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Sophie's Secret [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Cary

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Sexually frustrated after another failed relationship, Sophie Green turns to roommate and friend Logan Rutledge for help. A weekend of sexual bliss is what she wanted. What she got she just couldn't keep secret. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, bondage, domination, menage (m/f/m), spanking.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2009

92 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

He lifted her legs and eased down onto the couch next to her, letting her calves rest on his lap. Tiny currents of electricity raced up the back of her legs and built low in her belly as she realized his intent.

Great. She'd been the recipient of that particular move before, and it meant only one thing: he'd shifted into friend mode and was expecting her to share her problem. The last thing she wanted was some long conversation with Logan ending in a diatribe from him about her poor choice in men. Most of the time he was the perfect roommate but every once in a while he'd decide to be the friend she knew he was, a habit of his that both soothed and annoyed Sophie. Unfortunately, for him, right now she was more annoyed than happy about his presence. "So, where is what's-her-name tonight?"

"Renee left last Friday for California and dreams of making it big in Hollywood."

Careful not to let him see, Sophie rolled her eyes. How did someone as intelligent as Logan always hook up with airhead bimbos in search of their fifteen minutes of fame and eye candy to show off to their girlfriends? He was smart, handsome, and reliable, so why did he make it a point to search out his exact opposite? Ruminating about it would only piss her off yet again. They had more common interests than she could count on one hand, and they rarely fought. Most importantly, she loved him more than she'd ever want to admit. Still, at the end of the day, it was always some bimbo in a miniskirt with an IQ of ten decorating his arm instead of her.

"You know if I had a dime for every girl you've dated..." She shook her head. "On second thought, never mind. Thinking about that amount of money will only depress me more."

He furrowed his dark brow. "You're evading my question."

"No, I'm ignoring your question. There is a difference."

The frown he sported deepened, revealing two perfect little dimples on either side of his square jaw. "Sophie--"

"Don't 'Sophie' me. I don't want to talk about it."

He patted her leg. "You never want to talk about it."

She eyed him a second time. "Yeah, well, today I really don't want to talk about it."

He smirked. "We'll see about that." Then using his thumbs, he began massaging tiny circles along her calf. A gasp tumbled from her parted lips. Not fair! He knew a massage would loosen her lips quicker than alcohol. Maybe if she didn't speak, she could continue to ignore his questions yet still enjoy the massage.

After several minutes of silence, he stopped, nearly causing her to protest. "So are you going to tell me what's wrong, or do I have to break out the massage oil?"

Oh, boy, did that sound like a tempting offer. What exactly were her reasons for not playing along and stopping his threat? Oh, yeah. Being half-naked and all slicked up with massage oil would only make her horny, and knowing he wasn't interested in helping her assuage that itch would, in the end, make her current situation worse. Still, she had to give him kudos. He knew exactly how to break her down.

Her lips tipped up at the corners, and her gaze drifted from the ceiling fan above her head to Logan. "You want to know what's wrong. Men are scum; that's what's wrong."

Logan grabbed at his heart and feigned a faint. "Ouch. That hurts."

She laughed and slapped at his arm. "I don't mean you when I say that." Although, if she sat down and analyzed his behavior with women, he really wasn't much better than the jerks she dated. To his credit, he hadn't always been that way. She could still remember him as a senior in high school, and he'd dated the same girl for nearly all four years. It wasn't until after he hit college--correction, after his accident--that he slowly turned into the hound he was today. Maybe because she knew the other Logan she was able to look at him differently.

His brows arched. "Well, that's good to know. So what man had the audacity to degrade the fine reputation of men everywhere?"

"Corey Kelly, that's who."

"But I thought you two were getting along great. At least that's what you told me the last time I asked about him."

How could she possibly explain that the boyfriend she thought was Mr. Perfect was far from it without revealing too much information? It was one thing to have a conversation about her relationships with Logan, but it was something else entirely to share her innermost desires with him. Not that she was being sexist or anything, but those types of discussions were reserved for her best friend, Kara.

She sighed. "Do you ever notice that the longer you know somebody, the more you find out about that person?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, I was starting to get the distinct feeling that Corey wasn't the person I thought he was. Tonight, he confirmed my suspicions when I walked in on him banging the chick who lives down the hall from him."

Logan's eyes widened in surprise. "You caught him cheating?"

She nodded. "What was supposed to have been one hell of a good day had somehow instead turned into the day from hell. The bastard. He just stood there naked, in the middle of his living room asking me what I was doing there." She shook her head. "I hope the son of a bitch chokes on the birthday cake I had delivered. I swear, if I'd had the chance, I would have shoved the damn thing in his face."

