. You should know the drill by now. Remember when you were twelve? There was that uprising that never came to anything, but you got out and met me and we had a sanshi day together at the beach. Are you telling me as a grown woman you can't manage to shake your bodyguard and come have some fun?"

"This guy's different. He's like a hawk." She thought of Ja-hun's dark eyes, constantly in motion, watching everything at once. Taking in every detail, giving nothing back. A shiver of arousal peaked her nipples as she wondered what fucking such a cold man would be like--enough to frost her pussy, no doubt. "Besides, this is not just about partying, although it sounds like you're having a helluva good time. I could actually be useful there, serving a diplomatic function."

"Oh, yeah, intergalactic relations. You're good at that. There's this guy from Anu, named Danje, who you've got to meet. He's gorgeous."

The mental picture of a golden Anuvian male wouldn't come into focus. It kept being supplanted by Ja-hun's granite face. "I've tried everything, but I can't get this bodyguard to bring me."

"Try harder." There was a loud laugh, then Trianne said, "Gotta go," before abruptly ending the transmission.

Leelah sighed. If her father weren't in the middle of a summit meeting, she'd call and get him to order Ja-hun to let her out of house arrest. Daddy understood parties really were about more than socializing. Because of the big event tomorrow evening, royals and dignitaries from worlds across the galaxy were on NewEarth. Many of the young people from those prominent families would be at Burdah Garan's party today. Building connections with them was important. She could influence policy, sway future decisions, and get them to open their pocketbooks to fund some of her father's new programs. If she happened to have some fun at the same time, that was icing on the cake.

She kicked her legs against the bed for a few moments, venting her frustration, then called up the vid screen only to find nothing interesting on. At her command, the screen disappeared, revealing the scarlet-draped wall behind it again. Staring at the wall, she wondered if it was time for a makeover on her room. The profusion of brilliant colors--vermilion, indigo, ochre, sapphire, and iridescent green--was exciting, but hardly restful. Maybe that was why she had so much trouble sleeping at night. Even the starry sky on her ceiling didn't lull her. She was always shifting and moving, too full of energy to relax.

A head-listener would probably find all sorts of interesting things in her psyche, but she refused to go to one. She didn't want some stranger poking around inside her. What she wanted right now was to be at the party with Trianne and her other friends. She wanted to help her father in his campaign of change and knew just how to lay out his plans so the younger set would really pay attention. She could be an invaluable tool for him, if he'd just give her free rein.

The only thing standing between her and what she wanted to accomplish was that wall of stone in the hallway outside her bedroom: Ja-hun, the rock-hard bodyguard. The thought of him infuriated her, but also made her incredibly horny. His broad shoulders, big hands, and stoic face had filled her sexual fantasies ever since he'd gotten here. Imagining how he'd look stripped of that somber suit, all chiseled muscle and sleek, tawny skin, made her pussy ache.

She squeezed her thighs together against the pulsing and cupped her breasts, squeezing the small, round globes and plucking at the nipples through the fabric of her shirt. She glanced down at the effect of erect buds pressing into the clinging material. What would happen if she opened the door and called Ja-hun into her room from his post in the hallway on some pretext? He was a man, not a rock--maybe. Surely his gaze would slip down to her chest, and a light of interest would spark in those remote eyes. His dick might harden, another block of granite bulging in the front of his pants.

As Leelah pictured his arousal, she squeezed her legs together tighter and pulled her nipples harder. She'd been around the guy less than a week, and he intrigued her in a way men seldom did. As a rule, the male sex was pretty easy to figure out and very easy to manipulate. But Ja-hun was such an enigma, so emotionless and reserved that she kept jabbing him with verbal barbs to see if she could get him stirred up.

She'd never been a spoiled princess, dallying with the help. She'd always known that her bodyguards, as they came and went throughout the years, were there to provide a service of protection, not to be teased or toyed with--although she had cajoled Drummond into playing endless games of jabarta when she was eight. But Ja-hun had invaded her mind. She found herself speculating about how he'd be in bed and reaching for her vibrator in the nightstand drawer.

Leelah raised her top over her breasts so she could stroke naked flesh while imagining Ja-hun's long-fingered, elegant hands fondling her tits. She flipped up the hem of her skirt and pulled off her panties, then began working her fingertip over her clit. Her pussy was already slippery wet from her daydreams of her bodyguard. She dipped a finger into her channel and spread the moisture over her labial lips.

When she'd tickled her clit until her hips lifted toward her hand and her pussy ached for fulfillment, Leelah finally turned her vibe on and inserted it into her entrance. Her inner muscles clenched around the softly pulsing penis. It was the best money could buy, with a texture and movement so similar to the real thing she could easily imagine it was Ja-hun's cock plunging into her depths. Hell, the vibe was probably better hung and certainly less trouble than most men. She should be glad to spend an afternoon with it--even if it didn't give her a kiss or say thanks afterward.

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