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Emerald City [MultiFormat]
eBook by Melody Knight

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
eBook Description: Loving, lustful--living ... How will she exorcise this spirit she has loved for so long? How do you "dump" a dead man? Claudia has it all--a long-awaited opportunity to work in Berenike, the ancient Egyptian Emerald City; a colleague interested in pursuing their relationship further; the thrill of ancient artifacts mingled with new discoveries. Her paranormal episodes may even be an advantage here, offering her some insight into past events. There's a part of her paranormal peculiarities that she'd like to leave behind, but he doesn't seem to be willing. Nigel, her spectral lover, has much more carnal interest that one would normally expect from the deceased. He's been visiting Claudia for six years, but Claudia wants a fresh start, particularly after meeting Carlton--CT--Sheffield. CT is an expert on Egypt, but he'd clearly like to become an expert on Claudia, too. Now, Claudia must contend with two lovers vying for her favors--one living, and the other--unfortunately--dead. Which would you choose?

eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, Published: 2008-10-23, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2008

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

This time, CT's hand rested on her seatback, slipped to her shoulder, and eventually, when he was shifting in the rougher patches, kept bumping her thigh. Everywhere he touched her was an erotic zone, amazing as it seemed. Her shoulder blade took on new depths when his fingers clasped it over a particularly rough bump. It suddenly seemed to be in direct connection with her pelvis.

When his hand nudged her thigh, Claudia was struck with a sudden impulse to straddle it. To see what those magic fingers, which could alter shoulder to G-spot, could do with the real thing.

Dear God, I'm going mad! Surely it was insane to be driven into a sexual frenzy by the mere brush of a man's fingers.

He's alive, dearie--and you haven't had anything real in a very long time. Six years. Six long years Nigel had been invading her life, and she'd learned to substitute chilling orgasms, frightful spasms, arching phan-tasies for the real thing. The only thing heated about Nigel was his conversation.

But I love the way we fight. For a moment, nostalgia lingered on the air, and if CT noticed a change in the mood, he didn't say anything. Claudia did, though--a change in herself. CT drew her, with his pulsing heart. Even the sound of his breathing thrilled her, after cohabitating so long with a dead man. Nigel may have encouraged her--may have even directed her steps toward this place--but he might as well have been prepping her to say goodbye. Her profession, her talents, her visions might deal with the dead ... yet it didn't mean she had to live with them. It was time to leave Nigel behind.

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