At the end of her sentence, her anger dissipated, leaving behind a pain she knew all too well. Tears began to build, and she fought to not let go and cry. Crying would be easier, but the shithead didn't deserve her tears. "I don't understand it, Logan. A couple of months ago I told him if he wanted, I'd be willing to get a little adventurous in the bedroom. Instead of taking me up on it, he goes out and finds some bimbo to hump."

Logan arched a curious brow. "What kind of adventure?"

Oh no, she wasn't going to go there. It would be way too easy for that kind of information to make its way back to her brother, and that so wasn't a conversation she wanted to be having with Mitch. Sometimes he forgot that she was twenty-six years old and perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

She smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She swung her legs off him, stood, and began to pace. "Really, Logan, is it me? And be honest."

* * * *

How could she possibly think anything was wrong with her? With long blonde hair, a petite frame, and the most generous personality he'd ever encountered, she was everything a man could want--well, everything he'd ever wanted. "No, no, no, and no," he replied, patting the couch. "Sit back down here, and tell me what happened."

With a sigh, she plopped down on the couch and curled into the crook of his arm. The aromatic scent of sunflowers tickled his nostrils. Logan had to stifle the urge to lean into her neck and take a deeper sniff.

"Corey was promoted and tomorrow is his birthday, so I was going kill two birds with one stone and sneak into his place while he was at work to surprise him with a little dinner au natural. Only when I got there, I found him putting it to the bimbo who lives down the hall on the living room rug."

The image of Sophie serving dinner naked lodged itself in Logan's brain and wouldn't let go. His dick surged to life, and he quickly adjusted himself so as not to accidentally reveal his thoughts. It wasn't her fault he'd had a thing for her since high school, but made a promise to his best friend--her brother--to keep his paws off.

She tilted her head up and looked at him. "It has to be the sex."

"Excuse me?" That had been the last thing he expected to hear her say. He was having a hard enough time keeping his brain engaged in the conversation when most of the blood needed for thought processes had diverted south. Having her bring up the question of her own inadequacies in the sex department wouldn't help matters any.

"Sex, Logan." She pushed off him and shifted on the sofa so they were facing each other. Logan prayed she wouldn't notice the hard-on now threatening to tent his shorts.

"If it's not my looks or any of those other things that turned Corey off, then I must be bad in bed."

Think cold thoughts! He shifted back against the sofa and as nonchalantly as possible pulled a pillow over his lap. "Well," he began. Penguins, Eskimos, swimming naked in a cold lake. Logan cleared his throat. "Since I have no knowledge in that area, it would be inappropriate for me to comment."

"And why is that?" Her look turned dark, then she sprang from the couch to resume her pacing.

Ice cubes, yellow snow ... what? With his brain only working on half power, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Logan to keep up with her lightning-fast mood swings. "Why is what, Phia?"

"Why haven't we ever had sex? I've known you since I was little, and we've been roommates for the last four years. You've had plenty of opportunity to try and put your playboy moves on me, but you never have." She paused, and her eyes grew glassy. "Be honest. Am I really that unattractive?"

He couldn't stand the idea of seeing her cry over something as trivial as sex. "God, no." He jumped to his feet and grabbed her by the shoulders. "I've never made a move on you because Mitch swore to me if I ever did anything to hurt you, he'd break every bone in my body. Your brother is my best friend, and while I wouldn't be against taking a few hits for a beautiful girl, I didn't want to do anything that would screw up my friendship."

Her gaze locked on his, disbelief on her face. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course I think you're beautiful. I swear to you, if Mitch wasn't your brother, I would have hit on you a long time ago."

A slow smile tugged at her lips and eventually engulfed her face. "I'd say you were lying to spare my feelings, but since you can't very easily fake an erection, I believe you."


He glanced down only to see his shorts poking out in all the wrong places. In his rush to calm her tears, he'd completely forgotten about his little problem.

She stepped into his arms, leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the nose. "Thanks Logan. I needed that."

"No problem. What are friends fo--" He drew in a sharp breath. She brushed a gentle hand over the bulge in his shorts as she turned away sending sparks racing up his spine. Logan barely contained the urge to snag her arm and yank her back against him. What he wouldn't do to feel her soft warm body against his? Short of ruining his friendship with Mitch, there wasn't much. Still, for all he knew, it could have been a completely innocent move on her part.

She bent over to pick her bag up off the floor, and Logan had to look away to keep from reaching out to touch her firm ass. She straightened and walked to her bedroom where she stopped in the doorway and looked back at him. "You know, you'd only be hurting me if I wanted more than you were willing to give. Nobody said we had to have a happily ever after, but a hot night of tawdry sex wouldn't have been out of the question." Without waiting for a response, she closed the door.

All of Logan's conscious thought dissolved into a pool of sizzling lust, leaving him staring at her now closed door, mouth agape with a woody the size of the Empire State Building. Had her errant hand been an accident or a calculated move? Either way, he could shoot himself for making that promise to Mitch.

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