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Almost Guilty [MultiFormat]
eBook by Isabel Mere

eBook Category: Romance/Mystery/Crime
eBook Description: She cannot run far enough.... Accused of a heinous crime, Jacie Fielding flees to London. Denied access to the profession she hungers for, she is hunted by those who want her silenced ... and unwillingly is drawn to the very man who can expose her. He has searched too long? In ruthless pursuit of the truth behind his friends' murders, Gabriel Rayne is determined to prove Jacie's involvement in the crime. And battle losing his heart to the very woman he must accuse. They are... Each other's adversary--and salvation. A tale of love and intrigue by the author of Almost Taken

eBook Publisher: Highland Press/Regency Royale, Published: 2008, 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2009

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Reading Almost Guilty is like being transported back in time to the early 1800's."--Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book

"Much has changed since the early nineteenth century, but the emotional issues compounding the lives of people during this time are shown to be just as compelling and often heartbreaking as they are today. Be transported back in time and discover a heartwarming romance by reading this story. Dynamic characters, intriguing mysteries and sincere emotions interweave to make ALMOST GUILTY truly memorable."--A. Richard, Single Titles

"Isabel Mere's skill with words and the turn of a phrase makes ALMOST GUILTY a joy to read. Her characters reach out and pull the reader into the trials, tribulations, simple pleasures, and sensual joy that they enjoy."--Camellia, The Long and Short Reviews

Gabriel stood at the window of the examination room and watched Miss Kingfield cross Sloane Street. Somewhat tall for a woman, she moved fluidly, her stride long and sure without appearing hasty, head bowed, cloak tucked in close. When she raised its hood over her tightly bound flaxen hair, blotting out early dusk's sole color, he felt a twinge of disappointment.

Charlotte, an unskilled liar, had encountered her before today. Where, he couldn't imagine. She'd taken his remark as a flirtation, unhappily so, but it had been an honest observation. The brilliant hair, brutally parted and bundled into a thick knot at her nape, unfashionably bronzed skin, and the tilt of those brandy-colored eyes were very distinctive. As distinctive as her apparel, the shapeless dress, surpassing ugly, its shade of brown as dull as dried leaves. Its high neckline must hinder swallowing and the loose-fitting bodice and skirt gave no hints to her figure. If the style meant to serve as camouflage, it succeeded. It had boosted his interest, teased his imagination.

A forbidden distraction. She associated with smugglers. And murderers.

Turning from the window as Miss Kingfield disappeared around the corner, Gabriel began plotting how to meet her again.

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