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The Squire [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shawn Lane

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Duncan has been Sir William's squire for two years. During that time, he has lusted after and been in love with the beautiful muscular knight. Too bad Sir William prefers fair maidens... Sir William is called home due to the impending death of his father. On the journey, he catches his squire watching other men having sex and realizes Duncan is also ready for some love play. Once they reach the family's estates, William and Duncan begin an affair of both body and heart. But the happiness they find together is short-lived when the king dictates that William must marry a suitable heiress. Unable to bear his place beside William and his wife, Duncan flees. Can William find the squire to convince him their love is meant to be? Genres: Gay / Historical / Voyeurism

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2009

88 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4 STARS!...a sweetly romantic short story...The sex between the two men is passionate and erotic, as well as tender as William guides Duncan in his first sexual experiences with another. The emotions run high throughout the story...There is a bit of humor in the story as well...Overall this is a highly enjoyable story that will leave a smile on your face, absolutely a recommended read!"--Emily, Rainbow Reviews

"4 NYMPHS!...a wonderful romance between a knight and his squire. Shawn Lane presents a well written, passionate saga that warms the heart...I greatly enjoyed this impressive story."--Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"4 STARS!...a lovely story by author Shawn Lane and I found the characters to be quite delightful. Both William and Duncan were likeable and obviously cared a lot for each other. The sex was very passionate and sensual and the author packed a lot of action in this very short book. I would recommend THE SQUIRE to anyone looking for a great read whether or not historicals are your favourite genre."--Jessewave, Reviews By Jessewave

"4 ANGELS!...From the voyeuristic Duncan that starts out the story, to the happily ever after ending the story kept getting hotter. Both main characters, Duncan and Sir William, have a way of worming their way into the heart of the reader so that when the story is ended, you find yourself thinking about them long after you read the last word. Shawn Lane moves the story along at just the right pace with just the right plot twists...well developed characters and a wonderful storyline..."--April, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 HEARTS!...Shawn Lane has written such an emotionally, sensual tale of love. This is a story with some of the hottest love scenes between two sexy men I have read. At the same time, the characters were so real and likeable...I would highly recommend this one to anyone, who enjoys a great story with two sexy men, as I so completely enjoyed it."--Sandra, The Romance Studio


England, 1345

Lord, sleeping at the feet of Sir William was going to kill him.

Duncan wondered if it were possible to die from stroking his own cock too much. He didn't think so, but what did he know? Hadn't he heard something about going blind? The idea didn't stop him.

Using both hands, he stroked up and down the length, imagining Sir William's big hands instead of his. Other than the sounds he made, the only thing heard in the tent was the soft breathing of the object of his fantasies. Naturally, Sir William didn't even snore. He was perfect in every way.

Duncan worried his bottom lip with his teeth as he stroked faster. His balls had grown impossibly tight. He ran his index finger along the red head, rubbing in the drop of pre-cum. He closed his eyes, imagining Sir William touching him, stroking him. Or perhaps his mouth ... his tongue darting out to flick the tip of Duncan's cock.

He let out an involuntary groan. His hands stilled on his cock, his heart racing. If Sir William woke ... but he heard nothing. Letting out a shaky breath, he put one hand over his mouth to keep the noise from coming out and used the other to work his straining erection.

He supposed it was wrong to lust after one's knight, but in the two years he'd been Sir William's squire he'd gone to bed with a hard-on every evening. The painful truth was he'd never been particularly interested in maidens and the like. Big, muscular armored knights were his fantasy.

And Sir William was the most gorgeous one of all. At least in Duncan's opinion. He'd had the fortune to see the knight naked multiple times and the man was all sleek muscle. Sir William also had a very large cock, and Duncan liked to imagine it thrusting in and out of his ass.

With a ragged moan he covered with his hand, he shot semen all over.


Duncan grabbed a cloth he kept close and wiped himself. Someday, mayhap, he'd actually get to have sex with someone other than his own hand. He'd reached eighteen autumns without losing his virginity to anyone. Of course, he would like it to be Sir William, but unfortunately the handsome blond knight seemed only interested in the fair maidens who offered him their favors.

His breathing having returned to normal, Duncan crawled under his bedroll and attempted to fall asleep. All his life it had taken him a long time for slumber to come. His mind was always full of the day's events or some conversation or the knight for whom he lusted. Sir William fell asleep within moments of putting his head down. It was quite irritating.

And now ... Duncan had to piss. Great.

He scooted out from his sleeping roll and reached for his boots. It was far too cold outside to traipse around barefoot.

"What in God's name are you doing now?"

Duncan froze at the mumbled words coming from Sir William. He couldn't have been awake.

"I ... I have to ... um go," he blurted out.

Sir William sighed.

"I'm sorry to have awakened you, sir."

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