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Brits in Time Anthology [MultiFormat]
eBook by Brynn Paulin & Lisabet Sarai & Saskia Walker

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: "To Conquer a Lady" by Aurora Rose Lynn: The Earl is dead! Long live the Countess! Only a few in the de Vieux castle know the headstrong Lady Isabelle's secret, and she now rules an uneasy population that may rise up against her at any moment. The castle is under bitter siege and the young lady is at her wits end trying to defend her people ... and her heart. As a lowly knight, Edmund de Montfort watched the lovely lady grow up into a beautiful, vivacious woman and now that she's of marriageable age, he vows to make her his wife. He isn't of noble blood but he's experienced in all the ways of winning a lady's heart. Except one. After making love to him, Isabelle betrays him and he is forced to choose between the lady and her castle. When passion and politics collide, the decision may be a matter of who is the strongest of them all ... "Mist and Stone" by Bronwyn Green: Knight of the Round Table, Sir Gareth of Orkney has fought for Arthur and Britain for years. Now he is called to serve his king and his country in a way he never anticipated. King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake have resurrected the ritual of Beltane and Gareth is expected to oversee the rite. His ability to perform his duty is tested when he discovers the identity of the maiden chosen for the sacred ritual. He wants her for his own and balks at having to select a man to perform the ceremony with her. Willow, an initiate of Avalon, accompanies the High Priestess to Camelot. She never imagined she'd find the man who had sparked her fascination as a child. More disturbing is the realisation that her childhood adoration has grown into something deeper, more sexual. However, duty to Avalon forces her to sacrifice herself to another man in the upcoming Beltane ritual. Can the fragile blossom of love survive the rite of spring or will it be crushed beneath the yoke of honour and duty? "In the Dark" by Brynn Paulin: Born with a red blemish streaking her cheek, Katherine has been hidden her entire life. Even after her family perished in the plague, she did not emerge from behind the walls that protect her. With the help of a faithful servant, she is content to live as she's been taught. However, her contentment ends when a band of men arrive to the castle in a cloud of dust. She's horrified. And worried. And more than a little fascinated by the man who leads them, Calen the Black. While she spies on Calen from afar, her need to draw closer rages out of control until she sneaks to his room to experience his touch?for as long as they remain in the dark. "Shortest Night" by Lisabet Sarai: The year is 1595 in the reign of Good Queen Bess. Stage-struck, young Ben Hastings leaves his father's farm for London, to join Will Shakepeare's band of players. Hugh Templeton, the handsome leading man, takes the the innocent lad under his wing, but Ben soon discovers that Hugh wants more than just friendship. Meanwhile a savvy tavern maid named Jenny engineers a comedy of errors to save Ben from Hugh's lewd embrace and win him for her own. This story has male male interaction and also multiple partners--MFM. "Georgie and the Dragon" by Cindy Spencer Pape: Who'd believe that in the enlightened year of 1815, Georgie Grisham's Welsh village still felt the need to make its 100-year sacrifice to the local dragon lord? And just because she was supposed to be a descendant of St. George, why was everyone in town suddenly looking at her? Fine. If being the dragon sacrifice would save her younger siblings from the poor house, she'd do it. After she got the agreement in writing. When the villagers found her safe and sound the next morning, maybe they'd quit believing in this dragon nonsense. But just in case there was some truth to it, she was taking her great-great grandfather's sword. Someone needed to put an end to this appalling tradition once and for all. When Caddoc sees the buxom, flame-haired beauty waiting for him on the rocks, he can't resist flying in for a closer look. Then the little minx tries to stab him with an enchanted sword. For the first time in centuries, this sacrifice business is going to be fun. First he has to take away her weapon, and, takes her back to his lair. After he shapeshifts to human form--a shape she recognises as the reclusive lord of a nearby castle--he can teach her what it means to satisfy all the cravings of a dragon. "Brazen Behaviour" by Saskia Walker: Miss Eleanor Argyle has modern aspirations for a Victorian lady. The daughter of an intrepid traveller, she's confident and rebellious. After her father's death, she refuses to be chaperoned by anyone--least of all a man that she'd much rather bed. She's wanted Mr Gregory Munroe for years, but she is determined not to sacrifice her independence to get him. Gregory Munroe is both aroused and infuriated by his charge. She's stubborn, and he can sense that she's about to try to outrun him. He thwarts her, trapping her aboard a northbound train. Eleanor is secretly thrilled, and when she subsequently decides to invite him to a brazen night of passion, he barely stops to think about her motives. Can Eleanor have him, whilst also giving him the slip? A fiery mix of passion and rebellion inspires a chase that runs the length of Britain--but neither Eleanor nor Gregory expects to find the knowledge that waits at its end.

eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2009

11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Edmund de Montfort watched the beautiful Lady Isabelle half-hidden high above him on the castle rampart. His groin tightened merely thinking of her and of pulling her gown off her shoulders to reveal her delicate, creamy shoulders, then lower still to show the swell of her breasts. He knew he was in a bad state. Everything he had done for the last ten years had been to prepare to conquer the lady's heart. But without a title, without sufficient lands to make a comfortable living, he had been merely a knight. Nothing to her. Nothing to himself.

The crisp pennants with his new coat of arms whipped and snapped in the wind. The sun beat down on Edmund's bare head as he shaded his eyes to catch yet another glimpse of Isabelle, the unusual golden-coloured hair he knew was her one vanity and her liquid blue eyes that reminded him of a clear blue stream on a cloudless day. He was a lovesick fool, but since the lady had captured his heart, what could he do but what the good Lord had given him to do? Conquer her and make her his not only in name but in physical fact.

In an effort to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying went, he had ridden from the castle one night, five years earlier, and turned to the king for help. The king had the power to ennoble him after suitable service, and Edmund was determined he would receive lands to woo Isabelle with. But Edward's queen, Isabella of France, had heard Edmund's plea instead. And turned it inside out to her liking. If Edmund agreed to spy on the king, the second Edward of that name to sit on the English throne, then she would see that he was suitably recompensed for his efforts. Not knowing what else to do, Edmund had done as the queen ordered. He had been the poor fool to inform Isabella that her husband did not much care for women but rather cared for men in his bed.

Isabella had been furious but had kept her promise. She had created the title the Earl de Montfort and provided appropriate lands, unbelievably, next to the lands of the Earl de Vieux. Edmund had promptly sought the hand of the lady Isabelle in marriage, but her father had refused. The old man wanted a better match for his only daughter than an upstart, newly created noble. Edmund, however, was single-minded in getting what he wanted no matter how much opposition was thrown in his path. Even if it came to kidnapping the lady, he would make her his wife.

The kidnapping itself would lead to problems of its own. Her father would undeniably lay siege to the Montfort castle, and many lives would be lost. Edmund was not the kind of man who could stand by and watch innocent people die. He was not heartless like the queen was. The tale was being spread far and wide that she wanted her husband dead so she could rule as regent when the younger Edward took the throne. What kind of evil woman was she that she considered striking down her husband? He was God's chosen and not to be trifled with.

Edmund rubbed his temple and fought back the headache that was coming on. He no longer owed anything to the witch queen. He had upheld his end of the bargain, and she, hers. That was the end of the matter.

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