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Saddle Up [MultiFormat]
eBook by Beth Wylde

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
eBook Description: After several successful years on the GLBT rodeo circuit, Samantha 'Sammy' Taylor has fought and won the right to compete against the regular guys in the yearly Texas Rodeo. The prize money is big and her need for it is even bigger. Without the money the bank will foreclose on her late father's ranch and she refuses to lose his legacy. Winning is sweet but what she finds waiting for her in the barn after the event is even sweeter. Amanda looks like she could give a cowboy a run for their money and then some. Does Samantha have the skills and stamina left to 'Saddle Up' and tame this wild, little filly?

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2009

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Saddle Up is a sexy, well written little tale of two engaging characters with a chemistry that is palpable from the moment they meet?I really enjoyed this short story that is both a fun read and scorchingly hot and intend to read it over and over. This is another fabulous lesbian tale from Wylde! If you haven?t read any of her stories, this is a great place to start, and if you?re already a fan you will surely enjoy this selection." Emily, Rainbow Reviews, 4/5 STARS!

By the time I walked back behind the stadium Amanda was gone. I'm not sure what bothered me the most, the fact that she was missing or that she'd taken my favorite hat with her.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." I'd let my hormones get away with me. "At my age I should know better than to think with my pussy."

I followed the path around the back towards the parking lot where my truck was parked, passing by the smaller barn where the horses and calves were housed while they awaited their turns in the ring. Now it seemed eerily quiet. Something strange caught my eye so I abandoned my intended destination and headed cautiously into the barn. What I found was infinitely more interesting then anything I could have expected. Amanda was in the back, near where they kept all the food for the horses, laid out on a hay bale with my hat over her face and her little skirt down around her ankles. Her tiny white panties were caught on her knees and she had both hands between her legs, one working away on her clit as her other jammed three fingers deep inside her pussy. The sight was truly inspiring, and had me hotter than a mare in season, but it was her words that left me no doubt as to who she was fantasizing about.

"Oh shit. Please Sammy. Please fuck me! Suck my clit. Harder."

My earlier doubts about her sexual orientation vanished completely. As I watched she spread her legs as far as the panties would allow, pinching and smacking her clit as her other hand began to pump in and out wildly. "Now Samantha, now. I'm going to come."

It seemed cruel to make her jill off by herself when she could have the real thing. I made it to the back of the barn faster than I'd taken down the calf earlier, pulling my Stetson off her face so I could look her in the eyes. The minute we made eye contact she fell over the edge, screaming and creaming her satisfaction. I gave her a minute to regain her wits by pausing to put my hat back on. It smelled like vanilla and wildflowers, a scent I knew I'd associate with Amanda from now on.

"Looks like you took real good care of my hat for me. Maybe I should thank you properly."

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